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Training Log Archive: Becks

In the 30 days ending Apr 30, 2012:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running17 11:03:00 64.19(10:20) 103.3(6:25) 1772
  Orienteering8 9:06:38 38.53(14:11) 62.01(8:49) 1412110 /140c78%
  Cross Fit1 25:00
  Recovery1 10:00 1.0(10:00) 1.61(6:13)
  Core1 5:19
  Total23 20:49:57 103.71 166.91 3184110 /140c78%

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Monday Apr 30, 2012 #


Uh's Monday morning again. Proved to self preconceived notion that it is not possible to "just pop into NYC for a gig," was correct, arriving home at 2am. And that was from a gig in Manhattan, and not Brooklyn. Totally worth it though, apart from the weird start to the second half where they went a bit Jack Johnson strumtastic on us. You can't really play with many strings then take them away and stand around like you're in the pub. Tiny Vessels and Transatlanticism to end, with the whole audience singing "Come On" on their feet...brilliant. Liked the Beacon too, pretty place.

Will run home from work again today, too shattered this morning.


Too tired and a bit snivelly. But I am allowed to wimp out of today - not tomorrow morning though!

Sunday Apr 29, 2012 #

(rest day)

Great week of training, and spending all of today in NYC, so rest day it is! Was considering running this morning but wasn't awake till 8.30 instead of 7.30, so decided I was probably tired. Death Cab tonight! Whoo whoo!

Saturday Apr 28, 2012 #

11 AM

Orienteering 1:16:29 intensity: (6:57 @1) + (10:42 @2) + (40:59 @3) + (17:51 @4) 7.34 km (10:25 / km) +327m 8:31 / km
ahr:159 max:179 shoes: Grey Saucony Excursion

Playing in Harriman with Anders. It was a lot of fun, bouncing around off rocks and fallen trees, up many hills, finding an old mine shaft and having a good old chin wag at the same time. I am not very good at "running" up hills. I love how you can pick up after 4 years and it's like you last saw someone yesterday. After that we drove to the top of Bear Mountain and the view of Manhattan was really quite something, best I've seen from there. Then lunch at the Westchester and a brief stroll round Blue Mountain, which looks even more hurricane damaged when you're going at stroll pace. Great day. Tomorrow is also going to be excellent, ending with Youth Lagoon & Death Cab. Yey!

Friday Apr 27, 2012 #

3 PM

Running 27:35 intensity: (12:44 @1) + (7:02 @2) + (7:49 @3) 3.38 km (8:10 / km) +58m 7:31 / km
ahr:139 max:164 shoes: Grey Saucony Excursion

Easy jog round bits of West Woods with Rob. I am useless at reading their trail map, and we ended up on a very muddy section of the green and then squeezing through the rocks on yellow. Then a bit of the flat rock and back home on the red/blue. It's such a cool place to go, we should be back more often, especially as Rob is rapidly improving on the hills. The best bit is our boss let us go after our meeting at 2.30, so now we're all ready to relax for the evening and it isn't even 5. Mmmm.

Thursday Apr 26, 2012 #

6 PM

Running 54:46 intensity: (2:54 @1) + (4:19 @2) + (25:41 @3) + (18:46 @4) + (3:06 @5) 9.58 km (5:43 / km) +165m 5:16 / km
ahr:165 max:190 shoes: Grey Saucony Excursion

Training session with Boris and Marie on East Rock. We did a warm up jog, then ten sets of 90 x 30s. I started off too fast and had to drop back. My legs felt good, but my stomach did not. Note to self, if you're going to train in the evening, you have to not eat curry twice in 24 hours then get home after a way too long shuttle ride (50 mins of snotty people today, should have walked) absolutely starving and have to eat cereal just before running hard. Marie was looking fantastic on the flats, and Boris was strong out front. And I will start to catch them! Good fun to train with partners for once.

