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Training Log Archive: TheInvisibleLog

In the 7 days ending Mar 26, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Back, core and achilles5 3:50:00
  Walking2 3:30:00 7.77(27:02) 12.5(16:48) 170
  Running4 1:23:49 7.98(10:30) 12.85(6:31) 137
  MTB (Not O)1 1:11:00
  Real Orienteering1 16:00 0.87(18:24) 1.4(11:26) 203 /3c100%
  Total13 10:10:49 16.62 26.75 3273 /3c100%

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Saturday Mar 25, 2017 #

10 AM

Back, core and achilles 55:00 [2]

Getting serious about this routine. Worked up a sweat this morning. If I was a masochist I would enjoy the two doses of the cylinder of pain.
1 PM

Real Orienteering race 16:00 [2] *** 1.4 km (11:26 / km) +20m 10:40 / km
spiked:3/3c shoes: Salamon Blue

Bush event #10
Really did it today. Started at a walk/jog. Then after 700 metres I managed one of those classic mega trips on a stick. One end caught in the shoe laces and the other pivoted on the ground. I went up and over. It was my good leg and in the instinctive effort to break the fall with my bad leg, I have transformed a muscle micro tear into something far more significant. Doing my reading, it will take six to eight weeks if I just rest. NZ events in three weeks. But "vigorous treatment together with muscle strengthening and stretching for as many as six half hour sessions a day, beginning 48 hours after injury, could return most athletes to competitive sport within 10-14 days". Well, guess what I will be doing. I don't assume I fit the definition of an athlete, so am hoping that three weeks will solve the problem.

Friday Mar 24, 2017 #

Running hills 12:43 [4] 1.4 km (9:05 / km) +100m 6:42 / km
shoes: Salamon Blue

That didn't go well, did it. Half way up the seventh of a planned 15 hills, calf failed. Felt fine up till then. Will carefully get through a small course at tomorrows event and then consider if I stop running next week.
9 AM

Back, core and achilles 45:00 [1]

Thursday Mar 23, 2017 #

Walking 2:15:00 [1] 7.5 km (18:00 / km) +170m 16:10 / km
shoes: Salamon Blue

With the cooler mornings its officially mapping season again.
The golden orbs are enormous...
The terrain is reasonable.
part 1
7 AM

Back, core and achilles 45:00 [1]

Five minutes less than yesterday. I must have dropped one of the exercises, but I can't remember which one. Hope this isn't a sign of something else.

Wednesday Mar 22, 2017 #


Informal track construction is quite topical in the club at the moment. Here is what is going on on one of our mapped terrains. Not all are mapped yet, and I keep finding more. I think the rule is, if you have a big enough lobby group you can get away with anything.
The club would never be given a permit for an MTBO event in this area (or any Parks Vic forest around Bendigo) because Parks Vic sees this as setting a legal precedent for the use of these tracks. Fair enough. Using the tracks would be condoning vandalism by a group that likes to think of itself as having sound environmental credentials.But its no use worrying about a precedent unless you actually enforce the regulations. I give it another two years and this whole area will be covered in MTB tracks.

I wonder what would happen if someone proposed that the orienteering community will not use illegal tracks in their events? ... That would really sort out where our ethics are situated.
7 AM

Back, core and achilles 50:00 [1]

A good indicator is the ratio of remedial exercise time to running time. Currently its about 1.75
9 AM

Running 29:21 [3] 4.72 km (6:13 / km)
shoes: Grey Kayano

Got half way round the second lap of Crusoe when the left calf called it quits. The same thing happened at Parkrun at the same distance. I made the mistake of keeping running then. Not today. Its only three weeks to the NZ trip. My fitness goals have morphed from "being fit" to "being capable of finishing".

Tuesday Mar 21, 2017 #


Some people shouldn't be let near computers.
7 AM

Walking 1:15:00 [1] 5.0 km (15:00 / km)

Modest round of flog.
10 AM

Running 13:47 [3] 2.3 km (6:00 / km) +12m 5:50 / km
shoes: Salamon Blue

Let me list the reasons-
Too humid
Too sore (achilles)
Too little time (physio appntmnt looming)
Too little motivation

Monday Mar 20, 2017 #

7 AM

Back, core and achilles 35:00 [1]

8 AM

Running 27:58 [3] 4.43 km (6:19 / km) +25m 6:08 / km
shoes: Grey Kayano

Have realised that I have to stop running on the bitumen path along the Bendigo Creek. For the time being I will restrict myself to dirt and grass. Worked out a 1.6k loop around semi-grassed tracks in the Golden Square wasteland between St John of God Day Surgery and McKenzie St. Should have done this long ago.

25 minutes was my limit today dictated by tendons and muscle soreness.
10 AM

MTB (Not O) 1:11:00 [3]

Took the opportunity to search for new tracks on the Bullock Track map. I am tempted to paraphrase Jane Austin... "It is a truth universally acknowledged that a mountain biker who is aware of a forest must be in want of a track". And hence the proliferation.

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