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Training Log Archive: Becks

In the 28 days ending Feb 28, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cross Fit9 15:00:52 1.1 1.77 8
  Running20 12:26:44 72.94(10:14) 117.39(6:22) 1667
  Cycling2 54:25 4.69 7.54 92
  Total29 28:22:01 78.73 126.71 1767
  [1-5]29 28:03:35

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Thursday Feb 28, 2013 #

5 PM

Running 41:30 intensity: (1 @0) + (37 @1) + (9:29 @2) + (30:21 @3) + (1:02 @4) 4.84 km (8:34 / km) +65m 8:02 / km
ahr:161 max:176 shoes: Pink cohesions

Ridiculously rubbish day at work. Spent it all fixing the centrifuge, then doing various test runs to check it was functioning, it passed all these (including the dummy run of my exact experiment conditions with water instead of sample) with flying colours, then died and wouldn't take my samples, wasting another whole day of work. Grrr. Two days in a row. Bah. So got out just as dark was falling to de-stress. Slogged the flat trail at West Rock at the start which was a bit miserable, then the trail back was more fun, not quite as packed. There is still either 4 inches of wet slippy snow or a river/marsh everywhere. I am glad I cancelled this weekend, don't want 15 wet and freezing beginners on my hands.

Wednesday Feb 27, 2013 #

7 AM

Running 40:08 intensity: (1:22 @1) + (5:18 @2) + (30:46 @3) + (2:42 @4) 6.79 km (5:55 / km) +132m 5:23 / km
ahr:163 max:178 shoes: Pink cohesions

Into work. The snow is melting rapidly, and the rain reminded me of home. I got much further than I have been doing, although crossing roads is still a pain. Started off very stiff from a day of marking exams yesterday, but by the end was feeling alright.
7 PM

Cross Fit 42:11 intensity: (47 @0) + (20:39 @1) + (2:57 @2) + (4:37 @3) + (13:06 @4) + (5 @5) 0.4 km (1:45:27 / km) +5m 1:39:15 / km
ahr:145 max:190

Fun Cross Fit today! Small class of excellent people and a mainly aerobic workout named after Scott. 30 seconds all out on the airdyne, then you started the main workout by doing as many wall balls as you got calories in those 30 seconds. So 21 for me, then 400m run, 300m row, 200 singles with 50 squat thrusts (this was a sub for 200 double unders) then 100 cals on the Airdyne. Got the tricky skips and thrusts out of the way first, then quads were burning so ran it out. Figured I might aswell get the rowing done then too, and finished with the Airdyne. Put on a sprint for the last 20 cals and got the second best time of the day, 17.00. It was fun!

Tuesday Feb 26, 2013 #


Local news anchor mistakes double Olympic champion for guy who hasn't really run before. After he runs a 61 minute half.


Drained and winter is back but... I just finished exam grading, which means aside from a couple of hours of pizza party, my teaching is over. My evenings will return!

Monday Feb 25, 2013 #

9 AM

Running 40:08 intensity: (52 @1) + (4:59 @2) + (32:32 @3) + (1:45 @4) 6.07 km (6:37 / km) +126m 5:59 / km
ahr:163 max:178 shoes: Pink cohesions

Spring is in the air! The pavements have finally been cleared between New Haven and Hamden, and even the woods aren't too difficult anymore. The birds were singing and the sun was shining and for the first time in a week or so, I was happy to be out. Lovely and warm too. Yey!
5 PM

Cross Fit 1:17:02 intensity: (7:40 @0) + (44:37 @1) + (5:09 @2) + (8:37 @3) + (10:59 @4) 1.05 km (1:13:39 / km) +2m 1:12:57 / km
ahr:132 max:186

Wow, the end of this sucked. Ten mins with 5 pull ups on even mins and 20m farmer carry on odd. Then ten mins with 5 KBS and 5 Wall balls every min. Then after a short rest, 15 mins continuous of 5 cleans, 10 burpees, 15 cals on the airdyne. It hurt but in a good way, not the tired tweaky way of last week.

