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Training Log Archive: Becks

In the 30 days ending Sep 30, 2010:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running11 6:52:37 43.71(9:26) 70.34(5:52)
  Strength8 5:06:15
  Orienteering3 5:01:15 13.48(22:21) 21.7(13:53)21 /27c77%
  Intervals6 3:58:18 24.52(9:43) 39.47(6:02)
  Stretching2 34:30
  Recovery1 34:00 3.8(8:57) 6.12(5:34)
  Cycling1 25:00
  Total21 22:31:55 85.52 137.6321 /27c77%
  [1-5]21 21:57:25

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Thursday Sep 30, 2010 #

(rest day)

Plan today was an easy cycle to loosen up for the weekend. It was pouring with rain this morning though, so I didn't go. Didn't think my lady bike could hack it :)

Wednesday Sep 29, 2010 #

Strength 1:00:00 [1]
ahr:106 max:149

Session 3 of strength, staying at light weights to attempt to not feel like a wreck this weekend. Boris came to join me, so it took longer but I think that's actually better as it forces me to rest. Quick bike to warm up, a few warm up exercises, then:

OH squat 4 x 8 45lb
SLDL 4 x 8 65lb (worried about hamstring, at least no worry with grip at this weight. Hamstring felt fine)
Step up with control descent 4 x 8 45lb
Landmines 4 x 8 45lb
Plyo press ups 4 x 8 (Beast)

Then a quick run through the stretching session to end. Leg was tight and moany before, and now the absence of tight is very noticeable. Nice.

Tuesday Sep 28, 2010 #

Intervals 59:36 intensity: (8:00 @1) + (35:36 @2) + (16:00 @5) 6.1 mi (9:46 / mi)
ahr:158 max:191 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Got to the track at 7.55 and it was already full of school kids - damn. Plan had been 4 x 1000m, so headed to College Woods and did 4 x 4 (2) mins instead. Half paved, half slightly windy gravel path, with one short steep uphill. Turned out to be just over a km, so though not my perfect work out for today, a good stand in. Did slightly less distance in first rep through dallying, then pretty much the same in all the others.

The rain. Mmmm...the rain. Hamstring felt totally fine when running hard, but tight on return.

Stretching 14:30 [0]
ahr:95 max:117

George's four plus Kitch's back.

Monday Sep 27, 2010 #

Running 29:23 [2] 2.91 mi (10:06 / mi)
ahr:139 max:168 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Rob joined Boris and I and we actually managed to run an actual recovery run. Dead easy pace, plenty of good chat, cool and damp. Really lovely. Felt significantly better than I expected to for most of the way round, with a slight tightening of right hamstring at one point.

Stretching 20:00 [0]

3 out of 4 of George's stretches - couldn't figure out the piriformis one so subbed in one of my own. You'll have to show me that one at the Highlander George! Added on Kitch's back bend to finish. Need to try and stick with these, I am so bad at stretching.

Sunday Sep 26, 2010 #

Orienteering 1:27:16 [3] **** 7.7 km (11:20 / km)
ahr:176 max:189 spiked:21/27c shoes: Inov8s

Uh oh. After today, I am very, very scared about the Highlander! I have trained every day this week, so will take next week easy in preparation! I am, however, more of a fan of score events when they're done WCOC style. With all the time in the world to plan your route beforehand, I decided to try and get everything, but also focus on the two tricky sessions as good control pick/flow practice. After 20 minutes it became quite apparent that my legs weren't going to carry me fast enough to get everything, so I concentrated on the most fun controls. Technically I was generally good, but I lost faith a bit through feeling tired and orienteered lazily on a couple of occasions, 63-40 being the most obvious error. I actually ended updoing twice as much climb, and thus this wasn't the cop out tired option at all. The complex bits were great though, and I was simplifying well. When I hit 44 I had 12 minutes remianing, tried for 47 but never saw the wall I wanted and didn't have the time to relocate, so went out to the track and headed back via four easy controls. Looking at where I hit the track, I must have been very close to 47. Speaking to those that made it round, I'm glad I didn't go down into the other controls - mind and body weren't really up for chugging through green.

