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Training Log Archive: apope

In the 31 days ending Oct 31, 2007:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Cycling8 8:27:40 125.72(14.9/h) 202.32(23.9/h)188.3
  Run7 4:40:40 25.54 41.11 74484.8
  Adventure Racing1 2:15:00 14.91(9:03) 24.0(5:38)128.3
  Swim2 45:00 0.99(45:16) 1.6(28:08)18.0
  Orienteering1 16:46 2.21(7:36) 3.55(4:43) 5416 /17c94%15.9
  Total17 16:25:06 169.37 272.58 79816 /17c94%435.2
averages - sleep:7.9 rhr:40

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Wednesday Oct 31, 2007 #

Cycling (MTB on the road) 45:00 [1] 10.9 km (14.5 kph)
ahr:116 max:154 slept:8.0 shoes: Olympic MTB shoes

Easy ride with Sarah through Primrose. My mountain bike is hurting a bit, big maintenance session tomorrow. The last AR wasn't nice to it.

Tuesday Oct 30, 2007 #

Run (Engen - Bishop Baven) 32:46 [3] 5.29 km (6:12 / km) +90m 5:43 / km
ahr:131 max:175 slept:8.0 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Ran the 3.2 km loop with Sarah in 22:40. Then ran around a bit myself testing the legs. No quad soreness to report.
Maths exam tomorrow - Green's theorem and I just aren't seeing eye to eye

Monday Oct 29, 2007 #

rhr:35 slept:8.0

Another visit to the doctor for my trial. This time the stats were:
RHR: 35
BP: 115/56 (i think, doesn't mean much to me so i can never remember
Weight: 67.5 on a proper scale
Had my shot and my arm is sore already. Now to avoid the cold that seems to follow. Avoided it last time

Sunday Oct 28, 2007 #

Cycling 2:26:05 [4] 62.41 km (25.6 kph)
rhr:38 slept:9.0 shoes: Shimano SH-R047

Max 65.5 Ave 25.6
A long ride with Lewton. Same route at Andrew took us on last year about this time. We went pretty quickly.
My legs are pretty sore again - combination of the increased ave speed and the quad trouble I've been having. A bit disappointing because I was riding for much longer before the Hennops bug.
Nothing strenuous till next weekend...

Saturday Oct 27, 2007 #

Run (Engen - Bishop Baven) 34:47 [2] 5.3 km (6:34 / km)
ahr:133 max:165 slept:6.0 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Ran the 3.6km route with Sarah first - 25:38. Then ran the rest on my own. Legs still a bit sore - quads and groin feeling a bit strained.
Worked at Wine-Ex last night. Very late and pretty hard work collapsing all the stands.

Friday Oct 26, 2007 #

Cycling 58:13 [2] 20.53 km (21.2 kph)
slept:8.0 shoes: Shimano SH-R047

Max 52.5 Ave 21.1
Morning ride. Wrapped up warm and rode steadily through Primrose, past Matt's house, down linksfield drive and past Bedford center home.
Didn't feel very strong but quads didn't complain much.

Wednesday Oct 24, 2007 #

Run (Bill Stewart - Matts hous) 1:35:03 [3] 16.23 km (5:51 / km) +410m 5:12 / km
slept:8.5 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Oooo - rogaines going to hurt. My quads were really sore for most of the run. Felt like the last 2 hours of last years rogaine. Started with a bit of inside quad soreness at km 2 to 3 then just bloody sore legs the rest of the way. Will rest plenty before next weekend.
Its a year since i did this route, right before last years rogaine. For future reference, either build up or don't bother - too unpleasant.
HR avg was useless for some reason, lots of graph spikes

Tuesday Oct 23, 2007 #

Cycling (Linksfield) 51:10 [3] 19.47 km (22.8 kph)
rhr:42 slept:7.5 shoes: Shimano SH-R047

Max 52.5 Ave 22.8
The usual morning ride with Lewton. A group started going up Alpe d'Huez about 50m behind us and only one guy on a Cervelo caught me. Time was 4:50. Wanted to tell him how much my bike costs.

Monday Oct 22, 2007 #

Run (Engen - Bishop Baven) 23:51 [2] 3.29 km (7:15 / km) +59m 6:39 / km
ahr:122 max:153 slept:9.0 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Ran with Sarah. Was planning to have a bit of a speedy run around afterwards, but didn't realise how tight my legs were. Settled for a short shuffle and plenty of streching

Sunday Oct 21, 2007 #

Cycling race (Germiston Tri - cycle) 34:54 [4] 18.07 km (31.1 kph)
shoes: Shimano SH-R047

Max 63.8 Ave 31.1
Cycle leg of the triathlon. Was feeling strong and pushed quite hard. Became very worried that my calves would cramp because I was pedalling at 110 rpm and they didn't like that much. Took me a while to realise that the people cruising past me were team entrants, just doing the cycle.
Drafting is legal, but I battled to find people to ride with. My crap swim position meant all the fast people were ahead.

Run race (Germiston Tri - run) 22:11 [5] 5.0 km (4:26 / km) +45m 4:15 / km
shoes: Asics Gel 1120

I was pretty happy with the intensity I was maintaining, so again I pushed hard. A girl with J for junior on her leg ran with me the whole way. I was pretty confused and thought she should pull in for a drug test until I realised that she was also a team entrant, and she was just running.
I thought my quads were going to cramp, but luckily nothing happened. Solid run
My official time isn't out yet. I think I finished in 1h16. Pretty happy really, and I'm sure I'll be back...

