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Training Log Archive: Becks

In the 28 days ending Feb 28, 2010:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running14 8:29:24 53.94(9:27) 86.81(5:52)
  Strength8 4:36:00
  Orienteering3 2:39:52 13.98(11:26) 22.49(7:06) 31046 /54c85%
  Warm up & strides2 20:00
  Stretching1 12:00
  Total17 16:17:16 67.92 109.3 31046 /54c85%
  [1-5]17 15:59:16
averages - rhr:45 weight:63.5kg

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Sunday Feb 28, 2010 #

Warm up & strides 10:00 [3]

Run to registration and up to the start, after helping a lady (it wasn't your Mum was it Jenny?) get her keys out of the portaloo. Ewww!

Orienteering 1:13:49 [4] *** 7.5 km (9:51 / km) +310m 8:09 / km
ahr:178 max:189 spiked:10/13c shoes: Inov8s

Eurgh. I'm sorry Martyn and Steve, but that was a crap course. Number one, run to the middle of the trees. 2 was fine. Number 3, run to the trees, follow a path. I messed up the end of this one a little bit by there being far more paths on the map.

3-4: I think one of the worst legs I have ever run on. 1.5km slog across the moor, ice cold watery marsh, no route choice, no complex end control. Just awful.

4-5: Striaght back down again. By the time I reached the track I could no longer feel my feet.

Messed up 6, was too low, not focussing enough on the detail or slowing down enough.

6-7: Boring. 7-8 - only nice leg. Lovely little quarry bit, really nice.

8-9: Think I nailed the route choice by going high.

9-10: Total screw up. Thought I was on the lower path, and came off at a parallel attack point. Messed around a bit, then found my actual attack point. Then didn't have the confidence to descend, before I fannied about a bit and finally did it. Really poor.

The last three controls were fine, but the early course was so, so poorly planned. Physically I was slow but managing to keep turning over, so not too bad.


Check out these dead legs! And this is tough, tussocky moor, not runnable stuff!


At least I wasn't alone on number 10!

Saturday Feb 27, 2010 #


I am still shattered. Easy day today and Ilkley Moor tomorrow. Fed up of feeling like this now! Feeling like there might not be much point going to BUSA...

Friday Feb 26, 2010 #

Strength 30:00 [1]
ahr:122 max:146 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Second very heavy strength session. Good on the machines, lower back feeling a bit weird on the planks so didn't do the whole lot.

Running 38:00 intensity: (18:00 @2) + (20:00 @3) 4.3 mi (8:50 / mi)
ahr:160 max:180 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Very muddy run along the Aire to Eb's in Rodley. 4 mins aero, 20 mins sub threshold, 14 mins aero. Muddy fun!

Thursday Feb 25, 2010 #


Can I stop hacking up green goo now please? Not doing anything today, after 8 hours of trying to file the box that can not be filed, I feel like absolute crap.

Wednesday Feb 24, 2010 #

Running 34:00 intensity: (7:00 @1) + (7:00 @2) + (15:00 @3) + (5:00 @4) 3.8 mi (8:57 / mi)
ahr:164 max:187 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Threshold run. Felt rubbish at the start but pushing well by the end. Very soggy. The naughty wood is sooooo nice!

Tuesday Feb 23, 2010 #

Strength 50:00 [1]
ahr:105 max:138

Very heavy strength session down at the Uber gym. It actually felt quite tough for the first time on the rubbish machines. Tired by the end.

Running 31:00 intensity: (22:00 @2) + (9:00 @4) 3.6 mi (8:37 / mi)
ahr:160 max:178 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

14 mins aero, 9 mins 15x15, 8 mins aerobic. Felt sluggish after two early starts and too much filing! Heavy bag too. It is freezing out there!

Monday Feb 22, 2010 #

Running 33:00 [3] 3.5 mi (9:26 / mi)
ahr:167 max:183 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Back to running after a nice relaxing weekend with Rob where I mostly felt like crap. I feel a bit better today, and I earned some money! Then I ran to Jen's doing 4 mins aero, 24 sub threshold and 5 mins with 10 x 10 hill sprints just as it was getting dark. It was beautifully clear and I felt good. Yey!

Thursday Feb 18, 2010 #


So, I didn't do any training today. But I did finish the pre Viva version of my thesis. Yay!

