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Training Log Archive: Becks

In the 30 days ending Sep 30, 2012:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running9 8:54:27 44.4(12:02) 71.45(7:29) 1274
  Orienteering4 6:42:23 24.21(16:37) 38.97(10:20) 893
  Cross Fit6 6:06:46 0.82 1.32 15
  Cycling1 1:44:34
  Total16 23:28:10 69.43 111.74 2182
  [1-5]16 22:23:13

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Saturday Sep 29, 2012 #

10 AM

Orienteering 3:01:09 intensity: (38 @0) + (37:34 @1) + (33:30 @2) + (1:42:37 @3) + (6:50 @4) 14.51 km (12:29 / km) +388m 11:01 / km
ahr:155 max:178

Well, that took a little longer than I expected. Tagging all the control sites at Huntington for the B Meet. Lovely woods as always, running was fine at the start but by the end I would definitely have benefitted from having water and food with me. Courses are essentially done, a couple of minor changes required. I made the mistake of listening to KC101 on the way, and had "Gangnam Style" stuck in my head the whole time. Bah.

Friday Sep 28, 2012 #


I really shouldn't read the Guardian Comments under articles about the US election. This one is a corker:

"It doesn't matter how you package it: America understands that it stands at a crossroads. Down one path is European-style socialism, with all of its moral perversions, while down the other is glory. In these debates, Mr Romney must spell out in no uncertain terms that the tide is coming, and it will sweep away all who stand before it. Science will lead us to a better future, but the road to our salvation will be full of pain, hardship and death. There is no other way but this way. Obama must be stopped. Whoever he is, wherever he is from, he must be stopped. I believe that Mr Romney is the man to do it. Ronald Reagan destroyed socialism abroad, it now Mr Romney must win the war at home. His failure will lead to the death of America, and the end of western civilization as we know it. I wish Mr Romney luck."

Thursday Sep 27, 2012 #

6 PM

Running 1:12:34 intensity: (28:42 @1) + (4:52 @2) + (29:16 @3) + (7:01 @4) + (2:43 @5) 7.74 km (9:23 / km) +46m 9:07 / km
ahr:148 max:194 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Cross Fit Endurance session. Warm up along the Canal, then back to the beginning with drills because we had a lot of newbies. No loss, they're good to do and do again. Then a workout of 10 light deadlifts (53lb), then 400m run, 2 mins rest, x 4. Chasing Scott the whole way - I can accelerate better at the start but he's stronger by the end. I think it's better to have fun and do a session that's really too short than slog out a tough one by myself. And this was remarkably difficult, I was not recovering fully in two minutes. Whether this is from the deadlift run combo or the potential allergies I'm not really sure.



Also, I am top of the gym leaderboard for the mile run for the girls. Need to actually test one all out at some point, as that was just the best of my three reps a couple of weeks ago.

Wednesday Sep 26, 2012 #


It might actually be sick, and not allergies. Hmmm.

Monday Sep 24, 2012 #

7 AM

Running 48:21 intensity: (26:15 @1) + (22:00 @2) + (6 @3) 6.6 km (7:19 / km) +115m 6:44 / km
ahr:142 max:155 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Max 70% trundle round East Rock. Cold this morning! (Yes, I am now officially a wimp). Also managed to pick the only part of the day when it was raining, but it wasn't too bad. Runny nose and scratchy throat but HR normal at this pace, so I am concluding allergies. Need to remember to take pills before bed to try and avoid the sleepiness and so they're working for morning runs.
9 AM

Cross Fit 1:00:31 intensity: (44:25 @1) + (7:06 @2) + (7:38 @3) + (1:22 @4)
ahr:122 max:184 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Birthday workout for Rob! And no one else came, so we got the unexpected present of a personal training session. Excellent. Lots of deadlifts with light weight, DB rows, hang cleans, ring rows and some airdyne. Ring rows bizarrely the worst thing, coming straight after the hang cleans.

