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Training Log Archive: apope

In the 30 days ending Jun 30, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Cycling6 11:49:00 149.75 241.0212.7
  Swim11 11:00:00 14.76(44:43) 23.75(27:47)198.0
  Spinning7 9:35:00172.5
  Run10 7:23:17 50.13(8:51) 80.67(5:30)140.3
  Pilates7 7:00:00126.0
  Orienteering5 5:41:04 23.92(14:15) 38.5(8:52) 1015180.4
  Foot Rogaine1 1:30:00 10.25(8:47) 16.5(5:27)27.0
  Adventure Racing1 1:30:00 12.43(7:15) 20.0(4:30)27.0
  Trail Running2 1:06:47 9.94(6:43) 16.0(4:10)20.0
  Total48 56:35:08 271.18 436.42 10151103.9

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Thursday Jun 30, 2011 #

5 PM

Swim 1:00:00 [3] 2.0 km (30:00 / km)

Got there a bit late.
warmup, 50 kick, 200 pull, 200 swim, 6 x 50 hard on 1:30 (holding 45s), 200 kick, 200 pull, 200 swim, 2 x 50 hard, long cool down to make up for the lack of warmup

Wednesday Jun 29, 2011 #

7 PM

Trail Running (Royal Jo'burg) 34:00 [3] 8.0 km (4:15 / km)
shoes: Salomon Wings 2

A new venue - nice course!
Took a while for the HR to pick up, but got into a comfortable rhythm. Brian caught up at about 6km and we both caught Greg. Both pulled away on the 2km uphill to the end. So similar to Randpark - I might have been a bit closer to Greg and Brian. 5th overall. Smashed by Marco in 28 min. Good to have a real runner there.
Knee got a bit stiff over night. It needs to start getting better - maybe I should be nice to it.

Tuesday Jun 28, 2011 #

5 AM

Spinning (Sandton) 1:30:00 [3]
ahr:132 max:143

Tried to mix the intervals into the class. So warmup, usual Nuno 1st part. 5 x 3min low cadence intervals with 2min recovery. Then 3 x 4min low cadence with 1 min recovery. Then usual Nuno last bit.
The knee was feeling much better after the swim last night
7 PM

Run 53:00 [3] 9.6 km (5:31 / km)
ahr:142 max:161 shoes: Asics 1150

Eventually got going... swapped the Tuesday tempo effort for Wednesday's leg speed type run. So warmed up, 2 x 10 min of 30sec on, 30sec off. Cool down. The 2nd 10min was mostly downhill which wasn't great.
Headed out as far as Benmore Rd.

Monday Jun 27, 2011 #

7 AM

Pilates 1:00:00 [3]

I don't know if it's the Pilates or the lack of looong rides, but my back is feeling good
6 PM

Swim 1:00:00 [3] 2.2 km (27:16 / km)

Bit of an effort to get to the pool this evening. Morningside's power was out and the trip to Sandton took 40 min!
warmup, 200 kick, 8 x 100m with paddles on 1:55, 8 x 100m swim on 2:00. cooldown

Sunday Jun 26, 2011 #

8 AM

Adventure Racing 1:30:00 [3] 20.0 km (4:30 / km)
ahr:158 max:181

Kinetic Sprint race with Jane and Mac. Started with a short rogaine-ish run around Glenburn lodge. Everyone seemed to go for the island first and I was a bit slow in getting there, so there was plenty traffic. Improved after that and we finished just behind Red Ants. The bike was good and we kept catching up to Red Ants. They were riding a bit faster than us. After #15 we just had to head back to the lodge and I faffed a bit trying to figure out the entrance on the google photos. Brian got the gap and they held it. There was a run along the river and back along the hiking trails. Short paddle and obstacle course. Finished about 2 min back and 1st mixed. We did well!
Navigation went quite well. Could have been a bit sharper off the start.
Landed badly on the last obstacle and my knee made a nasty popping noise. It's giving ITB-like symptoms and it's quite stiff now...
10 AM

Cycling 45:00 [3]

Rode most of the cycle again afterwards.

Saturday Jun 25, 2011 #

7 AM

Cycling 2:38:00 [3] 78.0 km (29.6 kph)
ahr:138 max:165 shoes: Shimano SH-R047

Biggest Club 100 ride I've ever seen on the coldest day so far. Offer free breakfast and loads of people pitch up. Carol Austin's talk was quite interesting afterwards.
A/B group with half of them in MTN Qhubeka gear. I think Mr Brown was in there. Didn't recognise anyone else now that Darryl's off to Europe. Was pretty big at around 50 guys until some of the pro's bums got sore on a bumpy road and they stopped (ok 1 of them may have had a real excuse...) So about 20 of us left. Some of the others caught up again.
They do deserve credit - they hurt me climbing back up to Waterfall estate. I was spat out towards the end in some serious wind. I was expecting some much bigger egos too. They were all well behaved!
Getting good at surviving the cold!
4 PM

Swim 1:00:00 [3] 2.2 km (27:16 / km)

warmup, 100 kick, 3 x 600 paddles, no paddles, paddles.

