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Training Log Archive: apope

In the 31 days ending Oct 31, 2006:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Cycling7 14:05:03 147.42(10.5/h) 237.25(16.8/h) 3987301.0
  Foot Rogaine1 7:54:22 27.04(17:33) 43.51(10:54) 1815284.6
  Run9 7:28:49 45.29(9:55) 72.89(6:09) 1109120.0
  Adventure Racing1 4:30:00 34.8(7:46) 56.0(4:49)162.0
  Orienteering1 21:10 2.24(9:28) 3.6(5:53) 5512 /13c92%20.1
  Total18 34:19:24 256.78(8:01) 413.25(4:59) 696612 /13c92%887.8
averages - sleep:8.3 rhr:46

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Sunday Oct 29, 2006 #

Cycling race (MTB rogaine) 5:25:26 [3] 44.17 km (8.1 kph) +1403m
shoes: Olympic MTB shoes

Went with Craig. We went pretty steadily and got 385 points behind the winners, Nicholas and Sue, with 575. I thought you were supposed to be injure Nic!
Anyway, we went North and climbed out of some big valleys. It was very hot and our average speed seemed pretty slow.
Craig thought he was slowing me down, because i was riding up the hills, but I couldn't have gone much faster in the end. We had a good time and came in 20 min early.
My gps gave up about 10 min from the end, battery went flat

Saturday Oct 28, 2006 #

Foot Rogaine race 7:54:22 [4] 43.51 km (10:54 / km) +1815m 9:01 / km
ahr:154 max:205 shoes: Saloman XA Pro 3D #2

Partnered Martin. We actually made a pretty good team. We were 2nd mens pair and 4th overall.
My 1st really long run. Not knowing what to expect, I thought I was going to have to call it off after about 3 hours. My legs were heavy and I was slowing Martin a lot.
Luckily my legs got over it, and I was moving well between 4 and 7 hours. For the last while we were both wrecked and made some navigation errors.
My legs were completely buggered, but recovered enough for a decent effort on the bike

Wednesday Oct 25, 2006 #

Run (Caltex route) 32:26 [3] 5.95 km (5:27 / km) +127m 4:56 / km
ahr:162 max:180 slept:9.0 shoes: Asics Gel Orient

HR belt worked intermittently. Its been working well for a while before this. So I think AHR is a bit high, and max is highest i noticed.
First exam today: physics prac

Tuesday Oct 24, 2006 #

Cycling 55:36 [3] 17.53 km (18.9 kph) +383m
ahr:146 max:176 shoes: Olympic MTB shoes

Morning ride with Lewton.
We've stopped for exams, so we should be able to ride a bit more.
Up Alpe d'Huez in 5:52. Quickest yet

Monday Oct 23, 2006 #

Run (Park - Rhett's house) 27:01 [2] 3.6 km (7:30 / km) +61m 6:55 / km
ahr:127 max:146 slept:8.5 shoes: Asics Gel Orient

Run with Sarah.
Feeling like a wreck after yesterday's run. Loosened up a bit later

Sunday Oct 22, 2006 #

Run (Bill Stewart - Matts hous) 1:39:48 [3] 16.63 km (6:00 / km) +261m 5:34 / km
ahr:160 max:177 slept:9.0 shoes: Asics Gel Orient

Thought I'd test the legs for next weekend. Haven't done this route since June. I did it 4 times in May! My quickest time is about 7 min at a lower HR.
Anyway, it hurt and I took it easy although my heartrate doesn't show it.
8 hours is going to be tough. And Martins training for the Skyrun!

Saturday Oct 21, 2006 #

Cycling 2:00:49 [3] 41.84 km (20.8 kph) +479m
ahr:141 rhr:44 slept:9.0 shoes: Olympic MTB shoes

Rode to East Rand Mall. On the way back, my back hub started making a horrible noise. Went to Tony Impey Cycles with all my hub bits, and got some advice. Hopefully it'll be ok for next weekend.

Wednesday Oct 18, 2006 #

Cycling 1:02:51 [3] 19.38 km (18.5 kph) +415m
ahr:138 slept:8.0 shoes: Olympic MTB shoes

On my own this morning. When up Alpe d'Huez in 6:01.

Tuesday Oct 17, 2006 #

Run (Primrose) 46:10 [3] 7.99 km (5:47 / km) +117m 5:23 / km
ahr:148 max:168 slept:9.5 shoes: Asics Gel Orient

Run (Wichwood) 24:07 [3] 3.25 km (7:25 / km) +40m 6:59 / km
ahr:143 max:158 shoes: Asics Gel Orient

With Sarah. Getting quicker already

Monday Oct 16, 2006 #

Run (Highland Rd - Langerman) 29:12 [3] 5.34 km (5:28 / km) +78m 5:06 / km
ahr:151 max:174 slept:7.5 shoes: Asics Gel Orient

Legs feeling tired, as expected, so cut short the run to school.