Sunday Sep 23, 2012 #

11 AM

Orienteering 1:04:35 intensity: (31 @1) + (7 @2) + (7:21 @3) + (56:36 @4) 8.39 km (7:42 / km) +125m 7:10 / km
ahr:179 max:189

Eurgh. Something was not right today. It was a beautiful day, courses were great, woods a little wind swept but some lovely patches too. But my lungs refused to breathe. Chest was tight the whole way, meaning running uphill was almost impossible, and flat was limited. Downhill was fun, but hmm. Legs were certainly tired from a heavy week too, but that wouldn't have been too bad without the lung stuff.

Difficult to tell whether this is allergy or sickness - no other symptoms but HR is high (but then it would be if I was struggling to breathe!). Blah. I guess unless I wake up and feel dreadful tomorrow, it's probably allergies and I should probably just take the silly anti histamines.

Navigation wise, started very sloppy, them remembered when my compass was and did better later on. Really confused myself on the way to ten, was thinking too far ahead and thought I'd hit the big stream/lake, when I was actually just at the bottom of the hill. Then took a dreadful straight route to 11. Not too bad otherwise though.

Part I

Part II

I wasn't sure about the location of number 14, i wanted to go further to the right, and I think maybe it was mishung? Anyone else feel a bit funny about it?

Saturday Sep 22, 2012 #


Mmm, day of rest. Lovely easy day in East Rock and Whitneyville with Rob. Must do many orienteering tomorrow, it's about time I headed to Huntington after Stratton Brook.

Friday Sep 21, 2012 #


Crash! but my talk went very well and my late night experiment from last night was also very pleasing. So I can switch off now without worrying.
5 AM

Cross Fit 1:00:48 intensity: (12:16 @0) + (39:25 @1) + (5:16 @2) + (3:51 @3)
ahr:118 max:171 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Woah! There is a time called 4.45am. It's when you have to get up to go to 5.30 Cross Fit. It's also clinically insane. Still, my talk at 8.45 today meant it was my only option if I didn't want to wile away my evening, so here went nothing. Easyish workout. 8 minutes to build to a heavy 8 rep shoulder press (53lb was my max, weak!), then 3 sets of 10m bear crawl, 10 pull ups, 10 sit ups with butterfly legs off 4 minutes.

Update: I still suck at pull ups. Good fun though, nice crowd made the time less daunting.

Running 36:59 intensity: (44 @1) + (3:32 @2) + (21:13 @3) + (11:30 @4) 6.86 km (5:23 / km) +193m 4:44 / km
ahr:168 max:181 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

And then headed out as the sun was rising for a recovery jog. The hill up to the Quinnipiac campus is long and tough, but it was worth it - the almost 350 view from the top was amazing - better than from Sleeping Giant. Lots of mist in the valley, the Hanging Hills very prominent stuck out quite alone, farms on hillsides, and on the way back down, turkeys in the fields. Really a very lovely time to be out and a fantastic spot for residences. I doubt the students appreciate it quite so much!

Thursday Sep 20, 2012 #

8 AM

Running 52:52 intensity: (5:47 @1) + (8:30 @2) + (23:33 @3) + (15:02 @4) 8.94 km (5:55 / km) +212m 5:17 / km
ahr:164 max:186 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Gorgeous morning, actually chilly out despite my late start. I really missed the best part of the year here when I went home last year. Warm up, 4 x 4 mins with 3 mins rest, then home. Had a wee longer rest in the middle when I blew my nose and accidentally gave myself a nose bleed. Chest is a little tight, but looking at previous years I think it's just allergies. I sometimes take anti histamines but even the non drowsy ones make me so sleepy by mid afternoon that it's better just to put up with the sniffles. Caught Rob at Lulu's on the way home and strolled the final bit clutching a warm coffee. The new barista is awesome. Morning win!

Wednesday Sep 19, 2012 #

7 PM

Cross Fit 1:04:45 intensity: (33:29 @0) + (29:42 @1) + (1:16 @2) + (18 @3) 0.0 km
ahr:100 max:159 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Easy one on the heart rate today, tough on the core. Ten minutes to warm up to a 5 rep heavy front squat, made it through a few iterations to 83lb I think. Then 4 sets of 8 ring rows (slowly down, hold at the top), 60 secs rest, 8 weighted step ups, (no push off), 60 seconds side plank. Rob aced the side planks, I was struggling to hold for that long. Then tried out a restaurant by our new place, which we will be moving into in a month or so as we signed the lease and paid up today. Yey! The restaurant was okay, not bad for a 1 minute walk.