Wednesday Feb 17, 2010 #

Running 31:00 intensity: (22:00 @2) + (9:00 @4) 3.3 mi (9:24 / mi)
ahr:166 max:185 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

8 mins aero, 9 mins 15x15, 14 mins aero. Felt like crap.

Strength 20:00 [1]
ahr:130 max:154

A seriously reduced strength training as I got a call to go and visit an office about a temp job for a couple of weeks. The most pointless meeting ever, the most pointless job ever, but I will at least earn some cash for a couple of weeks!

Tuesday Feb 16, 2010 #

Running 33:00 intensity: (4:00 @2) + (24:00 @3) + (5:00 @4) 3.3 mi (10:00 / mi)
ahr:170 max:180 shoes: Inov8s

4 mins aerobic, 24 mins sub threshold with 5 mins in the middle containing 10 x 10s hill sprints. Felt rubbish at the start but good by the time I got the hill reps done.

Monday Feb 15, 2010 #


Hello scum of the earth unregistered patient. We will only deign to see you on Wednesday, so look forward to two more nights of excruciating pain and 4 hours sleep despite the Ibuprofen.

Methinks I am going to spend most of my day driving to Halifax and then sitting in a drop in centre. I want to go running!


Yey, I have ear drugs! Walk in clinics are a good idea. Fingers crossed I can run tomorrow.

Sunday Feb 14, 2010 #

(sick) (rest day)

Last week's rubbish cold has turned into this week's really rather painful ear infection. The NHS have decreed that until it has been around for a week, I can'[t go visit a temporary doc to get the antibiotics for it. Apparently these things usually resolve themselves. Yeah right. Not in my long long history of rather painful ear infections!

Roll on Tuesday. Rest day today as I don't think the cold wind and running did it much good yesterday.

Saturday Feb 13, 2010 #

Orienteering 40:40 [3] *** 3.6 mi (11:18 / mi)
ahr:170 max:185 spiked:14/14c shoes: Inov8s

O-Lite on Harden Moor. Nice course, couldn't really relax into auto pilot despite running here all the time. Running starting to feel a lot better but I'm not particularly strong in heather. Tomorrow might be fun! Ear still hurts, boo.

Friday Feb 12, 2010 #

Running 37:00 intensity: (4:00 @1) + (21:00 @2) + (12:00 @4) 4.3 mi (8:36 / mi)
ahr:162 max:185

8 mins aerobic, 4 x 3 (1), 13 mins aerobic. First rep felt awful, huffing and puffing all over the place, then they were ace. I was naughty and ran off the paths in the illegal wood. It is sooooo nice in there. Down with stupid Conservative councillors and their "not in my back garden" nonsense!

Strength 40:00 [1]
ahr:124 max:146

Strength session 2. Plank based stuff is tough but really, really boring.


I am really not happy with my weight at the moment. I know my volume is low, and I guess I'm not stressed etc, but I am way way heavier than I feel I should be. It's clearly visible on my core and thighs/bum. Food at home is basic, lots of veg, very little bad stuff, and I'm not snacking on crisps and chocolate and cake like in Edinburgh. I wonder if it's a physiological thing - stress hormones finally subsiding and my body thinking it's time to pile on the pounds to save up for the next time it happens? I guess I just have to grit my teeth and hope it drops off when training volume increases more - at the moment it's still very low. Still...not happy with it at all.

Wednesday Feb 10, 2010 #

Running 1:04:24 [2] 10.2 km (6:19 / km)
ahr:164 max:180 shoes: Inov8s

Went for a lovely longish run up on Ogden with Maria. It started snowing halfway which was pretty cool, and we had good fun falling through the ice. Nice to get out somewhere different and have company!

Tuesday Feb 9, 2010 #

Running 46:00 [2] 4.8 mi (9:35 / mi)
ahr:159 max:179

Easy run from the bottom of Allerton to nearly home. Some very muddy fields and some naughty running across them where footpaths no longer existed!

Monday Feb 8, 2010 #

Running 35:00 intensity: (6:00 @0) + (13:00 @1) + (16:00 @2) 3.1 mi (11:17 / mi)
ahr:147 max:173 rhr:45

Still sniffly but cold doesn't seem to be developing, resting HR is fine, so just dropped it all down a notch and went running anyway. 13 mins sloooow, 6 mins of walking drills, then 16 mins aerobic. Felt fine actually. Cleared the head a bit.

