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Training Log Archive: apope

In the 30 days ending Jun 30, 2007:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Orienteering4 5:51:08 21.71 34.94 88041 /54c75%213.0
  Run8 5:22:38 36.25(8:54) 58.34(5:32) 860113.4
  Cycling6 3:19:20 26.14 42.0743.7
  Track2 2:00:00 2.49 4.054.0
  Stationary Bike2 1:30:0024.0
  Total20 18:03:06 86.59 139.35 174041 /54c75%448.0
  [1-5]19 17:38:06
averages - sleep:8

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Saturday Jun 30, 2007 #

Run (Caltex route) 31:02 [3] 5.98 km (5:11 / km) +122m 4:43 / km
ahr:165 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Ran this route at the beginning of May in ~28:30 @ 151 AHR. Thats a big difference.
I felt uncomfortable. Hopefully it'll pick up again

Thursday Jun 28, 2007 #

Run (sasol wychwood) 21:23 [2] 3.39 km (6:18 / km) +40m 5:57 / km
ahr:128 max:178 slept:7.5 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Run with Sarah. A few accelerations and strides

Run (Royal Oak Street) 8:50 [3] 1.85 km (4:46 / km) +55m 4:09 / km
ahr:176 max:193 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Run down Royal Oak Street from my house and back to the top. Its about 925m long, 55m climb. Ran up hard.

Wednesday Jun 27, 2007 #

Stationary Bike 30:00 [2]
ahr:112 max:142

A little cold out.
We had snow last night! Woopee.

Tuesday Jun 26, 2007 #

Run 1:19:36 [3] 13.0 km (6:07 / km) +233m 5:37 / km
ahr:147 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Easy run with Ian and Lisa. Cold air arrived just as we finished.
I was going to cut it short, but my knee was fine so I carried on.

Sunday Jun 24, 2007 #

Orienteering race (Gerotek) 1:15:42 [5] *** 10.09 km (7:30 / km) +180m 6:53 / km
ahr:178 max:198 spiked:18/24c slept:7.5 shoes: Saloman XA Pro 3D #2

Gauteng Long Championships - M20.
Felt like an off day. Kept making pretty costly mistakes.
My knee was a bit sore in the beginning. I thought I was in trouble running down a ridiculously steep concrete track at about half way. It actually improved enough to allow me to run the last part hard. Pity about the navigation.
gps track It shows a really poor bearing/direction towards #3. It doesn't show mistake on #4. It shows the loop back I had to do on #10. Buggered around at #11. And really stuffed up #17.
So finished about 6 min behind Dylan.

Friday Jun 22, 2007 #

Run 17:19 [2] 2.89 km (6:00 / km)
ahr:136 max:161 slept:8.0 (sick) shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Jog with Sarah for most of the way and a few blocks faster on my own. My knee was ok. I warmed it up well and it behaved.
I still have a runny nose but not feeling too sick.
No Gauteng Champs Middle tomorrow because I'm going to a friends wedding. I'll save my ITB for the long

Thursday Jun 21, 2007 #


Now I seem to have a cold - standing in a cold factory I suspect. Mild runny nose at the moment

Wednesday Jun 20, 2007 #

Cycling (Road) 40:00 [3] 14.0 km (21.0 kph)
shoes: Shimano SH-R047

Ave 18.7kph, Max 41
A good ride around Primrose. Went up a few hills. Legs were a bit tired from yesterday

Tuesday Jun 19, 2007 #

Cycling 48:00 [3] 12.7 km (15.9 kph)
shoes: Shimano SH-R047

Rode my running route to school - 8km and very hilly. Then rode next to Sarah as she ran. She did some hills in the park and I pottered up and down the road. Then a very steep climb up Oxford road home.
Knee feels ok. Haven't tried running on it for a while

Monday Jun 18, 2007 #

Cycling 25:00 [2]
shoes: Shimano SH-R047

Cycle with Sarah.
I'm preserving the knee for the weekend. I'm worried about it.

Sunday Jun 17, 2007 #

Cycling (Road) 25:00 [2]
shoes: Shimano SH-R047

Ride with Dad around the neighborhood. Up Royal Oak Street at the end.

Saturday Jun 16, 2007 #

Run 8:11 [3] 1.67 km (4:54 / km)
ahr:157 max:170 (injured) shoes: Saloman XA Pro 3D

Lap of Gilloolies Farm Dam. Knee started to hurt a bit so I called it off and went back to the car.
Seems to still be there. Its only been a week since it was really bad

Orienteering (Compass) 27:23 [2] *** 2.21 km (12:23 / km)
ahr:116 max:164 shoes: Saloman XA Pro 3D

Went to Gilloolies Farm to run around a bit on the map. Sarah wanted to do some compass stuff. We went through taking a rough bearing, which she apparently doesn't really do. I ran around with a thumb compass instead of the usual baseplate

Thursday Jun 14, 2007 #

Cycling (Primrose) 36:20 [2] 11.68 km (19.3 kph)
shoes: Shimano SH-R047

Another enjoyable ride. Went up a few hills this time. Really enjoying the road bike.
Brakes aren't very powerful at the moments, especially with the wonky front wheel. And a bit too much toe-in on the cleats - which is not good for ITB pain I hear.