Edit: I forgot the ten punishment burpees Jeremy made us do at the end. He also made me nearly vom when he did press ups with his hands turned inwards - with fingers facing the body. Eurgh.

Tuesday Sep 18, 2012 #

6 PM

Running 14:34 intensity: (6 @0) + (41 @1) + (45 @2) + (11:14 @3) + (1:48 @4) 2.75 km (5:18 / km) +23m 5:05 / km
ahr:164 max:178 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Warm up along the Farmington Canal and back along the road. Blustery out there! Feeling good.

Cross Fit 42:37 intensity: (6:21 @0) + (24:33 @1) + (3:09 @2) + (2:56 @3) + (5:38 @4) 0.92 km (46:10 / km) +12m 43:21 / km
ahr:126 max:188 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Endurance session. I wish they would post in advance so I could do intervals separately when they're not running. Saying that, this was a tough but very short workout with plenty of thigh burn. We did lots of drills to start which were really fun, my hammies were tired from the deadlifts when we were trying to engage them. Then some excellent stretching, then the workout. In teams of three one person did 10 medicine ball slams, while the other cycled as fast as possible on the airdyne. The other got a rest. These were short and sharp and the airdyne really hurts when you go all out. I was with Cindy and Jesus, and got the most work as I got to rest when Jesus was medicine balling, which was very short, and worked when Cindy was on, which was a little longer. Then some great stretches against the wall which I may incorporate into a daily routine as they felt amazing.

Running 20:40 intensity: (8 @1) + (14 @2) + (11:52 @3) + (8:26 @4) 3.63 km (5:41 / km) +112m 4:56 / km
ahr:172 max:182 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Warm down run. Went up the hill and explored the Quinnipiac campus a bit, but then it got super super windy to the extent that I couldn't breathe and I thought being on top of a big hill was probably not the best idea, and came down again.

Monday Sep 17, 2012 #

8 AM

Running 1:13:37 intensity: (17:54 @1) + (55:42 @2) + (1 @3) 10.57 km (6:58 / km) +90m 6:41 / km
ahr:146 max:155 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Max 70% HR trundle. Lovely morning, clear, no humidity, cool and crisp. It's officially the best time of the year in CT! Took a pitch out to the new place (almost official now) to check out veg shopping opportunities, better than I thought but still worse than East Rock (as to be expected). Feeling tight at the start but good enough by the end that the HR pace was frustrating. Ran past some guys "fixing" a roof on Orange who were roped together but not to anything, carrying enormous mdf wooden boards up to the peak of a steep roof. It looked a little precarious, to say the least.
7 PM

Cross Fit 1:00:13 intensity: (10:43 @0) + (33:10 @1) + (5:42 @2) + (7:20 @3) + (3:18 @4)
ahr:126 max:182 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Nice easy workout to ease back in again.

2 sets of 8 hang cleans (53lb) followed by 30 secs AMRAP burpees (8,8),
2 mins rest
2 sets of 8 push presses (53lb) followed by 30 secs AMRAP burpees (8,8)
2 mins rest
4 sets of 8 deadlifts (103lb) followed by 30 secs AMRAP wall balls (10,11,12,13)

You can't see the clock on the wall balls and I kept underestimating 30 seconds. Fun, I've been missing the 7pm Elements crew!

Sunday Sep 16, 2012 #


Shattered today, so got in a State Park instead:

Also just wrote up Dennis Hill from last week.

Devil's Hopyard is dead nice.

Saturday Sep 15, 2012 #

8 AM

Orienteering 1:07:13 intensity: (6:41 @1) + (7:30 @2) + (26:45 @3) + (26:17 @4) 6.58 km (10:13 / km) +181m 8:59 / km
ahr:167 max:186

Control hanging at Gay City. I was a little concerned a few months ago that my spatial memory was worsening, but today was proof that it's just fine. Hardly needed the map to hang, and compass was totally redundant. Good. Woods were still beautiful and the weather was great.