Sunday Feb 24, 2013 #

Cross Fit 1:00:00 [1]

No running today but cleared the space for the garden of snow, seeing as it doesn't seem like it's going to rain to do it for me, and built the raised beds. Now I just have to figure out the most economical way to fill them with good soil.

Saturday Feb 23, 2013 #

10 AM

Running 40:10 intensity: (5:41 @1) + (15:06 @2) + (19:06 @3) + (17 @4) 3.83 km (10:29 / km) +121m 9:03 / km
ahr:153 max:177 shoes: Integrators 5000

So, the woods are "passable" but I don't think I'd go as far as to say they were fun! They do look gorgeous. It was a drizzly morning in Osbornedale, with lots of grizzly grey old men sitting in cars reading papers in the car park. And they were the ones giving me funny looks. Hmm.

This was hard work and my back struggled at the start, it loosened up after a bit of easier downhill.

Wednesday Feb 20, 2013 #


9 AM

Running 40:36 intensity: (3:49 @1) + (13:44 @2) + (23:03 @3) 6.06 km (6:42 / km) +92m 6:14 / km
ahr:156 max:174 shoes: Pink cohesions

Into work. Snow is getting icy and crusty thanks to the rain. Training camp is back in the balance again. I was mostly not breaking through the crust but it was slippy in places.

Tuesday Feb 19, 2013 #

7 AM

Running 40:19 intensity: (1:30 @1) + (7:07 @2) + (31:20 @3) + (22 @4) 6.8 km (5:56 / km) +93m 5:33 / km
ahr:159 max:176 shoes: Pink cohesions

Didn't want to go out today, slept really badly. But then I looked at the weather forecast and made myself do it, because by this evening this glorious sunny (and actually pretty warm) day will be a rainy slushy mess. There were birds chirping everywhere and I saw my first cardinal of the year. They're beautiful birds! I am now a little more hopeful that my leeks and onions might actually go out on time in a few weeks. The Farmington Trail is pretty packed down now but uneven slow going - I hope the rain tonight is pretty heavy.

Monday Feb 18, 2013 #

5 PM

Running 41:15 intensity: (1:29 @1) + (4:48 @2) + (30:06 @3) + (4:52 @4) 7.35 km (5:37 / km) +74m 5:20 / km
ahr:163 max:183 shoes: Pink cohesions

Not enjoying the running much at the moment. It's either boring, incredibly slow/tough or outright dangerous, sometimes an exciting combination of all three. Go away snow!
7 PM

Cross Fit 1:16:01 intensity: (11 @0) + (56:22 @1) + (7:07 @2) + (8:29 @3) + (3:52 @4)
ahr:134 max:183

Today was tough, felt stiff all over the place and didn't think I'd make it through, but it got easier as my body remembered how to move things that aren't tons of snow. Started with some slow controlled deadlifts, some dips, then 25 rings rows, 100m bear crawl, rest 8 mins, 40 KB DLs 53#, 25 jumping pulls ups, 40 KB DLs, 8 mins rest, then 40 sit ups, 25 rings rows, 40 sit ups, 25 jumping pull ups. Breathing was hard during the second set of sit ups. Happy to have gone by the end. Plenty of "quality" dubstep for the sound track, if such a thing exists.

Sunday Feb 17, 2013 #


Exhausted today. Having a getting everything sorted kind of day.

Saturday Feb 16, 2013 #

4 PM

Running 40:09 intensity: (1:48 @1) + (15:14 @2) + (22:56 @3) + (11 @4) 6.46 km (6:13 / km) +71m 5:53 / km
ahr:156 max:178 shoes: Pink cohesions

Spent all morning marking exams, went for enormous brunch at Bella's with Rob and Emma, trimmed my seedlings, and then forced myself for a run before dark despite still being very full. It was a bit miserable stomach wise, but good to be out. Still not enough snow clear to run safely in the dark. People are driving like angry impatient nut jobs out there.