Physio visit:
Reported that I had no pain and minimal stiffness. She gave my right leg a proper working over. Good progress I think

Tuesday Jun 12, 2007 #

Cycling (Road) 25:00 [0] 3.69 km (8.9 kph)
shoes: Shimano SH-R047

Rolled around next to Sarah as she ran. Flattest route possible from our house.
Was very aware of the knee and there was no pain. Max of 20kph, ave. 8.9kph - so really gentle.
Nice to ride the road bike. Still getting used to the position. The wheels are straighter, but still not 100%


Did about 40 min of stretching through out the day. A few body weight exercises too

Monday Jun 11, 2007 #


Physio showed my right leg was a bit weaker than my left. Said it probably was ITB from increased distance over past few weeks. She then got stuck in to loosen it up. I've got some exercises to do.
And I have to rest. Seeing her again on Thursday

Sunday Jun 10, 2007 #

Orienteering race (Platberg) 2:03:57 [3] 10.89 km (11:23 / km) +300m 10:00 / km
ahr:134 max:180 (injured) shoes: Saloman XA Pro 3D

As I'd screwed up yesterday, no chasing start. Map was from 1997 with only a few updates, so a bit of imagination was required in places.
I started with a sore knee but I had no idea it was going to get worse.
Started hard and stuffed up #2 properly. Should have done better after I found the graves, but still buggered around. Then I screwed up #3. My bearing was off and I spent about 10min on a parallel set of features. And being unsure of the map didn't help. I jogged walked through to #9 and then came back with a very sore knee. Climbing through the wattle to get to the finish was very unpleasant.
So a crap weekend - no points and a pretty serious injury.


Theres plenty of advice out there. Many people have had ITB problems.
Stretched a lot at home, iced it a lot and put voltaren on it.
Its not sore to walk around now. Physio tomorrow.

Saturday Jun 9, 2007 #

Orienteering race (Mt Everest) 1:34:06 [5] *** 11.75 km (8:01 / km) +400m 6:51 / km
ahr:174 max:190 spiked:23/30c shoes: Saloman XA Pro 3D #2

One of the best races I've had - except for the fact that I skipped #10. Otherwise it was really good, in challenging terrain. I was fast and very strong.
I''d like to write one of those leg by leg analysis, but I'm not sure how to enter splits in a non-competitive way. ??
#10 was over a fold in my map and when I think back, I didn't even notice it when planning early in the course. I got to #9 with Tim and was pushing hard and thought he was sticking to the road to #11 when he was actually fetching #10.
On about #26 I noticed my knee was sore.
I got the fastest time, 2min ahead of Nicholas. I don't think #10 would have added 2 min. Oh well...

Orienteering (Control Collecting) 30:00 [3]
(injured) shoes: Saloman XA Pro 3D #2

Now my knee was hurting more. I thought it was ok, as it's felt like this before. Probably shouldn't have collected controls.
Turns out the ITB was about to become a problem
Noticed I was walking on the outside of my right foot, which appartently is a sympton of ITB injuries

Thursday Jun 7, 2007 #

Run (Engen - Bishop Baven) 15:33 [3] 3.28 km (4:44 / km) +50m 4:24 / km
ahr:160 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

On my own, after leaving Sarah at home

Run (Park - Rhett's house) 24:17 [3] 3.68 km (6:36 / km) +82m 5:56 / km
ahr:134 max:156 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

With Sarah

Wednesday Jun 6, 2007 #

Stationary Bike 1:00:00 [3]
ahr:136 max:153 shoes: Asics Gel Orient

Raining this morning. So I had a solid hours cycle in front of Supercycling. Higher intensity than last time

Track (Swettieshoogto) 1:00:00 [3]
shoes: Asics Gel 1120

This hill is incredible. Its 400m at a stiff gradient with a grass track at the top. The original plan was 200m of hill, onto the track and a fast 400m. I can't think of anything harder.
Ended up being:
Warm up
5 * ~115m : 16.73, 16.3, 15.6, 15.9, 16.6
3 * 300m uphill: 1:08.8, 1:06.7, 1:05.76
I know some rowing coaches who would go weak at the knees if they saw that hill.

Tuesday Jun 5, 2007 #


No AR club night ride unfortunately. Was really looking forward to it, but I got home too late after my Maths exam. Hopefully there'll be a decent turnout and it'll become a regular thing.

3 hours maths can take it out of you.

Monday Jun 4, 2007 #

Track (600's) 1:00:00 [4] 4.0 km (15:00 / km)
ahr:155 slept:9.5 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Warm up
5 * 600m, 2 min recovery
1:59.7, 2:05.36, 2:05.21, 2:06.62, 2:02.85
Warm down

Sunday Jun 3, 2007 #

Run race (RAC 10km) 42:47 [5] 10.0 km (4:17 / km)
ahr:176 max:193 slept:8.0 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Started near the back of the 3000 runners, which was stupid because it took a while to weave through them - 1st split was 4:45. Course was hillier than I expected. Ran strongly the whole way.
4:45, 4:13, 3:49, 4:17, 4:12, 4:16, 4:21, 4:21, 4:03, 4:10

Saturday Jun 2, 2007 #

Run (AR Club run) 1:13:40 [2] 12.6 km (5:51 / km) +278m 5:16 / km
ahr:148 max:181 slept:7.5 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Gentle run with the AR club from Tims house. The weather man Simon was there - he could have ordered some better weather. Nice breakfast afterwards

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