I am a wreck this evening, and now very, very scared about the prospect of 26.2km! As Ali says, it's only 3 red courses AND a trail race...


(Distance is straight line, map with route is here:

Saturday Sep 25, 2010 #

Cycling 25:00 [1]
ahr:121 max:160

Wahey! Thanks to the wonderfulness that is Mike and Marie, and Kat and Boris, we were able to drive to West Rock and pick up a bike for me! I cycled home the non ghetto way and was very, very happy to be moving on wheels. Thanks guys!

Friday Sep 24, 2010 #


Whoo hoo! A gold and a silver from our JEC boys in the sprints. Nice work Kris and Jamie!

Rest day today - Rob's birthday so I made him tasty breakfast in bed instead of running.

Running 40:28 intensity: (1:00 @1) + (14:28 @2) + (18:00 @3) + (7:00 @4) 4.1 mi (9:52 / mi)
ahr:154 max:180

Made it out of the lab early (the bliss of Arthur being away at a conference!) and couldn't resist a run - there's surely not going to be many evenings left in the low 20s, so it would be a shame to miss out on them. I got to the bottom of East Rock and couldn't resist going to the top, and there was a beautiful view in the hazy golden light. Then down the Giant Steps and back home. Right hamstring pulling a bit, must stretch back out.

Thursday Sep 23, 2010 #

Intervals 46:00 intensity: (8:00 @1) + (18:00 @2) + (20:00 @4) 5.0 mi (9:12 / mi)
ahr:184 max:154

9 mins Z2, 4 x 5(2) threshold, 9 mins Z2. After our lovely meal last night (great to see our little place so full of smiley faces!) I decided to skip the run this morning and go for a now rare evening session. And lovely it was - got out there just in time to be all in daylight (Thanks to feet), and even spied a lesser spotted Boris on one of my favourite trails. Legs felt a bit tired at the start but powered up the hill reps hill as part of my second rep and felt alive after that. Really strong and fun.

Was annoyed/bemused again by the runners that run in the bike lanes up and down Orange, who expect to be treated as vehicles, and as such don't look or slow down to cross perpendicular roads, despite the fact they're often running the wrong way down the road, and are hidden from driver's view by parked cars. Really dangerous, I don't see what's to be gained by it at all.

Wednesday Sep 22, 2010 #

Recovery 34:00 intensity: (14:00 @2) + (20:00 @3) 3.8 mi (8:57 / mi)
ahr:155 max:174 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Warm morning, I was taken surprise by the heat. Nice easy recovery run on the way to the gym.

Strength 45:00 [1]

Met Boris at the gym and went through Session 2 of the weights in full - used 22.5lb then switched to 17.5 for the power press onwards. Then went through some other exercises with Boris using just the bar. For a guy with a rubbish butt, his squats were not bad at all! I think we may be able to rescue something here...

Intervals 39 [5] 0.2 km (3:15 / km)

Was brave with the help of Boris and went to find the indoor running track. Had a quick sprint round in 39 secs - apparently it is 200m. Either my running did take a turn for the better yesterday, or they are wrong. I'm going to go with the former :)

Tuesday Sep 21, 2010 #

Intervals 50:30 intensity: (8:00 @1) + (30:00 @3) + (12:30 @5) 4.8 mi (10:31 / mi)
shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

I'd been a bit scared of this session - mentally 4 x 800 (2) seemed tougher than anything I'd done before. Figured I needed to relax a bit and maybe ease off the pace to make it consistent. Another cool morning which helped. Got round the first one in 3.08, surprisingly close to old times, so it clearly worked. Chased a guy who leapt over the fence and did a few laps for the next one. Third was the toughest. On the fourth I tried to run it faster - going well at the first lap, lost a bit of pace on the 3rd 200 when things started to wobble a bit, then dug in round the bend...and then it struck. My stride lengthened, my legs flowed, and there it was. That feeling of running fast and strong, and really going somewhere. It was only for 100m, but it is a ridiculously long time since I've felt it. Here's to 200m of it next time!