Friday Feb 15, 2013 #

(rest day)

Rest day! Need it!

Thursday Feb 14, 2013 #

Cycling 25:00 [1]

Cycle back from Science Hill after a mighty depressing teaching session.
9 AM

Running 40:10 intensity: (3:05 @1) + (6:33 @2) + (30:07 @3) + (25 @4) 5.52 km (7:16 / km) +111m 6:37 / km
ahr:161 max:175 shoes: Pink cohesions

"Long" "run." Couldn't get the tempo in for this set what with mega snow, but did the "long" run. Obviously not long yet but it will be eventually. Will was right, the snow in East Rock was tough. But it was beautiful in the sunshine and a lot safer than the Whitney Avenue Trench run.

Wednesday Feb 13, 2013 #

8 AM

Running 34:51 intensity: (3:16 @1) + (11:29 @2) + (19:46 @3) + (20 @4) 4.97 km (7:00 / km) +44m 6:43 / km
ahr:157 max:175 shoes: Integrators 5000

"Running" into work. The first half was great, Whitney has 1.5 lanes and to the New Haven town line was pretty much static traffic, so I ran faster than all the cars. But then the traffic cleared and people were driving way too fast, so I had to shift to the pavement. These were perilous and super icy in places, and partially obscured by enormous icy chunks of JCB shovelled snow in others. So there was a lot of arm wavey ice slipping and clambering over things, and progress slowed considerably. Walked in the rest of the way and a guy in Starbucks wanted to know where to buy Integrators.

Tuesday Feb 12, 2013 #


Trying to make the map over the last few days, and just being stuck in in general, I have come across all kinds of human nature. Most of it has been incredibly positive. We had a party with the neighbours, we shovelled each other's driveways, and when Rob and I cleared the road yesterday, people came out to help to do their section, and those that were unable to help supplied us with chocolate and thank yous. But my word, there are some horrible people on the town of Hamden website. I'm very glad I live here and not on Stanley Road, which seems to have a particular concentration of them.

In one situation, a chap just across Whitney from us was complaining that his road was full of elderly people who needed groceries and prescriptions so he had to be ploughed rightaway. I messaged him to ask what people needed and offered to pick it up from Walgreens and deliver today. No response of course, he just wants his road ploughed quicker. People griping about the Mayor, the planning, about why we had no private's really quite spectacular. Things are massively speeding up now every man and his pick up/snowblower has been released from their side street, and seeing the progress is impressive. This has been quite an experience, and I'm also happy that Yale took the sensible step of keeping us all away. Excellent responses all round.

Also, the poor UPS guy was forced to deliver yesterday. I saw him dragging himself through snow drifts a few times during yesterday's activities. Today when I passed him on my run, he was much happier, and tried to throw a snowball at me. What a guy. USPS resumed their services today. I will let you draw your own conclusions as to how this makes you feel about their respective companies.
12 PM

Running 34:49 intensity: (5:35 @1) + (14:18 @2) + (14:56 @3) 5.46 km (6:22 / km) +31m 6:12 / km
ahr:152 max:168 shoes: Integrators 5000

Quick cruise round the neighbourhood. Scrap what I said about recovery, I am very very tired. But there is almost a clear road on every street in Spring Glen - they've made amazing progress! I am very impressed. I think we will drive to get some food tomorrow and go to work.

Monday Feb 11, 2013 #

Cross Fit 45:00 [1]

Breaking through to the "road." It's pissing it down and the snow was very very heavy. No more shovelling for Becky Poo. She is tired.


Cross Fit 3:00:00 [1]

So much for no more shovelling. But we made lots of new friends, someone bought us a chocolate heart, and the road is now pretty much passable most of the way down. Even better, someone had already added our shovelling to the interactive map I created by the time we got home from buying many sugar at Walgreens. Win!
2 PM

Running 34:55 intensity: (35 @1) + (3:55 @2) + (28:54 @3) + (1:31 @4) 4.97 km (7:02 / km) +63m 6:37 / km
ahr:161 max:181 shoes: Integrators 5000

Soggy run round the streets. The payloaders are in Spring Glen but I don't think we need them now, the neighbours broke up the surface with their 4 x 4s. Which is great, but does now require, yup, you've guessed it...MORE SHOVELLING.