Wednesday Apr 25, 2012 #

6 PM

Running 27:44 intensity: (12:07 @1) + (14:54 @2) + (43 @3) 4.64 km (5:59 / km) +54m 5:39 / km
ahr:138 max:151 shoes: Grey Saucony Excursion

Easy recovery with Rob, who had eaten nothing but half a deli sausage all day and thus was flagging a bit. Boys! I felt a bit wobbly too despite feeding myself all day, but it was fun to be out post rain.

Core 5:19 intensity: (4:03 @1) + (58 @2) + (18 @3)
ahr:127 max:151

The cross fit exercises minus the bike bits. I really hope the car air con diagnostics tomorrow aren't too expensive, then we can get properly started on it soon.

Tuesday Apr 24, 2012 #

8 AM

Running 53:33 intensity: (2:35 @1) + (7:19 @2) + (32:42 @3) + (7:22 @4) + (3:35 @5) 9.47 km (5:39 / km) +74m 5:26 / km
ahr:160 max:188 shoes: Grey Saucony Excursion

Intervals. Almost wimped out because it was cold outside and bed was so warm and lovely, but then reminded myself I've turned over a new leaf and that kind of behaviour isn't allowed. Today was session number two, 400, 400, 600, 600, 400 with 75 rest. Aimed for 1.37 and 2.25. Was worried on the warm up that this was going to be a struggle, but despite tired feeling legs the strides were zippy and then despite the wind on the track, the reps felt the same as last week - strong and smooth. Yey!


Monday Apr 23, 2012 #

8 AM

Running 57:13 intensity: (24:29 @1) + (16:29 @2) + (15:01 @3) + (1:11 @4) + (3 @5) 7.71 km (7:25 / km) +195m 6:35 / km
ahr:143 max:189 shoes: Grey Saucony Excursion

Everything's green! Recovery run, trying to stick below a 149 heart rate, but garmin was playing silly beggars and so I switched off the alert. I especially like the heart rate of 189 whilst running downhill at 11 min per mile pace. Time for a new strap battery I think. Was really enjoying plodding along out there, nice to be out in the wet for once.

Sunday Apr 22, 2012 #

11 AM

Orienteering 1:10:14 intensity: (16 @1) + (29 @2) + (30:02 @3) + (39:21 @4) + (6 @5) *** 7.65 km (9:11 / km) +310m 7:38 / km
ahr:170 max:185 spiked:11/15c

Today was much better! I thought Osbornedale would be a bit boring due to having been there too many times, but Jim and Rich planned an excellent course with plenty of micro and macro route choice, and my knowledge only helped in a couple of places. Totally spooned number 1 again - didn't have a strong enough attack point and was way too far to the right. I liked my early route choice to go high, but should have been more regimented on the descent. After that not too bad at all, a slight miss on 6 when I dropped off the western single contour spur instead of the eastern, placing me west of the control. 10 was very difficult to get to, as some unhelpful person had left a load of cut spiky things in the way. 11 and 12 I was not confident with, looking slightly too early for 11 and going way too high up the re-entrant for 12. Should have stayed low and attacked from the crag instead of trying to go straight. The rest was a dream, although a very achey legged one up the final hill! Physically felt a lot better today, legs feeling tired but strong, and actually got some decent speed in places. Yey! Just beat my goal of being faster than yesterday, despite slight increase in distance and way more climb.

Wow, number 12 was a way worse mistake than I thought at the time. I did so much extra climb! Clearly didn't do a good enough compass check when I was climbing out of the re-entrant.