Friday Jun 24, 2011 #

7 AM

Pilates 1:00:00 [3]

5 PM

Run hills 55:00 [3] 9.71 km (5:40 / km)
ahr:140 max:171 shoes: Asics 1150

10 hills, letting the HR get close to 170.

Thursday Jun 23, 2011 #

5 AM

Spinning (Morningside) 1:15:00 [3]
ahr:135 max:143

HR wasn't interested in getting up this morning. Effort level felt quite high but HR wasn't going anywhere. Didn't push it too much.
5 PM

Swim 1:00:00 [3] 2.0 km (30:00 / km)

warmup, 3 x IM on 2:30 (there's a lot less drowning happening on my part so I was holding 2:00), 150 kick, 5 x 100m flat out on 4:00 holding 1:30, 5 x 50m with paddles on 1:00, cooldown.
Now to do 400m at 1:30 per 100m...

Wednesday Jun 22, 2011 #

5 AM

Run 51:15 [3] 9.4 km (5:27 / km)
ahr:145 max:159 shoes: Asics 1150

The 'running group' turned out to be just Nicky and I. So had a long chat to Nicky... same route as last week. Slightly quicker.
5 PM

Swim 1:00:00 [3] 2.0 km (30:00 / km)

warmup, 4 x (100 kick, 2 x 100 paddles & pb, 100 drills as left, right, straight, c-up), cool down

Tuesday Jun 21, 2011 #

5 AM

Spinning (Sandton) 1:30:00 [3]
ahr:137 max:147

Moderate spin. Legs a bit tired
6 PM

Foot Rogaine 1:30:00 [3] 16.5 km (5:27 / km)
ahr:150 max:172 shoes: Asics 1150

Winter metrogaine with Tony. Had planned to do the hour with Magi, but Sarah wasn't keen on running hard with Tony so we switched. Out south-west around the zoo, westcliff for some big pointer. Skipped some 30's so we could get out north for the big pointers. In hindsight we shouldn't have skipped the 30's cos at the end we did a small loop to pick up some 20's.
Will be a good long run to do again. I think you can do them all in 21-22km.

Nice run with Tony! 950 points, about 100 behind Brian and Neal. They basically picked up a few more in the beginning heading out around the zoo and didn't skip the 30's in the middle that we did. Otherwise a similar route

Monday Jun 20, 2011 #

7 AM

Pilates 1:00:00 [3]

Sunday Jun 19, 2011 #


Got trashed in the fantasy O' world cup team selection :)
Only 3 out of 10 of my runners were actually there. Oops. Didn't have time to figure out who was actually running. Next time, consult Sarah. I chose Kyburz and then demoted him.
10 AM

Orienteering race 1:23:32 [5] 9.9 km (8:26 / km) +580m 6:32 / km
ahr:176 max:184 shoes: Salomon Wings 2

Another new map. Really good, if a little steep!
Started badly, running into the middle of the dam and having to back track around. I think I got the route to #1 right after that - we'll have to look at the splits. Stayed low to #2 on some nice game tracks. Nice game tracks to #4 and got sight of Mike (3min) and Eugene (6min) leaving #4. I was going pretty hard so I was happy to get in touch. Caught Eugene by 5 and Mike was no where to be seen. I assumed I'd been dropped on the road section... The route to #6 went well and I almost caught Colin (9min). I was starting to suffer though. I went through the valley to #7 and lost 20s doing so. Punched 8 before Colin. 9, 10, 11 were all fine. I had a Gu on the way to 12 and stopped concentrating so I was a bit slow and hesitant in. Got the better angle to 13 compared to Colin. On the road run to 14 he took the lead and we both missed 20sec from being too high. I took the right (direction, not necessarily correct!) route choice to 15 while Colin went left on the road. We got there at the same time but I had north side in my head for some reason, so Colin got a gap on me. It started to get a bit ragged from here. I caught a direction error into 16. 17 went well. I think I got the route to 18 wrong. And then to make it worse I started navigating towards 14 again. I caught it quickly, so with the route choice and error, maybe 1:00-1:30 gone.
In the end I was pretty happy to hold it together. Colin pulled out 2:00 from #16, mostly cos I was tired.
So in the end 2nd, 4 sec behind Ake. Flip...
It will be interesting to see the splits.