A successful meet I think. Many thanks to Mike, my excellent co-planner, to shoeclone (old school) and feet for taking the stress out of the registration, to everyone for coming (I didn't expect so many people, yey!) and finally to the people who collected everything in when I was pooped: Mike, elavallee, JHen and PG. Lovely to see everyone, it's been too long!

Friday Sep 14, 2012 #


Trying to decide whether to play the Visa renewal in Canada roulette game, then I can go home for 3 days after Christmas instead of three weeks at Christmas. Hmm. Anyone got any experience renewing Js in Canada as a third party National? Probably Ottawa I guess.


Yey! Health Plan actually did a good job of prodding and manipulating and they don't think I have anything to worry about with the foot. Excellent.

Wednesday Sep 12, 2012 #


Last night I decided not to do Cross Fit or run, and then Rob got dragged out for a farewell drinks, so I just went to sleep, and slept from about 7.15 and woke fully clothed at 8am this morning. Pretty impressive that.


Just learnt a new way to kill a mouse. Feel a bit sick now. It's very humane, but the outcome is not pleasant.


We are pretty close to signing the documents and moving house. Obviously, to make it as easy as possible, we'll be doing so 3 days before NAOC and my parents arrive. Keepings things interesting!

It's an actual house! We'll have all the floorspace for people to come and stay :)

All these exciting things that happen when you're forced to sit down all day.

Tuesday Sep 11, 2012 #


No pain or tingly-ness for about 30 hours in the foot now. I can spend most of today sat down planning a talk but then things are going to have to go back to normal. Should I give intervals a miss tonight do you reckon too?

Edit: Walked in, it's a bit tingly again. Guess I have my answer!

Monday Sep 10, 2012 #


So, I've had some weird pains under my foot that I was worried might be plantar fascitis, but one reading a bit today, it's not under the heel, it's under the ball of my foot. Any ideas? Taking the day at home to work with papers today and keep the weight off, but I can't really avoid weight bearing long term.

Saturday Sep 8, 2012 #

10 AM

Orienteering 1:08:20 intensity: (12:21 @1) + (9:08 @2) + (46:25 @3) + (26 @4) 6.62 km (10:19 / km) +150m 9:16 / km
ahr:157 max:175

Testing out the full O' course for next Saturday at Gay City. The woods are splendid and the mountain bikers haven't quite ruined the best bits. I was running okay, but breathing very badly. It was very humid and I'm hoping that was why.

Orienteering 21:06 intensity: (2:15 @1) + (3:33 @2) + (15:06 @3) + (12 @4) 2.87 km (7:22 / km) +49m 6:47 / km
ahr:160 max:176

Testing out the Novice course. Lovely. Running was hard, definitely suffering with the air quality.

Cycling 1:44:34 intensity: (29:58 @1) + (31:59 @2) + (42:13 @3) + (24 @4)
ahr:150 max:175

Then "mapping" disguised as falling off a mountain bike many times while Mike looked on. Fun trail and I'm getting better, but still not anywhere near good! Exhausted by the end, a lot of activity today!

As I left Mike was being talked to by a local who says he's got photos of paranormal activity at Gay City. It was pretty awesome. Next weekend is going to have everything, you should all come!

Friday Sep 7, 2012 #


Check out Day Pond, Dart Island and the Connecticut Valley Railroad!

Thursday Sep 6, 2012 #


For all those who've ever asked what Rob does, it's this:

Rob came in just as most of this stuff was finishing, but they're now working on a very similar project looking in actual brain tissue across multiple brain regions, developmental timepoints, and species conservation. ENCODE is an amazing accomplishment but is mostly done in cell lines, which are often a bit weird anyway. So there's plenty of room to improve on!