Saturday Apr 21, 2012 #

10 AM

Orienteering 1:13:05 intensity: (1:33 @1) + (1:58 @2) + (22:25 @3) + (46:56 @4) + (13 @5) 8.28 km (8:50 / km) +183m 7:57 / km
ahr:170 max:184 spiked:9/14c

Becky and Nellie's Saturday Rhode Trip (see what I did there?!). John-Eric was kind enough to let me tag along on the way to Big River today, to check out not only a new map, but also another new state for me to orienteer in. I didn't go anywhere near far enough along the ridge to number one, the subtle re-entrants on the map looked way bigger in real life, and had to drop out to the road and head back in. After that I was lacking in confidence and my legs were pretty dead. The bad route choice was intentional to 6 in the early stages, after I failed to plan ahead and didn't realise the track I wanted went straight back down the hill again just after I had climbed to the top. So I maintained my height, and after that none of the tracks really made sense, despite many compass checks. I somehow ended up close to the control, and was way too slow going in. Then for 7 I went way too far north, still no idea how that happened, but a few others did it too. After that things improved, hesitant finding the actual sites in the thick pines on a couple, but as I got used to the map style things got a bit easier. Very happy to nail 10, as that seemed like a danger control.

After that we extended our road trip by heading for lunch at a diner in Niantic, and then onto my favourite place, the Book Barn, which also seems to be one of Nellie's favourite places too. We had a lovely day, with excellent company, which I then extended further by strolling up to Judges Cave on West Rock with Rob just before the sun came down. Spring=awesome.

Friday Apr 20, 2012 #



Must've been those lunges.

Rest day number two -it's been a busy week. Two chances to O' this weekend which I may well take - I'm guessing Big River and Osbornedale will still be on even if the weather is awful?

Thursday Apr 19, 2012 #

Cross Fit 25:00 [1]

Cross fit Taster Session. Dan did an evaluation of our ranges of movement, tested us on max rep number/time on a few basic exercises, then gave us a mini circuit to do. 20cals on bike, 10 ring pulls, 20 press ups to the floor, 30 sit ups, 40 walking lunges, 20 cals on bike. It was fun! And Dan was not at all scary and macho. I think I will be going back. Only logging as level 1 as it's not running, but was sweating and wobbly legged by the end. Yey fun!
6 PM

Running 1:00:38 intensity: (56 @1) + (12:25 @2) + (46:28 @3) + (49 @4) 10.75 km (5:39 / km) +154m 5:16 / km
ahr:155 max:176 shoes: Grey Saucony Excursion

Ran home from work in the glorious evening. Stiff! That's what core work feels like. It's a feeling I've missed. Looped round like a dizzy thing until I'd been out for 50, then headed home.

Wednesday Apr 18, 2012 #

6 AM

Running 50:51 intensity: (2:36 @1) + (10:19 @2) + (31:26 @3) + (5:57 @4) + (33 @5) 8.71 km (5:50 / km) +75m 5:36 / km
ahr:158 max:184 shoes: Grey Saucony Excursion

Getting back to being competitive step 1! Where should I start? I hear the very beginning is a very good place to start. Made the right choice skipping running yesterday and woke full of beans at 6 this morning to get in 4 x 400 before the dentist. Put a 12min 3km into vdot and it reckons a 97 sec 400. It felt good - strong and consistent but not leg and lung burny. Pretty sure Kitch mentioned something about that 6 months ago :s Just under the aim each time.

Roughly 6 months till North Americans. It took less to turn me into a semi decent marathon runner, so let's go!


Also, it's definitely summer, as portaloos and geese have returned to the track.

Tuesday Apr 17, 2012 #


Oh no. It seems to be morning already.

(rest day)

The anger and frustration is slowly dissipating, and I have realised I am incredibly tired. Rest day!


Yey! Got the dates my parents arrive wrong! They actually arrive in perfect time for the North Americans!

Monday Apr 16, 2012 #


Just when I thought my day was turning out quite nicely after all...

"I don't think this paper has any chance of being accepted. You should analyse only the genes you want to see changes in, and forget the other 9500 that you detected in your experiment."

Paraphrasing, of course. Except not the first line of the e mail. It's now 10.11. Deadline is 12.00. Rob is currently writing a very angry e mail. I am currently trying not to punch a wall. He has had this data for six months. And now he wants more time. Except it's my name at the top, and it therefore reflects badly on me.

