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Training Log Archive: Quicksilver

In the 7 days ending Jun 24, 2018:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 2:02:16 7.11(17:12) 11.44(10:41) 56511 /19c57%
  Total2 2:02:16 7.11(17:12) 11.44(10:41) 56511 /19c57%

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Sunday Jun 24, 2018 #

10 AM

Orienteering race (Mt Pinos) 57:43 [5] ***** 4.93 km (11:42 / km) +265m 9:14 / km
spiked:6/10c shoes: Oroc X-Talon

Day 2 Green course at Mt Pinos. Even higher altitude today (8,300 ft), but I had gotten used to it by then so it didn't slow me down that much. A clean race except for 8, so I'm happy with the result on this one.


S-1: Dashed up the hill and almost looked for it in the SE reentrant, but realized my mistake quickly.

1-2: Rough heading to the trail and I ran off of the trail just after crossing the big and very wide reentrant with undergrowth in it. I quickly identified the extremely rocky oval-shaped hill just north of 2, and I used that as my attackpoint to hit 2 from. The argument could be made that the reentrant in which 2 is placed is so minuscule that it shouldn't have been placed there, but in the terrain, it was actually a relatively distinct reentrant.

2-3: Took a heading and followed it till I sighted the correct hill.

3-4: I headed north to hit the marsh and made sure to avoid the nasty rocky reentrants in between. After hitting the marsh, I climbed the spur and saw it quickly.

4-5: Crossed the trail right next to the two depressions, and headed through the marsh. While crossing the first reentrant, I ran a bit too low and ended up having to contour up towards the little rocky hill on the spur. Contoured the rest of the way but I still ended up being a bit too low.

5-6: Crossed the path a bit too much to the north and I contoured around the broad hill till I reached the curved spur with the hill on which the control was.

6-7: Decided to take it slow here because I had made parallel errors in this area twice before. I had learned that relying on the undergrowth in this part is not a good choice, so I look for the big rocky hill in between the two strands of undergrowth and thus found the correct undergrowth filled reentrant with the two knolls in it.

7-8: This leg started off well: I climbed the little spur to the east, I continued east until I found the second reentrant, and started climbing up the reentrant. However, I must have gotten disoriented, because I started veering to the south and ended up on the massive rocky spur/hill to the SE of the control. I relocated using the spring, but since I was stressed out about my mistake, I made another one and started looking for it at the rocky clearing to the north of the control. One facepalm later, I relocated *again* and found the control.

8-9: Headed SE toward the trail until I saw it and then I started climbing the correct hill. I attacked it from the side, and it was substantially higher than I had thought it would be. The control description said "top of reentrant" but the circle wasn't quite at the top.

9-10: Hit the trail and then the junction.

10-F: Downhill finish sprint!!

Saturday Jun 23, 2018 #

10 AM

Orienteering race (Mt Pinos) 1:04:33 [5] **** 6.51 km (9:55 / km) +300m 8:04 / km
spiked:5/9c shoes: Oroc X-Talon

Day 1 Green course at Mt Pinos. This place is probably my favorite technical terrain in the LA area, and the fact that it is at a high altitude makes it even more challenging to orienteer effectively, both mentally and physically. This course was no exception, as I was struggling to concentrate and keep a decent pace up the hills. Still, I'm pretty happy I didn't make too many errors on this one.


S-1: I chose to play it safe and I hit the high eastern trail and attacked the control successfully from there.

1-2: Returned to the trail by heading straight north and then just ran by the trail till I saw the trail bend and the correct reentrant.

2-3: The lack of oxygen started to kick in here, and I went up the hill a lot slower than I should have. I hit the indistinct trail junction directly and then cut the corner to the bigger trail and attacked the control from there. It was a bit tricky to pick the correct reentrant.

3-4: Took a hasty heading, but the undergrowth threw me off a bit too much to the west, and I started looking for it in the much wider west reentrant. Realized my mistake pretty quickly, so it wasn't too bad.

4-5: Took a rough heading towards the saddle between the two rocky hills with the trail in between, and once I reached the flat terrace behind the saddle, I started climbing the hill in a southern direction, knowing that I wouldn't miss the big reentrant where the control was. Still, the control was a lot higher than I had estimated it would be, so that wasn't great.

5-6: Ran down (finally!!) to the big trail and cut corners till I reached the big rough open land clearing and headed east towards the trail junction. I sighted a rock that was in the correct general area and spent 45 seconds wondering why the control wasn't on it. I had hit the boulder cluster NE of the control. Oops.

6-7: Hit the east trail that heads south and hit the road from it. Followed the trail to the control except for cutting the corner on the switchback.

7-8: Sprinted down the reentrant with a small stream in it and then climbed the hill from the tiny turnout in the road.

8-F: Finish sprint!!!

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