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Training Log Archive: apope

In the 30 days ending Apr 30, 2008:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Run15 11:37:06 80.94 130.26291.4
  Cycling5 3:58:48 30.49 49.0763.1
  Stationary Bike2 1:35:0018.5
  Orienteering1 1:18:44 6.16(12:47) 9.91(7:57)47.2
  Swim2 53:45 1.37(39:19) 2.2(24:26)16.1
  Total22 19:23:23 118.96 191.44436.4
averages - sleep:7.5 rhr:39

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Wednesday Apr 30, 2008 #

Run (Park - Rhett) 23:04 [1] 3.6 km (6:24 / km)
ahr:130 rhr:37 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Easy run with Sarah.
Off to Swaziland tomorrow. Hopefully I can sneak in a couple of scenic runs.

Monday Apr 28, 2008 #

Run 50:27 [3] 8.9 km (5:40 / km)
ahr:144 max:170 rhr:42 slept:8.5 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Ran to Rhodes Park, with the intention of doing some 800's. Ran most of the way there with Sarah, who peeled off after about 15 min. Got to Rhodes Park and realised my heels were still too sore to do any fast running. So ran through the park, up Roberts Ave, to Jeppe and home along Highland Road. Some big hills that way.

Sunday Apr 27, 2008 #

Cycling 1:10:00 [3] 18.0 km (15.4 kph)
rhr:38 shoes: Olympic MTB shoes

Drove to Mugg & Bean in Parkhurst, on 4th Ave. There are two 4th Avenues within a few kilometers of each other, which made it a bit hard to find. Rode to Alberts Farm and Emmerentia with Lewton and Dylan. Saw Tim. Had a blue berry muffin afterwards

Saturday Apr 26, 2008 #

Run 55:13 [3] 10.39 km (5:19 / km)
ahr:152 slept:5.5 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Ran home from Granmother's house in Edenvale. I had a bad case of low blood sugar at about 5km. Combination of not eating soon enough after yesterday's run, a late night and a whole 2 beers (liver doesn't make glycogen or something).
Anyway, chomped 10 super C's and was feeling pretty strong towards the end again.

Friday Apr 25, 2008 #

Run (Caltex route) 30:24 [3] 6.0 km (5:04 / km)
ahr:147 max:165 slept:8.0 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Saw a hub cap pop off on van Burren Road and ran next to it for 50m. Eventually it stopped in the middle of the road. I did my good deed for the month and put it on the pavement.
Easy run.

Thursday Apr 24, 2008 #

Run intervals 20:00 [5] 3.6 km (5:33 / km)
shoes: Jalas Champion

3 x ~820m intervals around Giloolies Dam. Started at the river flowing in on the SW side and ended at the river flowing out at the W side
2:48, 2:51, 2:52 with about 4 min easy jog between intervals, past the restaurant to the start.
O-shoes gave me a blister on each heal.Bit of a disaster - they fit fine when standing, but a hard piece is destroying my heal when I run.

Run 15:00 [2] **
rhr:37 slept:8.5 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Easy warm up and down with Sarah

Tuesday Apr 22, 2008 #

Run 31:44 [3] 5.8 km (5:28 / km)
shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Run to the park and then home

Run hills 15:00 [5] 2.75 km (5:27 / km)
shoes: Asics Gel 1120

5 of the usual Possult Park hill intervals. Bit of mud about half way up - the detour added a few seconds. Interval is about 275m
1:02 for all except 1:03 for the last. Jogging to the start took between 1:50 and 2:00.

Monday Apr 21, 2008 #

Stationary Bike 50:00 [2]
ahr:135 max:148 rhr:37

We got a TV, so I caught up on an episode of prison break. Standing during the ads (long time!) and seated during the program.