This man is so bad for my health. I am so angry right now.


11.36pm. No word. Guess I'm not submitting after all then.

7 PM

Running 39:20 intensity: (56 @1) + (4:44 @2) + (29:29 @3) + (4:11 @4) 7.09 km (5:33 / km) +86m 5:14 / km
ahr:160 max:177 shoes: Grey Saucony Excursion

Wasn't going to run today, as I presumed I would be tired and was definitely stressed out over getting this paper all together for the deadline. But then Boris arrived, and I couldn't not run if Boris was here, so we headed out just as it got dark. And everything felt surprisingly awesome. So that was nice.

Sunday Apr 15, 2012 #

Orienteering 46:53 [3] *** 4.2 km (11:10 / km)

Nothing in the tank today, so decided to jog round but get it right. And that plan worked until I forgot I had a plan, and resulted in two big errors. Tried to run harder after Katta got away at 11, but then realised halfway when nothing made sense that I was navigating to 13 instead of 12. Oops. Fluffed the relocate too. Then had my map folded poorly and thought 17 was on the side of a spur, and not in a re-entrant. This was really confusing until I realised when I opened the map up, then ran straight to the control. D'oh. Mini un confidence at 8 too when I couldn't see the crag on the map.

Nice course today though! I don't like Georgia vines and weird plants that stick fluffy barbed spikes in you.

Ed and I had a fun night at a local restaurant with an insane waitress then Ed fell asleep whilst reading and it was totally adorable.

Great weekend. I am going to get better at this running thing again!

Running 5:00 [3] 1.0 km (5:00 / km)

Minimal warmup confirmed there was nothing in the tank. Ru'oh!

Saturday Apr 14, 2012 #

Orienteering 1:47:44 [3] *** 12.2 km (8:50 / km) +100m 8:29 / km

Well, let's start with the good. I made it round, which I genuinely doubted I would! And was moving, slowly but surely at the end. And halfway round I had a revelation that I had Lyme Disease, then I got hit by a car, and since then, it's kind of alright if I can't run as well as I used to. Shouldn't be so hard on myself. And after that revelation I chilled out a bit and took it easier and it was actually fun.

Saying that, I made some howlers. Still not sure how I ended up way too far right to 3. Unconfident but okay to 5. Dropped too low off spur instead of staying high across it going to 8. Then I overshot 11, despite taking the "safe" route along the river. Nothing made sense after I overshot, but after PG and Mike Minium said that bit of the map was dreadful, I don't feel so bad for struggling to relocate. Then the map was just incomplete at 15, which didn't lead to much confidence going in.

It's difficult to not be depressed about how badly I compared to everyone else. But if I can be still moving after 12.2, I clearly have a decent base to build on. And after seeing Alex whizzing off down that track, I feel a bit more inspired to train now too.

Running 10:00 [3] 1.0 mi (10:00 / mi)

Miminal warm up jog. It was warm and my course was long, so wasn't too bothered about the warm up.

Friday Apr 13, 2012 #

Running 20:00 [3] 2.2 mi (9:05 / mi)
shoes: Grey Saucony Excursion

Made the mistake of going on a warm up with Alex to test the head cam. It was a bit long for me! But time spent with the Jospe is always worth it.

Orienteering 21:16 [5] *** 3.1 km (6:52 / km) +105m 5:52 / km
spiked:16/20c shoes: Grey Saucony Excursion

Ho hum. The Sprint course at U West Georgia was fun, but it was too long as predicted. I did alright at the start, mostly on top of the trickier navigation (although two of my non-spikes come from what I now believe to be sub optimal routes), but then massively fluffed the route choice legs, the first by a little and the second by a lot, and got very bloody legs as a result. The whole loop after the spectator I was exhausted. Too much with no intervals behind me. All that sound very negative but I did enjoy the flow at the start, and the tricky bits.

Recovery 10:00 [3] 1.0 mi (10:00 / mi)
shoes: Grey Saucony Excursion

Short recovery jog. Already feeling done in. Oopsie!