Monday Sep 20, 2010 #

Running 35:00 intensity: (3:20 @1) + (4:00 @2) + (26:00 @3) + (1:40 @4) 4.0 mi (8:45 / mi)
ahr:161 max:178 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Gorgeous morning number X! Lovely and cool today too, but still sunny. 4 mins Z2, 10 x 10(20) hills, then to the gym via the loos at College Woods. Almost didn't go out as I was sleepy but very glad I did. had a chat with a very nice lollipop man.

Strength 36:00 [1]
ahr:160 max:126

Strength session one. Same as end of last week, but with hip flexor leg raises instead of dips, because I felt like it. They were more fun. I remembered that hanging leg raises exist, and might try and get back to them.

Saturday Sep 18, 2010 #


Blah. Will try and do something fun and active tomorrow. Today was consumed by lab and work.


I'm bored again. Beginning to think that maybe staying here isn't right for me. Once Rob goes back there's going to be even less to do. I feel trapped in a city that fails to excite me, and I work so hard that I have very little energy to do the things I enjoy. I spent all morning in the lab, and my Advisor has e mailed me all afternoon about work he told me to do yesterday for a paper that must be submitted on Monday. It's crap. I've split my evening between working and trying to find something interesting to do tomorrow. Have failed on the latter count.

The problem is, Rob wants to come back, and there are virtually no jobs back at home at the moment anyway.

Bah. Fed up. Can't be bothered.

Friday Sep 17, 2010 #


What a rubbish week of training!

Thursday Sep 16, 2010 #

Running 1:16:00 intensity: (3:20 @1) + (47:00 @2) + (24:00 @3) + (1:40 @4) 7.0 mi (10:51 / mi)
ahr:157 max:180 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

After yesterday was such a wash out, I decided to combine yesterday's boring session ("long" Z2) with today's more fun session and get a longer run out there - have been hitting the edge of East Rock too much and not getting into the hill. So today I went everywhere, there were chipmunks squeaking everywhere and the leaves are getting a yellow tinge. I was even a bit chilly at the start. Yet another gorgeous morning and so good to be out. Z2 is really boring, and I swear it's actually more difficult than Z3 which is a nice flowing pace. Session was 47 mins Z2, with 10 x 10 (20) hill sprints when I hit the good hill, then 24 mins Z3. I am constantly amazed by how beautiful the weather is here.

Strength 35:00 [1]
ahr:129 max:158 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

And then down the gym for strength session one. Up a small fraction on all weights this week. Feeling surprisingly strong considering the rather excessive warm up. A bit worried about my shrug technique, think I need to catch up with Steve when I'm back in the Burgh in November. Not feeling the hip drive like I should be. Squats look good though.

Shrug from blocks 4 x 5 65lb
BB lunges 4 x 10 55lb
Squat 4 x 5 120lb
Lat pull down 4 x 8 50lb
DB Row 4 x 8 22.5lb
Assisted dips 4 x 8 -30lb

Wednesday Sep 15, 2010 #

(rest day)

Yesterday was a horrible day. One of the girls in the lab is having a hard time in and outside the lab and I am the person that gets everything - the stress, the crying, the anger, the frustration. I don't want to upset her more by being too abrupt, but by 11am yesterday I had to walk out because it was impactly so negatively on me. I came back after lunch and it calmed down a bit, but this a daily occurence. What do I do? Today I am totally exhausted, my stomach is a stressy nightmare, and I'm feeling like I don't want to go in - have worked at home all morning but am going to force myself in this afternoon.

What would you lot do?