6 PM

Running 1:29:54 intensity: (28:42 @1) + (6:39 @2) + (37:53 @3) + (12:49 @4) + (3:51 @5) 11.25 km (8:00 / km) +106m 7:38 / km
ahr:148 max:193 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Proper intervals! Was feeling very stiff today so did a big long warm up. Joined the 6pm class (which Rob was doing) for their drills and then some roller time. Then a nice jog along the canal, with some pick ups on the way back. Then more drills for the start of the Endurance session, with some running backwards and my favourite, "Dan's gimp walk." Then the workout just 3 x 1 mile along the canal footpath. The boys went off very fast and pulled away at the end of the first one. After that they died and came back in two much slower 800s! I managed to run a steady second, then the third took longer, but there was a turnaround and it was actually dark by the end, so I was unsure about foot placement. It was a really good session, I was a bit nervous at the start but that was quicker than I hoped for. Still not quick, but given the stiffness etc at the start, I'll take it.

Learned a bit more about Endurance Coach Dan. He's a 2.38 marathoner, so I'm excited about what else he has in store for us. I think it will probably be good. This is just the start of his master plan.

Times: 6.34, 6.32, 7.04. Number three was about 80 metres longer, so not actually as much slower as a thought. Definitely still a drop off in pace though.

Yey! So good to train with people, even if they run too fast and die prematurely :)

Wednesday Sep 5, 2012 #


Eurgh, so much for "done with humidity." It is GROSS outside today. Hopefully it will wear itself out a bit in time for my run this evening.
5 PM

Running 1:17:28 intensity: (2:01 @1) + (8:41 @2) + (53:32 @3) + (13:14 @4) 10.11 km (7:40 / km) +367m 6:29 / km
ahr:165 max:181 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Out to Sleeping Giant for a hilly trail run. Was pretty miserable for the first half an hour, feeling tight and slow. Then decided to man up and pick up the pace and that actually felt a lot better. Nothing like the awesome feeling of rested power from last week, but still alright. Also, the gorge is actually a gorge! Not on an amazing exciting scale, but still pretty cool. It was my first time along that trail and it was nice.

Cross Fit 1:17:52 intensity: (1:24 @0) + (1:10:10 @1) + (4:23 @2) + (1:55 @3) 0.4 km (3:14:40 / km) +3m 3:07:38 / km
ahr:124 max:167 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Really fun workout. Short ease in then a max reps session. You started with low weight and 10 of each move, then 8, then 6, adding weight each time. Then you went into 1 rep maxes.

Started with back squats - 10 x 33, 8 x 53, 6 x 73, 1 x 83, 93, 103, 113, 123. These are proper squats till your hips are below your knees, very low, so I am dead happy with that.

Then shoulder presses, no leg drive allowed. 10 x 33, 8 x 43, 6 x 48, 1 x 53, 63, 68

Finally dead lifts 10 x 53, 8 x 83, 6 x 93, 1 x 103, 113, 123, 133, 143, 153, 163, 168, 173.

Dead lifts are much easier to max because if you fail it's less scary, you just don't go anywhere. We were spotting each other on the squats but I think I tend to stop too early because I'm scared. Worked with Britney and Angela and it was the most fun we've had in a workout for ages. Yey! I am now making an awesome student like dinner because the cupboard is bare. Turkey burgers cut up in baked beans with potatoes. Maybe a side of kale if I can be bothered to wash a pan. Nutritious!

Tuesday Sep 4, 2012 #

7 PM

Running 47:28 intensity: (30:00 @1) + (5:46 @2) + (10:29 @3) + (1:13 @4) 3.0 km (15:49 / km) +10m 15:33 / km
ahr:128 max:177 shoes: Darth Vader sauconys

Cross Fit Endurance. Another short session today, but there was no way I was staying on for the next Workout "Death By Pull Ups." Did some jogging forwards and running backwards, some stretches based an engaging your core and bum, and then a short fast workout of 10 "flying 60s" - short jog, speeding up into an all out sprint to the end of the building, followed by two mins rest. It was fun trying to keep up with the boys, but this may have been a bad idea, I am very tight now. Thursday workout is going to have longer reps, which is good because sprints are really not what I should be doing right now...

Monday Sep 3, 2012 #


Failed at doing any proper training this weekend, but did plenty of moving about so not too fussed. Hopefully seen the last of the heat and humidity combo now!

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