Sunday Oct 15, 2006 #

Cycling race (Vodacom Race for Victory) 2:38:26 [4] 80.13 km (30.3 kph) +627m
ahr:160 slept:5.5 shoes: Olympic MTB shoes

Had a solid ride with Lewton. My legs just went the distance . We were super strong on the last climb and passed some kitted out bikes.
We averaged 30kph, so hopefully we'll be up for a quick 94.7
My bike is still hurting after last weeks AR. Need to check my gear cables and get a new seal for my back hub.

Friday Oct 13, 2006 #

Run (Primrose) 43:17 [3] 8.0 km (5:25 / km) +118m 5:02 / km
ahr:152 max:172 slept:8.0 shoes: Asics Gel Orient

Run (Wichwood) 25:41 [1] 3.25 km (7:54 / km) +51m 7:20 / km
ahr:135 max:157 shoes: Asics Gel Orient

Loop with Sarah after my run - like a longish warm down. I'm glad shes getting out there, even if we're running slowly

Wednesday Oct 11, 2006 #

Cycling 59:28 [3] 17.1 km (17.3 kph) +293m
ahr:136 slept:8.5 shoes: Olympic MTB shoes

Missed the morning ride with Lewton because I couldn'f face waking up early after a busy 2 days. Rode by myself around Linksfield ridge in the afternoon. Terrible traffic.

Run 28:20 [1] 3.6 km (7:52 / km) +40m 7:27 / km
ahr:128 max:148 shoes: Asics Gel Orient

After the ride, went for a jog with Sarah. A little quicker than last time at least

Saturday Oct 7, 2006 #

Adventure Racing race (Uge #5: Moraletta spruit) 4:30:00 [4] ** 56.0 km (4:49 / km)
shoes: Olympic MTB shoes

Placed 10th out of 74 entrants. 1.5 hours behind winners. Still haven't won a spot prize.
I finally figured out that scrambles are longer than sprints. This one was long and tough. It was about 30 min quicker than the uge #3. It felt a lot more intense.
Distance according to Dylan, who I presume has the map we used.
Control #1 was stolen, so we lost 10-20 min there.
Control #8 was also missing, but Dylan actually spotted it in someones parked car a few km's later and we recovered it.
If we were more organised, we could have saved a lot of time, again. A map board would be useful.
And liquid was used up quickly in the heat

Thursday Oct 5, 2006 #

Run (Primrose) 43:08 [3] 8.0 km (5:24 / km) +129m 4:59 / km
ahr:147 max:169 slept:8.5 shoes: Asics Gel Orient

Wednesday Oct 4, 2006 #

Cycling 1:02:27 [3] 17.1 km (16.4 kph) +387m
ahr:139 slept:8.0 shoes: Olympic MTB shoes

Morning ride with Lewton around Linksfield ridge. Alpe d'Huez took 6:48.

Tuesday Oct 3, 2006 #

Run (Park - Rhett's house) 32:03 [1] 3.64 km (8:48 / km) +40m 8:21 / km
ahr:115 max:151 slept:8.0 shoes: Asics Gel Orient

Got Sarah out for a jog. Pretty slow but at least we were smiling at the end.

Run (Park - Rhett's house) 17:36 [4] 3.64 km (4:50 / km) +47m 4:33 / km
ahr:160 max:180 shoes: Asics Gel Orient

Ran same loop after I dropped Sarah at home. Tried to raise the intensity a lot, but the heart rate didn't really want to go up. Was looking for a higher ahr than 80%.

Sunday Oct 1, 2006 #

Orienteering race (Gilroys Park Event) 21:10 [5] *** 3.6 km (5:53 / km) +55m 5:28 / km
spiked:12/13c rhr:47 slept:8.5 shoes: Saloman XA Pro 3D #2

2nd behind Dylan. Not sure of the exact time.
We were back to punching again - which becomes a problem with a thumb compass. Tried the thumb compass again, but didn't have much use for it on this course.
It was really just a 'run till your lungs burst' race. This suites Dylan and he beat me by about 1:30 - which is huge. Legs were a bit tired and I've not been feeling my best over the last few days, but 1:30 is quite a gap.
I also forgot to start my GPS and when I remembered, it wouldn't start because it had found it's way into some menu. The screen's covered so I just left it.
Technique wise, I can't make much of it. Really should try to make better use of thumb compass - practice for harder situations. Didn't spike #3 because I went for the bridge. Should have read ahead. Otherwise, just had to run like hell

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