Tuesday Sep 14, 2010 #

Running 34:00 intensity: (1:00 @1) + (21:00 @2) + (12:00 @4) 3.8 mi (8:57 / mi)
ahr:157 max:187 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Had the usual Tuesday morning moroseness and felt achey when I started running today. however, after 11 mins at Z2 zipped up to threshold pace and instantly felt better. Ran a strong 12 mins at threshold, then slow jog back for 10 mins. Beautiful fresh morning.

Monday Sep 13, 2010 #

Running 35:00 intensity: (13:00 @2) + (16:00 @3) + (6:00 @4) 3.9 mi (8:58 / mi)
ahr:161 max:175 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Had a lovely lazy weekend doinf absolutely noe exercise and exploring the local towns with Rob's parents. Decided that as I'd missed some fun sessions over the weekend, I would just carry with my plan from Friday. So today did 13 mins Z2, 6 mins of fartlek around Science Hill, then 16 mins of Z3. Some lady yelled at me that I had too much energy and had to give her some during my fartlek, so that must have looked okay. Drizzly grey day, nice and cool.

Strength 41:00 [1]
ahr:126 max:157 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Strength session three for the first time. Definitely need chalk to do this one well, was struggling with grip on the dead lifts meaning I wasn't managing the full range of movement.

OH squats 4 x 8 45lb
SLDL 4 x 8 95lb
Step ups with controlled descent 4 x 8 45lb
Landmines 4 x 8 45lb
Plyometric press ups 4 x 8 - hard!

Friday Sep 10, 2010 #

(rest day)

Rob got in super late last night so haven't had much sleep. Doing things with his parents tonight, so this is an impromptu rest day!

Thursday Sep 9, 2010 #

Running 41:00 intensity: (6:00 @1) + (17:00 @2) + (18:00 @4) 4.3 mi (9:32 / mi)
ahr:159 max:189

After last night wasn't expecting much from this morning's session, but in the fresh and cool morning air my breathing felt normal again. Legs were tired on the Z2 before and after, but I was able to push them on the 3 x 6 (2) Z4 sections. Cool and breezy, another gorgeous morning. We really are quite spoilt here.

Wednesday Sep 8, 2010 #

Strength 33:10 [1]
ahr:108 max:141

Session two of weights - pretty tired this morning and accidentally did 4 sets of the first three exercises instead of three. Ooops. Still feeling the DOMS from Monday a little bit.

Running 47:30 [3] 5.3 mi (8:58 / mi)
ahr:163 max:184

Marie picked me up after work and we went for a run at Maltby, at last! A beautiful piece of wood, golden sun...really great. Unfortunately I felt awful, stiff legs and struggling to breathe, and was mostly a metre behind Marie the whole way! But it was great to have company and great to be out on such a lovely night.

Tuesday Sep 7, 2010 #

Intervals 44:33 intensity: (7:00 @1) + (28:35 @3) + (8:58 @5) 4.4 mi (10:08 / mi)
ahr:160 max:194 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Okay, so it's not just the temperature, I am super sloooow! Today was a lovely cool, breezy morning, and the session was 4 x 600 (90). Felt so bad on the third that I increased the final rest to 2mins, and it made as bit of difference. I suppose it is about 3 years since I last did any real speed work but still - that's a bit depressing!

2.14 183 191
2.15 179 191
2.15 183 193
2.14 178 193

Is it slower to run long bends on a track than a squareish shape with 3 sharp corners and straights?

Monday Sep 6, 2010 #


Anyone got any good recommendations for somewhere relatively cheap to stay for four people in the White Mountains on the Weds and Thurs before the NEOC/CSU A meet?

Running 30:30 intensity: (2:40 @1) + (4:00 @2) + (22:30 @3) + (1:20 @4) 3.6 mi (8:28 / mi)
ahr:157 max:178 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

4 mins Z2, 22 mins Z3 with 10 x 10 (14) secs hills thrown in the middle. Caffeine drunk before exercise does strange things to me, felt light headed and had to push hard to get my HR into Z3 the whole way. Weird. Expected to feel tired from the weekend but was actually fine apart from weird caffeine reaction. Lovely day, warm but not crazy, and pretty dry.

