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Training Log Archive: dbakker

In the 7 days ending May 24:

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Saturday May 23 #


Really nice day out, but brain just wasn't there for mapping. Mapped for 2 hours and bailed. Had a bad sleep last night, and just couldn't put together a good quality map. Figured I'd bail for the afternoon and have a better day tomorrow.

Friday May 22 #


Started a little bit later today to let some of the moisture from last night's rain dry off. It was a good choice since the day was pretty cold (snow on all the mountains around me when they were visible between the clouds) and my hands got pretty numb a few times, but I stayed dry throughout the day.

Pretty nice chunk of forest today, if a little bit bland. Tomorrow I should be into a really interesting chunk of contours and rock.


Feet have been doing pretty good recently, but maybe that is just because it has been raining so I haven't been on them as much.

Oddly enough, today I am experiencing pain off and on (in total around 4 hours) around where my leg surgery was. First time that has happened in around 6 months. Never really sure if this is just phantom pain in my head, or if there is actually still weird stuff going on there.

Thursday May 21 #


I'd been wondering for a while why our Facebook feed on the Sage WhyJustRun site wasn't updating. Turns out my 3rd party Juicer (the social media aggregator we are using) permissions from Facebook expired a few months ago. Updated now, and things are flowing nicely.

Rainy day again today. Could probably go out and map this afternoon, but doing some more Sage stuff, made bread, and want to watch Graeme's presentation.

Wednesday May 20 #


Raining all day so caught up on grocery shopping, drafting cleanup, helped out a GVOCer doing some Kartta mapping, and a whole bunch of email.

Tuesday May 19 #


About 6 hours of fieldwork today before I got chased off the map by rain.

Monday May 18 #


7 Hours of fieldwork today. Knew that it was supposed to start raining at some point in the late afternoon, but figured I would stay out on the map until it really started coming down and I had to put the tablet away.

In the end I got chased away by multiple lightning strikes (just heard the thunder), and figured a GPS with a metal battery on my head, holding a tablet with metal battery in my hand, a metal phone in my pocket, and a backup external metal power pack in my bag meant I should call it a day.

Looks like it is supposed to rain for the first half of this week, so might be doing some remote Whitehorse mapping. Was hoping to get more stuff down here done, but I've only got maybe 1 day of drafting cleanup and contour drafting left to do.

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