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Training Log Archive: blairtrewin

In the 7 days ending Aug 4:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cycling1 49:00 10.69(4:35) 17.2(2:51)
  Pilates1 40:00
  Run1 5:00 0.5(10:04) 0.8(6:15)
  Total3 1:34:00 11.18 18.0

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Sunday Aug 4 #

10 AM

Cycling 49:00 [3] 17.2 km (2:51 / km)

Continued to feel improved today and felt as if I could just about have tried an easy run, but didn't think rough terrain was a good first test for it so headed out on the bike instead for a lap of the Yarra Boulevard (a bit easier to access now with the Chandler Bridge redevelopment). Seemed to go more or less OK. Not as much bike bling on display as I'd expected here on a Sunday morning - they must all be at Beach Road instead.

Some signs, which I imagine are honoured in the breach more than the observance, have appeared saying that riding is only allowed on paved paths at Yarra Bend.

Headed out after this to the Melbourne Bush O event at Tikalara - I said I'd help out and was down for a finish shift at 12pm, but the juniors running the show beforehand seemed in no hurry to relinquish their duties so I didn't have a lot to do other than stand around and be social and/or presidential. Took the opportunity afterwards to explore a few riverside nooks in the Warrandyte areas which I haven't been to before. (Even if I didn't get to add to the numbers, the turnout today was in the 170s, which was very pleasing).

And my latest project is to collate a full set of Australian WOC results. Made it as far today as getting them all on paper, now just need to enter them into an electronic file.

Saturday Aug 3 #

(sick) (rest day)

Some improvement today - definitely walking more comfortably than the last couple of days - but the affected area still seems a bit delicate to subject it to any undue stress. Feels like it's not too far away, but I have said that before now.

Friday Aug 2 #

(sick) (rest day)

Much as yesterday, but the process of shedding skin is now almost complete, so hopefully the process of healing what's underneath can get properly under way.

My historical wanderings lately took me to the 2013 Australian Sprint Championships. The M14 field contained five of this year's JWOC team but the results weren't exactly predictive of what was to come; Aston was 18th (a bit below halfway) and the others were 6th, 7th, 12th and 19th.

Thursday Aug 1 #

(sick) (rest day)

Bit of a setback today, although a perhaps unsurprising one - most of the outer skin has now come off where the swelling was and what's underneath doesn't particularly like being pressed on by a shoe at the moment, meaning that walking has become a bit awkward again. Hopefully this will settle down again within the next couple of days as things heal, but for the moment I don't want to put it under unnecessary stress.

Wednesday Jul 31 #

8 AM

Run 5:00 [3] 0.8 km (6:15 / km)

Thought it was about time to see if I could still run without doing so much as to risk damaging myself unduly if the answer was "not really", so testing things out from a low base - going around the block. Seemed to work OK (initial soreness easing) so there doesn't seem to be anything too badly wrong structurally, although it was a bit painful on the limited uneven ground, probably because of where the tenderness is (left side of the foot/ankle, basically), which may not be encouraging for my chances of getting out orienteering on Sunday. Will be cautious returning to more substantial running, but this was a moderately encouraging start.

I'm progressively losing a bit more of the skin left over from the swelling. From a week where I'd been through the equivalent of doing an ankle without doing an ankle, I'm now at the point of the equivalent of having major blisters without having major blisters. Fortunately none of it is happening in weight-bearing areas but it's still annoying.

Tuesday Jul 30 #

(sick) (rest day)

I don't as a rule show commuter rides as training, but clocked up probably two hours or a bit more on the bike today, in between dropping a Chinese visa application in on the way to work and a meeting at the far end of Docklands on the way home (plus detouring around a couple of bits of construction work I didn't know about in a part of town I don't go to very often). Felt pretty tired by the end of it, although that might have been because it was close to 9pm by then.

Monday Jul 29 #

7 AM

Pilates 40:00 [3]

A very early start this morning, so I'd already been up for a while when it came to the Pilates session. Ended up a reasonably smooth session - handled it quite comfortably with a bit more mobility than I had on Thursday. (Another sign of progress is that I had none of the grounding-foot-at-traffic-lights problem on the ride in this morning that I had on Saturday). Not totally out of the woods yet, though - the latest issue (which I knew would happen sooner or later) is that some of the skin is starting to peel off where the swelling was and unsurprisingly it's pretty tender underneath.

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