Strength 36:00 [1]
ahr:113 max:149 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Strength set one again. Candlesticks already improving, but they have a long long way to go before they reach good! I saw a very fat man in swimming trunks and it made me feel a bit ill.

Sunday Feb 7, 2010 #

(rest day)

Despite feeling fine yesterday, woke up today with a big fat cold! Thesis day!

Saturday Feb 6, 2010 #

Orienteering 45:23 [4] *** 9.2 km (4:56 / km)
ahr:183 max:189 spiked:22/27c I was frustraitingly rubbish. Bit confused around number 3 and 4, and they turned out to be dead easy when I got there. Maybe wrong route to 6, and maybe 7 too. Didn't see the best route to 9 then exxecuted mine badly. Very badly. Hesitated at 12, didn't follow my plan at all on 13, totally by accident, and ended up screwing round with underpasses. Planned route to 16 then did completely the wrong thing, then to make it even worse I backtracked instead of just carrying on. Maybe poor route to 24, and fed up by 25 after I got stuck behind some nasty teenagers.

All in all, not really sure I enjoyed that. It was too eyeballs out for my present level of fitness. I would have liked some up so that I got some down!

Edit: looking at splits, lost less than I thought on 9. Biggest time loss was faffing around the underpass going the wrong way on 13. 16 as expected. But my running speed is fine I guess for where I am. Not too disappointed with that!

Warm up & strides 10:00 [2]
ahr:153 max:173

Short warm up with a few half hearted strides, and short warm down jog with Bex.

Friday Feb 5, 2010 #

Running 35:00 intensity: (17:00 @2) + (18:00 @3) 3.5 mi (10:00 / mi)
ahr:166 max:176 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

4 mins aero, 18 mins sub threshold, 13 mins aero. ST all uphill ish. Feeling better than yesterday.

Strength 35:00 [1]
ahr:118 max:152

Strength session mostly on plank based fitball type core stuff. I am going to hurt like hell tomorrow.

Thursday Feb 4, 2010 #

Running 31:00 intensity: (3:15 @1) + (9:45 @2) + (13:30 @3) + (4:30 @4) 3.3 mi (9:24 / mi)
ahr:165 max:186

Progression run. A horrible foggy grey day, and I felt all foggy too. Just not much power about today - made the heart rate in the highest section but it was a struggle. First bad run since really coming back though, there's always going to be a few. Stopped in the middle to watch a Ford Ka try and cross the ford. It was interesting.

Stretching 12:00 [0]
ahr:101 max:112

Wednesday Feb 3, 2010 #

Running 31:00 intensity: (23:00 @2) + (8:00 @4) 3.3 mi (9:24 / mi)
ahr:162 max:182

13 mins aerobic, 8 mins 15x15, 10 mins aerobic. Fast bits didn't feel massively fast but not hideous either.

Strength 35:00 [1]
ahr:114 max:157

Steve's programme at the local gym. Got a few funny looks doing these!

Warm up

Leg press 4 x 8 6
Bench press 4 x 8 3
Nordic hamstrings 4 x 8
OH press (supposed to be single arm but nothing to do that with, so double arm) 4 x 8 3
Lat pull downs 4 x 8 4
Bent over row 4 x 8 3
Sit ups - no weights so on an incline 3 x 10 2nd rung
Candlesticks 3 x 6. Ouch. I am officially very rubbish at these now.

Tuesday Feb 2, 2010 #

(rest day)

Back to Yorkshire today and I am dog tired, so having a rest. Back to it tomorrow!

More snow!


Stirling people - is this real?!

I don't see how the hills can be so big! He reckons it was taken from Bannockburn but I don't understand it at all...

Monday Feb 1, 2010 #

Strength 30:00 [1]
ahr:100 max:144

Showing Rob the ropes on the machines at the Pleasance. Was down there for over an hour but probably only did about half that of actual stuff.

Running 30:00 intensity: (4:00 @2) + (22:00 @3) + (4:00 @4) 3.5 mi (8:34 / mi)
ahr:168 max:185 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

22 mins sub threshold, 4 mins including 8 x 10 sec uphill sprints (found an awesome place for these, shame this is pretty much it for me in Edinburgh!), then 4 mins aerobic. Sprints were tough after work out but they feel more like sprints than a month ago.

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