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Training Log Archive: blairtrewin

In the 7 days ending Sep 16, 2018:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Run5 4:40:41 27.71(10:08) 44.6(6:18) 31018 /18c100%
  Pilates1 40:00
  Swimming1 39:00 0.62(1:02:46) 1.0(39:00)
  Total7 5:59:41 28.33 45.6 31018 /18c100%

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Sunday Sep 16, 2018 #

10 AM

Run race ((orienteering)) 1:04:41 [4] *** 7.3 km (8:52 / km) +310m 7:19 / km

Victorian Long Championships, 2nd M45, 6 minutes behind Fredrik and 2 minutes ahead of Dion (the round-number gaps indicating that we finished together). Not in the top bracket physically - struggled with the hills - but a steady run with almost no navigational issues, perhaps just a slightly suboptimal route on 8, the first long leg on a course with some technical mining early and late and longer legs in the middle. Saw Dion when I was coming into 9 (concluding, correctly, that we were about level at that stage), and Fredrik coming out. He caught the remainder of the gap to me at 10 and ran away from me after that, but then lost time at 12 (by which time Dion was also in sight), and we diced for the remaining short legs to the finish. We're the relay team in two weeks' time, so good to see everyone's in reasonable form.

One of the more challenging car park entries I've encountered - I suspect I wasn't the only person to leave a bit of paint on the post. Just as well I wasn't driving a hire car this week.

Saturday Sep 15, 2018 #

10 AM

Run 48:00 [3] 8.3 km (5:47 / km)

Headed out into Yarra Bend after the first front went through. A somewhat interrupted run, partly through encountering Keith halfway through, then through finding a dropped/discarded purse on the ground on the way back through Northcote and deviating to deliver it to the address (a couple of streets away) on the licence therein - not sure whether it was lost or stolen, although the absence of cash makes me suspect the latter. Felt a bit sluggish through most of the run, but no injury issues.

Friday Sep 14, 2018 #

8 AM

Swimming 39:00 [3] 1.0 km (39:00 / km)

Was planning to do a pool run but got there and discovered I'd left my belt at home, so went for a swim instead. Not the greatest of swims and drifted out of it a bit later on, possibly because my mind was full of writing ideas (my first batch of draft material for IPCC was due tomorrow).

With Melbourne up against Hawthorn at the MCG, there weren't too many Range Rovers to be seen on the streets of the city tonight. (While we're on the subject of stereotypes, I suspect a lot of journalists would have liked the job of the Age reporter who was sent to Hotham to look for Melbourne supporters).

Thursday Sep 13, 2018 #


From which song do these lyrics come?

"When gallant Cook from Albion sailed,
To trace wide oceans o'er,
True British courage bore him on,
Til he landed on our shore.
Then here he raised Old England's flag,
The standard of the brave;
"With all her faults we love her still"
"Britannia rules the wave."
7 AM

Run 1:15:00 [3] 13.1 km (5:44 / km)

Starting to get closer to something resembling a proper Thursday long run. A bit stiff in the back in the first 5-10 minutes, but settled pretty well after that. Headed out mostly along Merri Creek, and it was long enough that I was able to get to my favourite section of said creek, the bushy bit on the west side north of Normanby Road. Achilles a little touchy at times in the last 20 minutes, but improved on yesterday (and definitely on last week). Was ready for some needlework on my calves in the evening.

The traffic through the inner north was vile. This is not such a bad thing when running (it's easier to cross stopped traffic than heavy moving traffic), not quite so good on the bike afterwards.

A handwritten sign at one point along the creek said that a tiger snake had been seen in the area. This might have been cause for diversion at 2pm but at 7.30am I thought it would be fine.

Wednesday Sep 12, 2018 #

7 AM

Run 1:01:00 [3] 10.5 km (5:49 / km)

First time down to the river since I got back - out through Wilson Reserve into the east end of Ivanhoe. Always nice to be down there even if it meant picking my way across the Heidelberg Road early-morning traffic jam (possibly soon to disappear, at least temporarily). Working fairly hard on the hills and a bit of Achilles soreness later (although not on the scale of last week), but in general reasonably satisfactory as a session.

Got a reminder in the last couple of minutes of the run that I'm definitely back in Australia, in the form of a driver launching into an F-bomb laden tirade against a cyclist. I didn't see what the cyclist had done to upset him (and it's usually a him, although the worst abuse I've been on the end of myself was from a woman), especially as it was a quiet back street.

Tuesday Sep 11, 2018 #

7 AM

Run 32:00 [3] 5.4 km (5:56 / km)

On the improve on all counts and decided to give a short run a go. The usual sluggishness early but settled into it quite nicely in the last 10 minutes or so. No injury issues. Doing this quite early before my first stint of state election campaigning (spruiking solar panel subsidies at Alphington station).

Florence may be getting all the publicity (and it certainly deserves some), but there's also a typhoon currently forecast to make a more or less direct hit on Hong Kong and Guangzhou on the weekend at category 4/5 intensity - I'm starting to get a bit nervous about whether the forest in the World Cup middle area will still be standing this time next week. (That said, the uncertainty in both track and intensity forecasts is such that I suspect the chance that Guangzhou will actually get a hit at that intensity is only 10-20%).

Monday Sep 10, 2018 #

7 AM

Pilates 40:00 [3]

Feeling somewhat better today but thought it best to stick to a single session - the regular pilates engagement. Seem to be getting back into this and not getting lazy on a few of the exercises as sometimes happens.

It's going to be a pretty full-on week workwise (the first significant IPCC deadline is at the end of the week), so definitely don't want to burn myself out - on the other hand, runs later in the week might be good for collecting thoughts.

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