Thursday Apr 12, 2012 #

8 AM

Orienteering 42:46 intensity: (5:10 @1) + (4:49 @2) + (18:30 @3) + (10:26 @4) + (3:51 @5) 7.25 km (5:54 / km) +76m 5:36 / km
ahr:161 max:187 spiked:12/14c shoes: Grey Saucony Excursion

"Light" sprintervals with Boris, on a course ably designed by adalgleish. Was running better than expected, lights feeling a bit wobbly but hoping that's the pre breakfast effect. Boris is very good for my training motivation.

Wednesday Apr 11, 2012 #


Exciting moment of shuttle rage this morning. They sent a small van for a 9.30 Orange line pick up, and it was full after my stop. Some guy decides to race after the bus for three stops anyway, and eventually, when she refuses to let him on for the third time, throws his full cup of coffee as hard as he can at the window. It is frustrating but man, you clearly needed that coffee! On a side note, I really need to stop being scared of the roads and start cycling to work again.

Fun moment of the day number two, I get to the front of the queue at Starbucks, and the girl there goes "Yey, it's my smiley person!" and proceeds to tell all the staff how happy I always am.

Seems a smile really does goes a long way!

I get to see Boris tonight! Maybe that's why I was so happy.
6 PM

Running 40:01 intensity: (1:48 @1) + (3:23 @2) + (21:56 @3) + (11:31 @4) + (1:23 @5) 6.41 km (6:15 / km) +212m 5:22 / km
ahr:163 max:185 shoes: Grey Saucony Excursion

Yey! Today was a special treat and I got to run with M & M AND Boris. It was pretty great. We took a slightly different West Rock route and although it was supposed to be easy, I pushed consistently on the hill and actually felt good. There is hope yet. Maybe extreme rest is the key after all? :D

After the run we invited ourselves for tea and Rob joined us, and there was much fun to be had. Yey!

Tuesday Apr 10, 2012 #


12.2km, 16 controls. I am going to die, either of running too much or boredom.

Also, our sprint got longer. When your sprint selection race is 600m longer than the predicted distances at WOC,and would take running 4.12mins/km to run in 13 minutes in a completely straight line, it's probably too long.

I am still looking forward to the weekend. But it is going to kill me.
6 PM

Running 25:25 intensity: (36 @1) + (3:27 @2) + (21:15 @3) + (7 @4) 4.36 km (5:50 / km) +47m 5:32 / km
ahr:154 max:171 shoes: Grey Saucony Excursion

Rob and I combined a trip to Trader Joe's with an explore of Racebrook Tract. Marie was right - exactly what we need right now! Great little run and Rob is getting stronger all the time. I felt pretty crappy all night but running felt good, so I'm now almost convinced it's just allergies.

Monday Apr 9, 2012 #


I have barely moved from the sofa all day, but I have done everything I can possibly do on the paper without input from others. What a waste of a beautiful sunny afternoon. But it feels good to be slowly approaching done.


Oh man. I am not built for post midnight paper writing. Wrecked today!

Saturday Apr 7, 2012 #


I'm way too exhausted to work on my paper now. I think you can call that Mission Accomplished, Mr Walker!
10 AM

Orienteering 58:12 intensity: (15 @1) + (4 @2) + (1:00 @3) + (24:19 @4) + (32:34 @5) 6.92 km (8:25 / km) +173m 7:29 / km
ahr:183 max:190 spiked:18/21c

Great late birthday present from George and Lyn. A control pick style red course at Sessions, which was a great use of the area, meaning that prior knowledge wasn't too much of a bonus. At the start I had a mega sore throat but that went away. HR high throughout, but I think it's allergy time probably. Orienteering was not too bad, plenty of legs of the kind I'm bad at - across slopes, and they were mostly okay. Bad route choice to number 21, should have stayed lower over the crest of the spur instead of going all the way to the road.