Strength 33:00 [1]
ahr:131 max:157 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Same session as last week but Lat Pull downs at 75lb instead of OH Disc rotations. Gym was packed, and had a minor argument with some pretty boy who wouldn't put all the benches he'd moved back, which eventually resulted in a girl getting hit on the head by a guy squatting. This guy was using cables and nodding in admiration at his own biceps. Eurgh.

Sunday Sep 5, 2010 #

Orienteering 50:01 [2] **** 4.5 km (11:07 / km)
ahr:146 max:174 shoes: Inov8s

Hanging the easier close controls for the Meet today. I did half the loop round the lake and then Marie checked them while I checked hers. A couple of pretty vague features. By the time I finished I realised I was properly exhausted, and decided not to run a course, but to sit and enjoy the company and the sunshine. Lovely day. Huuuuuggggeeee thanks to the Pataki's who sneakily drove Anne-Louise and I all the way back to New Haven. I only realised when we hit Derby, as my CT geography is still so poor. Those guys are total legends.

Saturday Sep 4, 2010 #

Running 14:46 [3] 1.8 mi (8:12 / mi)
ahr:155 max:168 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Running into the lab for a couple of hours, then back before heading out to Pond Mountain.

Orienteering 2:43:58 [2] ***** 9.5 km (17:16 / km)
ahr:134 max:178 shoes: Inov8s

Pretty crazy workout setting controls on Pond Mountain. Absolutely beautiful area, the green was by no means green and the forest floor was almost always clear. Intricate in places, vague in others, a real challenge. Spent the first 40 minutes or so carry 2 gallons of water to control 60, so that was a good replacement for skipping the gym on Friday! Then got into the orienteering and sped up a little. Time is total out there - a lot of time was spent wandering around the circle, checking every nearby feature to ensure we were correct. I haven't ever found hanging controls so difficult, this was really hard! By the end of the day my brain was as exhausted as my legs, and it was good to wolf down some pasta in the cute little town of Kent. We then camped at Housatonic Meadows, which was a beautiful riverside campground. I was in bed by 10, but woken up when I thought Anne-Louise coughing was a moose in my dream. It was pretty funny.

Friday Sep 3, 2010 #


Tired today, and looking at the maps for the weekend at Marie's last night, I'm going to need to save my strength! So might totally rest, might run in the evening as it will hopefully be cooler with the hurricane on the way.

Thursday Sep 2, 2010 #

Intervals 37:00 intensity: (6:00 @1) + (16:00 @2) + (15:00 @4) 4.1 mi (9:01 / mi)
ahr:163 max:188 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

3 x 5 (2) threshold intervals on undulating trail. Great session this morning, feeling strong and light, fluid movement, no trace of the DOMS anymore. Still very hot - probably last day before we sneak in the edge of the hurricane. Really fun morning. 8 mins Z2 either side.

Wednesday Sep 1, 2010 #

Running 29:00 intensity: (12:00 @2) + (17:00 @3) 3.0 mi (9:40 / mi)
ahr:159 max:175 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Still feeling the DOMS this morning but they eased off once I got moving. It always amazes me how light weights in a slightly different range of movement can cause so much pain! Another super hot morning, was sweating like crazy by the time I reached the gym.

Strength 23:05 [1]
ahr:125 max:155 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Upper body weights set. Again, pretty easy weights.

One handed press 3 x 8 20lb
DB Row 3 x 8 20lb
One armed bench press 3 x 8 20lb
45 Degree power press 3 x 8 20lb (these were tough so I had to go down for the last two reps in the final set)
DB Lat raises 3 x 8 15lb
Cable Russian Twists 3 x 8 setting 3
Core press up 3 x 20 secs each side

That was harder than it used to be! Going to have to get strong again...

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