Swim race (Tri - swim) 15:00 [4] 0.6 km (25:00 / km)

I actually had a solid swim. I kept looking around an saying, "I'm not last!". I swam breast stroke the whole way, and was just super consistent. I even came out the water ahead of Lewton. He had a bit of a panic attack at the start apparently.
Definitely something to work on

Saturday Oct 20, 2007 #

Cycling 1:02:35 [3] 23.85 km (22.9 kph)
slept:8.0 shoes: Shimano SH-R047

max 48.6 ave 22.8
legs are very stiff from Thursday. The bug really took it out of me.
Gentle ride before tomorrow's triathlon. At least I've attempted all the disciplines in the last week!

Thursday Oct 18, 2007 #

Run (Caltex route) 32:02 [3] 6.0 km (5:20 / km) +140m 4:47 / km
ahr:150 max:176 slept:8.0 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

First run in quite a while. Was planning to go slowly, but felt slow. Was hoping to be full of energy and raring to go. Not
Also stood in some really sticky mud and have to clean my white shoes.

Wednesday Oct 17, 2007 #

Swim 30:00 [3] 1.0 km (30:00 / km)

I feel much better and have entered the triathlon at Germiston Lake on Sunday. Thought I'd better get back into the swimming thing.
Felt really good, but maybe thats just because its the first proper exercise I've been able to enjoy in two weeks

Sunday Oct 14, 2007 #

Cycling race (Race for Victory 36km) 1:15:00 [3] 36.0 km (28.8 kph)
slept:7.0 (sick) shoes: Shimano SH-R047

Decided before I left to do the 36km instead of the 77km. Still feeling weak and my stomach is very loose, the worst its been.
Forgot my clock and my timing chip and HR monitor at home!
I rode very steadily, never felt like I pushed. First half is almost all downhill, so got to the turnaround in no time. The hill back was a quite slow.
Would have loved to push a bit and ride in the big bunches that came flying past.

Saturday Oct 13, 2007 #

Cycling 34:43 [2] 11.09 km (19.2 kph)
shoes: Shimano SH-R047

Max 48.7 Ave 19.1
Felt good on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday weren't so good. Feeling a bit better now, but not really up for a 77km race tomo. Finish my antibiotics last night - I think they screwed up my digestive system pretty badly
We'll see... maybe I'll sneak into the 36km race

Monday Oct 8, 2007 #


Sick again. This time I really feel like crap. And I missed a test.
So far I've heard a total of 3 people in the same way. Common factor: Saturdays river!
Went to the doc and was prescribed penicillin. That was before I was certain the river caused it. So I wonder what may have changed. I mentioned the river, but we seemed to forget about it.

Sunday Oct 7, 2007 #

Orienteering race (Derdepoort SC) 16:46 [5] *** 3.55 km (4:43 / km) +54m 4:23 / km
ahr:174 max:194 spiked:16/17c rhr:46 slept:9.0 shoes: Saloman SpeedCross

Not a bad race. Not much to report technically, other than made a 15sec mistake that cost me a place. Wasn't very happy about that.
Physically I knew I was going to struggle when warming up. 1, 2 and 3 I felt pretty bad. Improved a bit, but still wasn't running aggressively. Felt slow in the open flat out areas.
Reasonable result considering yesterdays exertions and last weeks cold. RHR pretty high this morning.
Nothing major on the O' calendar for a while. I've enjoyed the last few competitive events. Seems like a long time till the next important race. I suppose I'll see tomo with the GOC calendar being drawn up.

Saturday Oct 6, 2007 #

Adventure Racing race (Uge #4) 2:15:00 [5] 24.0 km (5:38 / km)
slept:6.0 shoes: Olympic MTB shoes

A really fun race. A great mix of technical, enjoyable riding on a 4x4 course, some tough running, tubing, jumping. Awesome.
Felt really strong which is surprising considering the past week. We finished the run almost in sight of the leaders. We maintained our position for most of the cycle, a few hiccups like barbed wire wrapping itself around my cassette. We got passed horribly on the tubing by two teams (bad technique?) and we maintained 7th till the end.
Now for tomorrows race! c'mon legs...

Friday Oct 5, 2007 #

rhr:38 slept:9.5 (sick)

Hmmm, not feeling too bad but my nose started running again. RHR is still low, so not really sure what to make of it. Big weekend with a hectic AR sprint and an important O' sprint.

Thursday Oct 4, 2007 #

Run 40:00 [1]
ahr:119 slept:6.5 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Gentle run around Jeppe Girls with Sarah. Was supposed to be cross country training for her, but no one else there for some reason, so I ran with her. We're both recovering from colds.
Did 5 strides at the end.

Wednesday Oct 3, 2007 #

slept:8.5 (sick)

About the same as yesterday. Going to be a late night which isn't good for getting better

Tuesday Oct 2, 2007 #


Got a cold, with a runny nose. Weather hasn't been very good for training lately, especially when a little sick. Need to be super strong for the weekend. And I've got a ridiculous amount of work to do

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