Saturday Jun 18, 2011 #

2 PM

Orienteering race (GOC middle - Phambili) 36:32 [5] 4.4 km (8:18 / km) +150m 7:06 / km
ahr:175 max:186 shoes: Salomon Wings 2

New Phambili map, 1:10'000. Mostly open grassland with some interesting valleys and scattered rock features. Very good visibility.
Started steadily. Got within 30s of Martin by #3. And caught him at #7. Interesting routes to #8. I followed the road and he went straight. He was slightly faster. Punched 8 just behind. Got to 9 first. I thought #13 was going to be difficult but it was a huge pit and it wasn't in the pit - hooray for SA planners not putting it in the pit. #14 was a bit short on contour detail. Missed 45-60 seconds on #16. It was another enourmous pit, but some extra rocks not on the map through me off. So I circled those rocks looking for a little pit. Fell hard on the way to #18 :(
In the end, Brad made us all look very average about 3 min ahead. My mistakes and hesitations were maybe 1:30, so he was running fast. I thought I was going quite well. Well done!
And Brian-I'm-not-an-orienteer-Gardener was 6 seconds ahead of me. Well done! Turning into my nemisis - trail run and now this! :-)
I think it was a consistent performance. Nothing spectacular. I need to run faster!

Friday Jun 17, 2011 #

7 AM

Pilates 1:00:00 [3]

Thursday Jun 16, 2011 #

Cycling 2:00:00 [3] 30.0 km (15.0 kph)
shoes: Olympic MTB shoes

Ride on the Spruit with Jane, Mac and Fred. A lot of mud and a very dirty bicycle. Loop of Emmies, through to Republic, loop of Delta, home.

Orienteering 40:00 [3] 7.0 km (5:43 / km)
ahr:146 max:170 shoes: Salomon Wings 2

First the WOC fundraiser at WEC and then the JWOC fundraiser at Wits main campus.
2km was more like 3.
And then did the night event without a light which made it a good map memory exercise.

Wednesday Jun 15, 2011 #

6 AM

Run 52:49 [3] 9.3 km (5:41 / km)
ahr:150 max:170 shoes: Asics 1150

From the gym with Mac, Doug and a small crowd. Was expecting a 8km jog, this was very hilly and hard work! Good run
5 PM

Swim 1:00:00 [3] 2.0 km (30:00 / km)

warmup, 2 x (100 kick, 200 pull, 2 x 100 IM), 8 x 50 drills, cooldown

Tuesday Jun 14, 2011 #

5 AM

Spinning (Sandton) 1:30:00 [3]
ahr:139 max:153

5 PM

Run 40:00 [3] 7.0 km (5:43 / km)
ahr:133 max:150 shoes: Asics 1150

With Magi from the office

Monday Jun 13, 2011 #


Easy week!
5 PM

Run warm up/down 15:00 [3] 2.5 km (6:00 / km)
shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Run (3000m TT #3) 11:13 [5] 3.0 km (3:44 / km)
ahr:179 max:186 shoes: Asics 1150

The third of the 3000m TT's. And I slowed by 6 seconds from the second one and a couple of seconds quicker than the first.
Same excuses as last time :) I was probably better rested for the 2nd one.
Still can't believe I can't run at 3:40 for 3 km!!
I'm reasonably happy to be going at the same speed as before. I'll only get faster with some specific training...

Sunday Jun 12, 2011 #

Orienteering 1:50:00 [3] 10.0 km (11:00 / km)
ahr:127 max:168 shoes: Salomon Wings 2

Some ROC training organised by Ian at Klipriviersburg. I ran around with Craig and Sarah, usually running 2 or 3 controls and then doubling back. Good time on a map and good time on the feet.

Saturday Jun 11, 2011 #

6 AM

Cycling 3:26:00 [3] 83.0 km (24.2 kph)
ahr:129 max:160 shoes: Shimano SH-R047

Morningside to Woodmead, then Club100 B group, muffin, and home again.
As usual they murder the hills and cruise the rest. Nice ride.
Cling wrapped my toes :) Need to get some toe caps

Friday Jun 10, 2011 #

7 AM

Pilates 1:00:00 [3]

5 PM

Run hills 50:00 [3] 9.09 km (5:30 / km)
ahr:139 max:169 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

8 x hills keeping HR under 165. 5 of us tonight.

Thursday Jun 9, 2011 #


For interest and record's sake - Lantus dose is at 23 with a fairly large training load. Interesting that with a similar load last year October it was 17/18. Pancreas took a knock over December...
5 AM

Spinning (Morningside) 1:15:00 [3]
ahr:142 max:159

5 PM

Swim 1:00:00 [3] 2.25 km (26:40 / km)

warmup, 600m as (4 x 50 back, 50 breast, 50 crawl), 400m TT as hard as possible - 6.30.
6 x 100m with paddles on 1:50
Pizza at lunch and not enough insulin put the blood sugar way up - 20. So insulin at 16h00 meant I still had some in my system for the swim. Banana before and ended quite low.