Sunday Feb 10, 2013 #

9 AM

Cross Fit 59:05 [1] 0.32 km (3:01:48 / km) +1m 2:59:02 / km
ahr:108 max:126

From this:


To this:


Anyone want to place a bet on when I'll be able to build my raised beds? One of them is going exactly under the apex of this:


:) New Haven Schools are closed tomorrow and the Mayor has asked people to hold off travel too. Fingers crossed the lab will be closed and the class I'm supposed to go to will also be cancelled. Still no signs of snow removal anywhere close by - going to jog later to see if I see any anywhere. Edit: Rain all day tomorrow. This is going to be grim - hope everything is cancelled!
3 PM

Running 35:03 intensity: (50 @1) + (1:30 @2) + (28:48 @3) + (3:55 @4) 4.91 km (7:09 / km) +38m 6:53 / km
ahr:165 max:182 shoes: Pink cohesions

Proper training. I am shafted but it is amazingly beautiful outside, and it going to be amazingly grim tomorrow, so I went for it. Some streets have got good paths, a couple are ploughed, some are waist deep slog fests. But many people out in good spirits and lots of kids having fun. Bumped into Jesse and Katy and had a quick chat, and legs felt better that I expected but shoulders sore with every swing. Very glad to get out.

Saturday Feb 9, 2013 #

Cross Fit 4:00:00 [3]

Oh my word. I ache everywhere now. I want to call for take out, but turns out aside from Whitney they only half ploughed our street, and nothing else, so it's actually impossible to go anywhere useful. The other streets are so full that I think it'll need diggers, not ploughs.


Anyway, training was doing this:


This this:


Through this:


To this:


Note the enormous (7ft+) pile of snow where my raised beds are supposed to be going soon! What a storm!

Friday Feb 8, 2013 #


Alright. Almost finished planning the Junior Training Camp and had a good half hour of dancing to the weather radar, and the storm hasn't even really started yet. As long as the electricity stays on till the hotpot is done :)
7 AM

Cycling 29:25 intensity: (5:42 @1) + (13:32 @2) + (10:11 @3) 7.54 km (3:54 / km) +92m 3:41 / km
ahr:151 max:169

Ha ha! Cycling was hard this morning! I thought I was just tired, but when I got close to work I realised I hadn't put my wheel back in properly, and the brakes were rubbing the wheel. Mega d'oh. I am tired now. That was tough! No snow falling and dry roads when I left the house, a centimetre on the ground and getting slippy by the time I arrived.
10 AM

Running 23:38 intensity: (6:39 @1) + (10:05 @2) + (6:54 @3) 3.63 km (6:31 / km) +33m 6:14 / km
ahr:146 max:166 shoes: Pink cohesions

I trust me on my bike in these conditions but not the cars sliding everywhere, so I left the bike at work and jogged some of the way home. Stopped to buy food from the amazing Whitneyville Market and The Soup Girl, then managed 5 minutes more jogging with a rucksac full of potatoes and hand carrying a bag full of soup. Not planning to leave the house again for a good 24 hours now!

Thursday Feb 7, 2013 #

11 AM

Running 34:50 intensity: (2:21 @1) + (12:13 @2) + (20:16 @3) 4.01 mi (8:41 / mi) +115m 7:59 / mi
ahr:155 max:171 shoes: Pink cohesions

Running directly after coffee makes my legs fast, but they feel like they're not attached to my body and it freaks me out.

Wednesday Feb 6, 2013 #

9 AM

Running 34:52 intensity: (28 @1) + (3:27 @2) + (30:18 @3) + (39 @4) 6.15 km (5:40 / km) +102m 5:14 / km
ahr:162 max:183 shoes: Pink cohesions

Tired today, someone spent most of the night slinking around our house getting ready to go to Sweden :) Shuffled in but wasn't really feeling it, followed by a long long day at the coal face. Tired.