I am incredibly weak on the hills - looking forward to getting back into some strength stuff. Not too bad on flat stuff, but no real sprightley-ness. Despite feeling sub par, it was a very enjoyable outing.

Orienteering 49:59 intensity: (18 @1) + (9 @2) + (10:16 @3) + (39:05 @4) + (11 @5) 5.07 km (9:52 / km) +138m 8:41 / km
ahr:174 max:184 spiked:19/21c

And then, because it was there, I did the green with no paths. It didn't change too much not having them, as the hills and walls are very clear. I was pretty dead in the legs by then so it was all a bit slow, but it's amazing how different the course was and it still felt like good training. Thanks George & Lyn! Only major mistake was not concentrating on the way back to the finish and going wobbly. Minor mistake where I almost missed number 13, but realised pretty soon.

Thursday Apr 5, 2012 #


Eurgh. Come. On. Brain.


My abstract, intro, methods and results are now drafted. Figures fun tomorrow, when hopefully Arthur will be contacting me, and conclusion. This might actually happen after all. Sitting down at a computer all day is really rubbish though.
5 PM

Running 35:54 intensity: (16:25 @1) + (7:53 @2) + (11:04 @3) + (32 @4) 4.0 km (8:59 / km) +79m 8:10 / km
ahr:136 max:177 shoes: Grey Saucony Excursion

Bit of a failed trip to Ansonia with Rob. Tried to take what was marked as a huge trail, and there's so much storm damage and cleared woods that it was non-existent. He wasn't happy with the terrain so we walked till we found a trail, but by then I realised I was way too hungry for this and could barely focus my eyes. So we drove straight to Five Guys and wolfed down burgers and fries, and now I feel fat but not wobbly.

Signed up for a free intro session with the cross fit guys today.

Feet/ shoeclone/ nellie - know of any other good places to drive to for not too hilly runs? We might pay the fee to Maltby then we can park in their car park and not far out in the school one.

Wednesday Apr 4, 2012 #


I'm not allowed to run until this paper is pretty much written. Otherwise the US Champs will be a lot less fun.
6 PM

Running 28:54 intensity: (59 @1) + (10:45 @2) + (17:10 @3) 4.74 km (6:06 / km) +84m 5:36 / km
ahr:150 max:169 shoes: Grey Saucony Excursion

Scrapped that idea when I saw it was a gorgeous evening and my brain was hurting too much. Rob and I drove up to West Rock and did a lap round Lake Wintergreen, but we ran "too fast" and had to do more. It was a lovely evening out, and I'm very glad we went.

Tuesday Apr 3, 2012 #


Is anyone in New Haven interested in trying out Cross Fit? There's a place in Hamden that looks like they actually know how to teach moves. It's another month till they have any space on an on ramp course, and I'm considering signing up.
8 AM

Running 46:39 intensity: (34 @1) + (42 @2) + (14:35 @3) + (29:30 @4) + (1:18 @5) 8.34 km (5:36 / km) +148m 5:08 / km
ahr:171 max:186 shoes: Grey Saucony Excursion

Today I didn't want to run or go to work, so I ran to work to kill two birds with one stone. Didn't feel very nice really. Hmmm.

Sunday Apr 1, 2012 #

12 PM

Running 1:19:27 intensity: (43:17 @1) + (19:50 @2) + (16:05 @3) + (15 @4) 7.99 km (9:57 / km) +341m 8:12 / km
ahr:132 max:172 shoes: Grey Saucony Excursion

Mixed walk/jog with Rob round Bennetts Pond State Park. Not sure how much we ran, but think in total it was more than Rob has done before. I still felt a bit weak on the uphills (which we walked), so glad I didn't attempt much more than this this weekend.

Is the top part of the GPS trace on the Wooster Mountain map, or is that another place entirely? Because it was seriously gorgeous up there - like the top of Tarrywile but less veg. The start of the run was not so good, lots of short spiky green stuff.

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