Wednesday Jun 8, 2011 #

5 PM

Swim 1:00:00 [3] 2.3 km (26:05 / km)

Wednesdays are traumatic in the swimming pool...
warmup, 3 x (200m kick left right back front, 200m paddles pb, 200m drills, 100m easy), cool down.
6 PM

Run 20:00 [3] 3.8 km (5:16 / km)
ahr:137 max:171 shoes: Asics 1140

'Recovery run' - jog on the treadmill.

Tuesday Jun 7, 2011 #

Run 50:00 [3] 9.09 km (5:30 / km)
ahr:131 max:171 shoes: Asics 1140

Easy with Magi on the north loop across the highway. Then a couple of higher speed efforts on my own.
5 AM

Spinning (Sandton) 1:30:00 [3]
ahr:140 max:161

Monday Jun 6, 2011 #

7 AM

Pilates 1:00:00 [3]

5 PM

Swim 1:00:00 [3] 2.1 km (28:34 / km)

warmup, 6 x 300m alternating paddles and free. cool down.
Felt quite strong for a change

Sunday Jun 5, 2011 #

9 AM

Orienteering race (Voortrekker Monument) 1:11:00 [3] 7.2 km (9:52 / km) +285m 8:14 / km

1:10'000 map.
Not a spectacular run, but fairly consistent until the last 3.
Tim was making me look bad up to #6. He was on blue
Went left to #1 for some reason. Would have been ok if I hadn't climbed the bank and then had to drop down again.
I think the left track to #7 was the way to go. Got up high and tried to cut in, but got very stuck in the thorns. It turned out the path went close to it and it was easily accessible - but you couldn't tell that from the map!
Didn't spot the road on the map on the big climb, so tiger-lined it. I felt quite lucky to find the crag.
The contour was useless at #16 - wasted about 2 min there, and still got the fastest split. Thought it was a bit bingo in the grass, and that contour just threw me off.
I was so excited to find #16 I fell over a branch and then wobbled to #17. A mistake according to AP - must have just been slow.
Went for the tiger line to #18 - bad move. Had to relocate off the road.
Consistent until the last few - almost binned it with Paul 2 min behind.

I enjoyed it - cool weather helped. The thorns didn't

Cycling 1:00:00 [3] 18.0 km (18.0 kph)

Comparative test: Giant Anthem X29 vs Specialized Epic 2005

Caroline and Wigs just got new X29'ers and Caroline let me take her medium for a spin around the tracks at Voortrekker. Then I did another loop on my old specialized.

Its difficult to separate the new-bike qualites vs the 29er qualities. So it might have just been better because of the new brakes, shocks, groupset etc. But it did roll very nicely over rocks. Had to plan a ahead a bit more in sharp turns. And it seemed to hold momentum a bit better - not good if you need to slow down to get around a corner. But it felt fast, and that was about as technical as I would ever ride. I liked it. Its a bit flashy though...

Saturday Jun 4, 2011 #

8 AM

Cycling 2:00:00 [3] 32.0 km (16.0 kph)

Northern Farm with Jane, Nathan, Wiehan and Lizelle. Nice ride. Cold, but not too bad
4 PM

Swim 1:00:00 [3] 2.2 km (27:16 / km)

warmup, 10 x 200m on 4:00 with 5th and 10th hard + paddles.
Had to stop and get the blood sugar back up after the 5th. And then the times fell off 4:00...
Blood sugar was wonky due to a late and big lunch.

Friday Jun 3, 2011 #

5 AM

Spinning 1:05:00 [3]
ahr:144 max:157

7 AM

Pilates 1:00:00 [3]

5 PM

Run hills 45:00 [3] 8.18 km (5:30 / km)
ahr:147 max:168 shoes: Asics 1140

8 hills keeping the HR under 165

Thursday Jun 2, 2011 #

5 PM

Swim 1:00:00 [3] 2.5 km (24:00 / km)

Mean one!
warmup, 400m in 7:22, 6 x 50m paddles hard on 1:00, 2 x 200m on 4:00, 6 x 50m paddles hard on 1:00, 4 x 100m on 2:00, 6 x 50m hard on 1:00, cooldown

Wednesday Jun 1, 2011 #

7 PM

Trail Running race (Randpark Kinetic Night Ru) 32:47 [3] 8.0 km (4:06 / km)
ahr:179 max:186 shoes: Salomon Wings 2

Felt great for the 1st half and then started to suffer a lot! Through halfway in just under 16 min.
Faster than last time surprisingly. But about 45 sec off my quickest here. I'm pretty happy with that...
So 4th overall, but beaten by a vet and a junior, so I got a towel for my efforts. Brian didn't get shoes for winning (sort of - actually 3rd behind the junior and vet) - unlucky...
Brian's now beating 2-1 on this course. Time to get serious!

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