Tuesday Feb 5, 2013 #

8 AM

Running 34:48 intensity: (1:49 @1) + (6:28 @2) + (22:04 @3) + (4:27 @4) 6.17 km (5:39 / km) +64m 5:22 / km
ahr:164 max:186 shoes: Pink cohesions

Run to Cross Fit with some mini intervals - 6 x 200m to start to remind my legs how to move a bit faster. They did alright until a comedy moment where I hit a slightly snowed over sheet ice patch and there were some funny noises.

Cross Fit 1:00:43 intensity: (43:29 @1) + (6:21 @2) + (8:32 @3) + (2:21 @4)
ahr:125 max:183

Bit of a fail today. Most of you who know me very well will know that I can't stand people sniffing. I have no control over how mad it makes me, despite many years of trying, and it makes me all tense and stressed. It's weird. But today we had to hold ourselves up on bars and the guy next to me was snuffling and sniffly continuously and it was so minging that I had to take myself away so I didn't throw a kettle bell at him. After listening to that for a whole hour I was pretty despondent about the whole thing. The last bit was tough though - 100m row, 10 burpees, 3 times.

Monday Feb 4, 2013 #

5 PM

Running 34:50 intensity: (49 @1) + (1:20 @2) + (16:09 @3) + (16:32 @4) 6.4 km (5:27 / km) +66m 5:11 / km
ahr:172 max:185 shoes: Pink cohesions

Felt rubbish this morning and didn't make it out, but ran home instead. Despite being hungry hungry (lunch from the hospital was utterly foul today) it felt good. Running is starting to feel relatively natural again.

Cross Fit 1:00:50 intensity: (9:33 @0) + (42:02 @1) + (5:19 @2) + (2:54 @3) + (1:02 @4)
ahr:111 max:186

Cross Fit session. Slow and many lifts. It was fun because people were there, but I never really felt I got going. I blame it on the rubbish lunch, don't have much appetite for dinner which is very unlike me.

Sunday Feb 3, 2013 #


Does anyone have recommendations for good books or websites about vegetable growing in CT/northeast? Something that has references to timing and planning would be amazing. I've picked up a couple of huge hulking reference books from the second hand shops, which will be great references but they're a little chunky for the planning I have in mind!

Very exciting about the possibility of growing more veg. I just hope the garden doesn't turn out to be too shady - I fear we have a deck in the best spot.

Otherwise, any hints would be great! We have a little sun room I could use to start things off from seed before the frosts end if there's anything I should be doing now.

Saturday Feb 2, 2013 #

4 PM

Running 34:50 intensity: (14 @0) + (51 @1) + (7:19 @2) + (24:28 @3) + (1:58 @4) 6.61 km (5:16 / km) +92m 4:56 / km
ahr:160 max:179 shoes: Pink cohesions

Run as the sun went down, which is happening pretty late these days! Unfortunately the wind was biting so it wasn't exactly balmy. Feels like the worst may be over though. Running felt good today, the cross fit this week was very complimentary to running.

I forgot to add that one of the houses on the other side of Whitney has built a mini ice rink in their back garden, and I saw 11 turkeys on someone else's front lawn. It was a pretty cool run.

Running 10:04 intensity: (13 @1) + (2 @2) + (2:11 @3) + (7:38 @4) 1.66 km (6:04 / km) +18m 5:45 / km
ahr:177 max:188 shoes: Pink cohesions

Jog home from the bookshop, it was too cold to saunter. HR strangely high there. Actually, I took my strap off in the bookshop. So who knows what it was reading!

Friday Feb 1, 2013 #

7 AM

Running 34:49 intensity: (55 @1) + (9:02 @2) + (24:52 @3) 6.3 km (5:32 / km) +116m 5:04 / km
ahr:159 max:176 shoes: Pink cohesions

Into work, stiff but happy.

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