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Training Log Archive: blairtrewin

In the 7 days ending Jul 15, 2018:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Run6 4:20:06 21.13(12:19) 34.0(7:39) 43065 /72c90%
  Total6 4:20:06 21.13(12:19) 34.0(7:39) 43065 /72c90%

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Sunday Jul 15, 2018 #

7 AM

Run 58:00 [3] 10.1 km (5:45 / km)

Headed out early with Jenny to explore the sand dune forest and adjacent beach. Neither of us had slept terribly well, but it seemed to work out fine - not sure where this form was on Friday (felt good once my Achilles had warmed up in the first few hundred metres). Spent the first section on tracks through a forest over sand dunes, the southern section of which has a permanent course for which we saw a few markers, plus one flag probably left over from a training session. Back along the beach, mostly reasonably firm and with a stiff tail wind. The German car mentioned yesterday is gone, by unknown means. (Presumably this beach gives the Hirtshals equivalent of the NRMA some work).

The rest of the day was the ferry crossing to Kristiansand, scene of one of the less glorious chapters of my orienteering history (the 20-minute mistake at the first control of the 1994 World Cup), then the slow but very scenic drive to Stavanger, punctuated by a stop for the (football) World Cup final. Scored quite nicely in the latter respect, a small, reasonably characterful cafe/restaurant (I was worried it would be a smoky small-town bar). I've got something of a history of finding out-of-the-way places for this particular fixture, three of them involving Finnish bars. (The last time I was actually in Australia when the final was on was in 1994).

Saturday Jul 14, 2018 #

(rest day)

Didn't feel too bad today but decided to give it a day to settle down (plus tomorrow morning looks appealing as a training prospect). Spent the day going across Denmark in preparation for crossing to Norway tomorrow - a process which involved a reasonable amount of driving and two ferry rides (one small, one longer). Spent most of the longer crossing screen-surfing between online coverage of the JWOC relay, the AFL and the NRL.

I think Jenny was quite pleased to see a 1:100000 topographic atlas of Denmark on special at an Arhus bookshop (and I wasn't exactly upset either).

Ended the day at Hirtshals, on the northwest coast - sand dune country. Also wide sandy beach country, and what must be one of the few beaches in Europe which can be legally driven on (although based on what we saw, it demonstrated evidence of the limited experience many Europeans have of off-road driving, including one German vehicle which was comprehensively bogged).

Friday Jul 13, 2018 #

11 AM

Run long ((orienteering)) 50:00 [4] *** 5.7 km (8:46 / km) +120m 7:56 / km

Couldn't hold my body together for a full week of competition in the end. I knew by halfway to the first control that I would do well to get around the course; kept plugging away in the hope of loosening up, taking track routes to the extent that I could and hoping that I might come good on the long 9th leg, but I didn't. Shortly afterwards, able at best to jog on the tracks (and, as it happened, sixth-last and going backwards), I decided that it wasn't really worth slogging around half-fit to come near-last as in Gothenburg three years ago, and called it a day (from one of the further corners of the map, too). Did manage to find enough to avoid the Walk Of Shame up the chute, but not with a lot to spare.

Given that this is the second time in three years that I've fallen apart at the last hurdle in a World Masters week after being previously OK, it does suggest that there may be an outer limit to what I can string together at the moment (hopefully not, with O-ringen still to come). At least there was a decent middle to show for this week.

Thursday Jul 12, 2018 #

9 AM

Run ((orienteering)) 20:00 [3] *** 2.0 km (10:00 / km)

Very casual walk/jog around some model event controls. I suspect the model event area was chosen more for not being on the final map, and having access to suitable parking, than for its similarity to the final terrain - it was rather scrappy and green, with almost none of the very open forests we saw on the way in. Main lesson learned is that green is mostly low deciduous regrowth (unlike the other days, when it's often been closely planted spruce) and is less crashable than on previous days. Didn't want to push things too hard physically; my back was on the edge a bit before yesterday and the body only has to hold out for one more day...

Saw numerous people walking into the forest holding swords, shields and similar paraphenalia. I don't think they were there for the orienteering.

Now that yesterday's splits have seen the light of day, it seems that I was saved by the low-visibility 13 and 14; hit both of them well and gained 10 places across the pair.

Wednesday Jul 11, 2018 #

1 PM

Run race ((orienteering)) 37:26 [4] *** 4.9 km (7:38 / km) +85m 7:02 / km

WMOC middle final, 54th. A pretty satisfying run. I'd feared the worst when I had a stiff back in the morning (but knew that that doesn't necessarily mean problems on the run), and didn't feel great in the warm-up either, but was OK on the running side once I actually started. The key, though, was the navigation, and that was the side that went well - only three very minor wobbles (probably not more than 15 seconds apiece), in a terrain type (lots of controls on point features in light green without much definition in the contours) that I've often struggled in historically. Tired a bit at the end and my 1- and 2-minute men, whom I'd just seen, blew me away in the chute (a critical time gain for the former), but had to be reasonably satisfied with my run at my current level.

The next step was to see if it would be enough to keep me in the A for the long - which meant I needed to finish ahead of 20 people. For a while this looked like it would be fairly tight, but a few blowouts and mispunches at the sharp end of the start list meant it was fairly comfortable in terms of places, if not time (7 places, but only about 50 seconds).

This race was won in a rather frightening 25 minutes.

Tuesday Jul 10, 2018 #

11 AM

Run race ((orienteering)) 1:02:40 [4] *** 7.8 km (8:02 / km) +135m 7:24 / km

WMOC forest qualifier. Cut it fine and thought for most of the day that I wasn't going to make it - at one stage I was in the position of having to beat 8 of the last 10 starters to get through, but ended up getting 9 of them (and even then I wasn't totally sure, because a few people - although only one in our class - got new start times after missing their starts due to traffic jams).

The run itself was a steady one without being anything too special. Had one mistake of consequence, a 1-minuter on 9, and a bit hesitant on a few (particularly the flatter, lower-visibility ones), but my splits were in general very consistent - just consistently not very fast. At the sharp end of our heat, Fredrik Lowegren did 45, and Matthias Niggli 47. Not as spread out as usual for a forest qualifier, a reflection of the reasonably flat and fast terrain.

Under no illusions as to my capacity to contend at the front end tomorrow, even if (as I hope) it will be more technical. Number one goal is to avoid becoming a victim of the rule I was responsible for writing and stay out of the bottom 25% (who go down to the long B final).

Monday Jul 9, 2018 #

12 PM

Run ((orienteering)) 32:00 [3] *** 3.5 km (9:09 / km) +90m 8:06 / km

WMOC forest model event, largely about getting myself used to the forest type (a bit lower-visibility than I expected) and learning about the quirks of the terrain. (There's never a lot of fine navigation at these). Did make one mistake, when I followed the herd down an unmapped track (which I suspect wasn't there this time yesterday) instead of the one I should have been looking on.

Lessons learned: the coastal strip will probably be trickiest (and as there were model controls in it I presume there will also be competition controls in it), light green isn't terribly green, root mounds are mapped as high points, fallen logs as logpiles, and the terrain does track. (Not sure if I wanted to know that, as third starter tomorrow). Didn't feel that sharp running, but then a model event rarely sees that.

The model event was by a surf beach of sorts, complete with red and yellow flags and a board marked 'Surf Rescue'.

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