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Training Log Archive: apope

In the 29 days ending Feb 29, 2008:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Run10 6:01:44 38.51 61.98 174127.5
  Swim5 2:19:16 3.36(41:30) 5.4(25:47)39.6
  Orienteering2 2:01:53 11.38(10:42) 18.32(6:39) 52089.6
  Cycling2 1:25:35 20.36(14.3/h) 32.76(23.0/h)22.8
  Stationary Bike1 1:00:0036.0
  Track1 40:0012.0
  Total19 13:28:28 73.61 118.46 694327.5
averages - sleep:8.1 rhr:42

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Thursday Feb 28, 2008 #

Run (Park - Rhett) 16:08 [3] 3.6 km (4:29 / km)
ahr:155 max:180 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Fastish run through the park past Rhett's. HR didn't pick up much

Wednesday Feb 27, 2008 #

Swim 30:00 [3] 1.0 km (30:00 / km)

Had a steady swim to warm up and then did 5 100m 'hard' pieces. It was an effort to sustain the pace towards the end. Best time was 2:01 and worst 2:11. Probably pretty slow in the swimming world.

Run 29:57 [3] 5.0 km (5:59 / km)
ahr:132 max:167 rhr:41 slept:8.0 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Ran the top Sasol route with Sarah and then made it about 30min on my own.

Tuesday Feb 26, 2008 #

Track 40:00 [3]
shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Before the sports council meeting.
Warmup and strides. Will be a while til I get last years feeling back.
Did 4 laps of striding the straights and jogging the bends. The jogging became very slow.
Did a 200m run to see what the time was like and to give something to compare to later: 31.5 sec
Warm down

Monday Feb 25, 2008 #

Swim 28:57 [3] 1.2 km (24:07 / km)

Not a very comfortable swim today. Blood sugar a little low and exertions of yesterday to blame probably.

Had another trial appointment today. No trial injection, but rather a glucagon test. Felt a bit whoopsee after that and my RHR was 46. Could be due to the glucagon. BP was 119 over something

Sunday Feb 24, 2008 #

Orienteering race (SC2: The Wilds) 24:11 [5] **** 2.27 km (10:39 / km) +160m 7:53 / km
ahr:179 max:190 shoes: Saloman SpeedCross

I really like this area. Its a pity I made such a stuff up at the beginning. You really have to be switched on. Big challenge.
I went up the hill in the wrong direction to #2. Caused me to misjudge where I was on the path and then I stopped thinking about crossing a 2nd path. Matched up a spur, path junction and boulder nicely, but no control. A orange flower masquerading as a tag also tricked me. Recovered once I made sense of the paths. Had that horrible wrecked race feeling already.
#3 didn't go well either. Crag on a rocky hillside. Eventually I moved far enough along to the west to get it.
After that I went ok. Mistake on #12 with the paths again. Idiot.
A few hesitations here and there. Dylan had a good route to the last control that I didn't spot: path above the control.
I hope it makes it on to next years calendar

Orienteering race (Scout Score O) 1:14:47 [4] *** 12.25 km (6:06 / km) +265m 5:31 / km
ahr:172 shoes: Saloman SpeedCross

After the Wilds, we went to the BP day score event at lower emmerentia. The map extended to Albert's Farm. I went fairly well and thought I had a brilliant route lined up, until I encountered a Palisade fence. Apparently you could get through it, I just didn't spot the missing railing. There were lots of paths ending at the fence, but no gap on the map. GPS says I ran about 800m extra - dumb. That stuffed things up and I had to hit some really horrible grass on the way back. Kind of last heart after that.

Saturday Feb 23, 2008 #

Cycling 56:57 [3] 22.4 km (23.6 kph)
rhr:43 slept:8.0 shoes: Shimano SH-R047

Max 66.9 Ave 23.6
Rode to my Gran's house. Had a biscuit and a chat and rode home.

Friday Feb 22, 2008 #

Swim 29:09 [3] 1.2 km (24:17 / km)

Thursday Feb 21, 2008 #

Run (Wichwood) 23:15 [1] 3.2 km (7:16 / km)
ahr:121 rhr:41 slept:8.5 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Run with Sarah. Nice warm up

Run (Park - Rhett) 19:20 [3] 3.6 km (5:22 / km)
ahr:160 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Run to the park and home past Rhett's house.

Run intervals 5:00 [5]

Same intervals as 2 weeks ago. From the bottom of the path to the fence. I was accosted by a dog on the 1st and 5th ones and aborted the 4th. Gave up and ran home. A bit of a half arsed effort.
Times were
1:01 (2:29)
58.7 (2:09)
59.3 (2:02)
31.9 (2:00)
rest's a bit erratic because I was munching super C's coz I thought I was going low. Was fine @ 7.3 afterwards

Run 10:00 [3]
shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Running to the start of the hill and shouting at the dog to leave me alone

Wednesday Feb 20, 2008 #

rhr:51 slept:8.0 (rest day)

RHR way up. Felt a bit off in the morning but improved through the day. Decided not to join Sarah for hill runs in the park. Not taking chances with so much orienteering in the next few weeks.