Sunday Apr 20, 2008 #

Run race (Callies Comrades Legends) 1:04:17 [5] 15.0 km (4:17 / km)
ahr:171 max:189 slept:6.5 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Starting at the Germiston stadium and taking a tour of the Wadeville and Germiston suburbs. Not much to report scenery wise. Ran on some of the Victoria lake triathlon roads.
It was pretty flat, with 2 hill towards the end. I thought at 5km that I'd never run negative splits, but I hammered the last 2 km. Legs are suprising me in these races - I'm always convinced that they'll fall off after about 10km.
5km: 21:31
10km: 43:14 (21:43)
15km: 64:17 (21:03)

Saturday Apr 19, 2008 #

Cycling 49:43 [3] 19.63 km (23.7 kph)
ahr:129 max:161 rhr:36 slept:7.5 shoes: Shimano SH-R047

Max 48.1 Ave 23.7
Over Sylvias, past Saheti, Quandom, van Burren, home

Friday Apr 18, 2008 #

Run (Caltex route) 31:18 [3] 6.0 km (5:13 / km)
ahr:148 max:165 rhr:38 slept:7.5 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Sick people everywhere! I'm still not 100% so keeping the training efforts easy.

Wednesday Apr 16, 2008 #

Swim 24:15 [3] 1.0 km (24:15 / km)

Steady swim. The water is still a pleasant 24 degrees

Run (Park - Rhett) 19:26 [3] 3.6 km (5:24 / km)
ahr:138 max:161 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Sprightly run to check the legs still work. Stopped and had a short chat with my homeys Jose and Joshua, who have gone all gangsta.

Tuesday Apr 15, 2008 #

Cycling 46:15 [3]
ahr:132 max:160 rhr:40 shoes: Olympic MTB shoes

Rode to the bike shops: Tony Impey's for some good advice and then Cajee's for some friendly service. Then rode to Lewton's house. Funny business with the dérailleur and bottom bracket.
Just got that sticky phlegm left from my cold

Sunday Apr 13, 2008 #

Orienteering race (CC 1: Moreleta Kloof) 1:18:44 [4] **** 9.91 km (7:57 / km)
ahr:170 rhr:39 slept:7.0 shoes: Saloman XA Pro 3D

The 1st color coded event of the season. Middle distance at Moreleta. My Dad was planning, and I went out first. Got to #7 and the number was wrong. Spent a while making sure of it, and then waited for Tania and Nico to get there to confirm. Ran back to the start and figured out the problem, then ran back to the control to let people know. I managed to see everyone already out and those starting were told - so the course wasn't a disaster.
I wasn't too concerned, being sick. I wasn't running at full speed anyway. I waited for about an hour near the control, then headed off to finish the course. Had a good look at the course while I was sitting, watching people on the other side of the valley. I was about 1:30 down on Nic when I stopped. Ran the rest reasonably easy and finished it in about 58:00. I enjoyed it a lot. I battled to find some of them from my attackpoints.


Nose at its worst. RHR is low, so i think the exercise is ok. It would be nice to get better now!


For the splits: I have a 1h14 split for #8. I took a guess at about 3 min. Split 7 was also affected - spent quite a while running around looking for the right number. And Winsplits seems to have lost our splits for #11, so that is a 10-12 time. If I find my printout, I'll change that.
GPS track

Saturday Apr 12, 2008 #

Run race (Uge Trail Run) 17:22 [4] 3.8 km (4:34 / km)
ahr:171 max:189 rhr:38 slept:6.0 (sick) shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D Green

The first of two introductory trail runs. The route was around Alberts Farm. It was interesting and reasonably technicial. Decided to do the 4km instead of the 8km with the lingering cold. RHR is low, so not too worried about exercise. Nose is now running. : (
About 4th in the 4km without too much ass-busting. Started slow, ran pretty hard in the middle and stayed with the leading ladies (who were doing 8km!) for the rest. Definitely worth doing...

Cycling 30:00 [3]
shoes: Olympic MTB shoes

Sarah and I took our bikes - because obviously I wanted to take mine for a spin on some of the interesting paths. I can vouch for the full-suspension thing. It felt like I could ride up anything. And down anything. Wheels stay planted and in control. Awesome.
A few things to sort out: shock pressures too high, rear has an irratating squeek, a bit of gear adjustment. Had quite a bit of ghost shifting at one stage.
And I met Sam, who I brought the bike from, on his new Epic.