Tuesday Feb 19, 2008 #

Run 50:19 [3] 8.81 km (5:43 / km)
ahr:153 slept:8.0 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

AR Club run. I need to make a better effort to stretch. Calves and achilles getting a bit tight

Monday Feb 18, 2008 #

Swim 29:10 [3] 1.2 km (24:18 / km)

Swim at Wits. Still coughing a bit

Sunday Feb 17, 2008 #

Orienteering race (Brescia House) 22:55 [5] **** 3.8 km (6:02 / km) +95m 5:22 / km
ahr:185 max:195 rhr:40 slept:8.0 shoes: Saloman SpeedCross

Second Short Course event. New 1:4000 map with an intricate school part, open park area and a big hill in between.
I strained my quads a bit on Friday night because of a poor warmup. Felt that today. Lungs didn't bother me. I lost 20s up the hill to Jeremy though, and he doesn't do hills!
Technically I was sharp. A few small hesitations due to well hidden controls. One 20 sec fence problem, but other wise it went smoothly. It was very tricky and I enjoyed it a lot.
Finished about 35 sec ahead of Jeremy. Eugene is getting fit in 3rd. Ian in 5th!

Friday Feb 15, 2008 #

Run (Valentines 10km) 46:27 [5] 10.0 km (4:39 / km)
ahr:177 max:194 slept:8.0 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

My lungs did pretty well, but I coughed quite a bit. I was pretty happy considering the past week.
I started with Lewt, Dan and Sarah. We put our bags in the car and came back to find ourselves at the very back of the queue. I spent most of the race getting through the crowds.
Fun race. Lewt, Dan and Sarah had good debut 10km races. Also the most AR Club runners I've ever seen!

Thursday Feb 14, 2008 #

Run (Wichwood) 24:02 [1] 3.6 km (6:41 / km)
ahr:120 max:147 slept:8.5 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Another easy run with Sarah. I had a long day with a very frustrating electronics lab. Sigh...

Wednesday Feb 13, 2008 #

Swim 22:00 [2] 0.8 km (27:30 / km)

Easy swim. Had a bit of trouble breathing with some phlegm in my throat.
I tried the Wits pool, and it is really nice. Its a bit on view, but you don't really notice...

Run (Wichwood) 25:00 [1] 3.01 km (8:18 / km)
ahr:121 max:150 shoes: Asics Gel Orient

Slooow run with Sarah. We're both recovering from the throat cough thing and hoping to do the 10km on Friday.

Monday Feb 11, 2008 #

rhr:38 slept:9.0 (sick)

I had a sore throat on Sat and a slight cough developed yesterday. I don't feel too bad, but I'm not happy about the timing. I feel that whenever I don't have a specific training goal in sight or I'm taking it easy for a few weeks, I get sick.

Had another diabetes trail appointment. RHR 38, BP 138/90 (not 100% sure, can't quite remember) and weight 68.7 with clothes on.
HbA1c is 6.8% which indicates average sugar between 7.5 and 9. Doc says that since my pre-meal readings are usually 4-8, its the 2 hours after eating whens its getting up to 8-12. Going to try injecting 15 min before meals when my sugar is 5-8.

Friday Feb 8, 2008 #

Stationary Bike 1:00:00 [4]
ahr:149 max:159 slept:8.5

Watched Private Practice of all things while on the bike for an hour.

Thursday Feb 7, 2008 #

Run (Caltex route) 31:54 [3] 6.0 km (5:19 / km)
ahr:150 max:168 slept:6.5 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Tried my best to have a swim, but Ellis Park and Rhodes Park are both green. Got a social swimming membership at Wits, so hopefully I can swim when I have free time or I'm waiting for the lift club.

Wednesday Feb 6, 2008 #

Run (To school) 37:23 [3] 7.16 km (5:13 / km)
ahr:154 slept:7.0 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

HR monitor not working very well. Not picking up signal sometimes and other times at 229 bpm. This is the problem I have with the forerunner 301...

Sunday Feb 3, 2008 #


Wits Event. It was pretty hectic trying to get everything to happen. Plenty of lessons learned.
Sarah's got a sore throat and I've been feeling a bit rough. Will have to be careful

Saturday Feb 2, 2008 #

Run (Primrose) 42:59 [3] 8.0 km (5:22 / km) +174m 4:51 / km
ahr:149 max:170 slept:9.0 shoes: Asics Gel 1120

Steady run through Primrose. It rained on me for a few minutes, which cooled things down.

Friday Feb 1, 2008 #

Cycling 28:38 [2] 10.36 km (21.7 kph)
ahr:112 max:149 shoes: Shimano SH-R047

Max 43 Ave 21.9
An easy ride around Primrose.
Put my bike back together after the travelling. On the way down, Kulula managed to twist my handle bars which is quite an achievement, because they were very tight. They also managed to pop out my bar-tape end caps and mangle my bar tape. The person I was travelling with used a bag and her bike was ok. Piers advised me against the bag as they can throw it around. They can wheel it when its not in a bag. And I don't have a bike bag...
I think the conclusion is that flying with a bike is not recommended.

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