Thursday Apr 10, 2008 #

rhr:40 slept:8.5

RHR down. Throat was worse this morning, but better now. If I feel like this (hopefully better) by the weekend, the trail run and CC should be fine. Might even be able to go for a ride at Alberts Farm.

Wednesday Apr 9, 2008 #


RHR up and sore throat. Not going to log it as sick yet... come on immune system!
Fetched my bike. Only rode it around the garden because I wanted to take it easy today. It has to live in my bedroom for now, because there's no space with rest of the bikes. I asked Sam to make sure the shocks were inflated properly. They're inflated for him ~85kg, so probably a bit hard for me. Seemed to use about half the travel messing about in the garden

Tuesday Apr 8, 2008 #

Run 45:33 [2] 7.76 km (5:52 / km)
ahr:144 max:181 rhr:37 slept:8.5 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Easy run before the AR Club meeting. Then a cracking talk by Alex Harris about his unsupported walk to the South Pole. Dabs had no power but there was a generator courtesy of Ian and a projector. Very cool pictures.

Monday Apr 7, 2008 #


Went to look at a 2nd hand Specialized Epic today. Its a 2005 S-Works Ali frame, XT rapid rise groupset, sid team fork, fox brain R at the back, juicy 5 brakes. For R8500
If it goes as planned, tomorrow night I'll have it! Its strange, because the Epic has alway been the end game of mountain bikes for me. It might need a new rear derallieur in the near future, but the frame is in good condition. Plenty to learn with shock settings - I have to buy a shock pump!

Stationary Bike 25:00 [1]

Steady cycling to warm up and down. Reading...

Stationary Bike 20:00 [3]
ahr:144 max:153

1 min standing, 1 min seated. Legs are a bit tired from yesterday, but seem to be handling the increased distance well. Lots of stretching helps

Sunday Apr 6, 2008 #

Run race (Slow Mag Half Marathon) 1:33:42 [4] 21.1 km (4:26 / km)
ahr:164 slept:6.5 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

The route boasted about 5 lakes and Benoni's scenic areas! It was actually a nice route and running past the lakes meant it was flat. There weren't that many people, so my usual start slow because of the crowd didn't happen. I was off at a quick pace after about 200m. I was worried about my legs over the second half, because I went through 10km at 43:28. It dropped off but maintained a decent speed with the next 10km taking 45:13.
I ran strongly the whole way. I saw Jeremy carrying on for a second lap looking very comfortable.
Interesting that the Garmin was spot on with the km markers most of the way. Probably due to the even speed

Friday Apr 4, 2008 #

Cycling 42:50 [1] 11.44 km (16.0 kph)
ahr:89 max:142 rhr:38 slept:8.0 shoes: Shimano SH-R047

Max 46 Ave 16.3
Just cruised around Primrose with Sarah. My legs were a bit stiff yesterday, but they're fine now

Thursday Apr 3, 2008 #

Run (Wits, Home) 1:08:11 [3] 12.16 km (5:36 / km)
ahr:153 max:183 rhr:38 slept:8.0 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Ran home from Wits. Only had two early lectures and my lift wanted to stay to study. Ran past JCE, The Wids, KES, Sacred Heart, Down Silvia, up Queen Street, Home. Was suprised it was only 12km.
Ran with my Salomon 15L bag

Wednesday Apr 2, 2008 #

Swim 29:30 [3] 1.2 km (24:35 / km)
rhr:37 slept:8.0

Run (Park - Rhett) 24:27 [1] 3.6 km (6:48 / km)
ahr:129 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Easy run with Sarah. Legs are a bit creaky

Tuesday Apr 1, 2008 #

Run (Bill Stewart - Matt) 1:31:58 [3] 16.2 km (5:41 / km)
ahr:152 max:174 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

I got caught in the hail storm of the year just as I was passing Matt's house. I stood under a few tree's for cover, but generally running was better than getting cold. I deviated a bit from the normal route to avoid the mud and came home past the gym. Distance is prob about the same.
I started getting some sore tendons towards the end with the cold. It became very un-fun.

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