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Training Log Archive: blairtrewin

In the 7 days ending Jul 23, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Run6 6:08:38 36.97(9:58) 59.5(6:12) 22015 /19c78%
  Pool running1 45:00 0.43(1:43:27) 0.7(1:04:17)
  Swimming1 36:00 0.62(57:56) 1.0(36:00)
  Total8 7:29:38 38.03(11:49) 61.2(7:21) 22015 /19c78%

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Sunday Jul 23, 2017 #

10 AM

Run race ((orienteering)) 55:38 [3] *** 6.2 km (8:58 / km) +220m 7:37 / km

Melbourne Bush O at Plenty South. My running today largely matched my low expectations (quads weren't quite as bad as I expected, but every hill still felt like a struggle), but I would have hoped for some better navigation on a trickier course than often at these events. Dropped 2-2.5 minutes at 8 on a parallel error, which does owe something to an area of yellow on the map which wasn't particularly yellow on the ground, but if I'd been a bit more on the ball that shouldn't have mattered (everyone else seemed to manage). Unwisely tried to go straight through the green at 6. Didn't feel good on the hills later on, but 16 and 19 were two of my better splits so maybe it wasn't quite as bad as I thought. Certainly felt as if I should have been near or below 50 on a good day (Bruce did 40).

Saturday Jul 22, 2017 #

10 AM

Run 1:39:00 [3] 17.0 km (5:49 / km)

Had hoped for something more than this, but the quad tightness/stiffness which appeared on the hillier bits of Thursday was still with me today. Started down to the river, which means no significant climbs until about 6k; I'd hoped they might warm up in that time but it didn't happen. Battled through the rest of it; each time I thought I might be getting back into some sort of shape, the next hill (even if it was only one contour) disabused me of that notion. Plenty River tomorrow could be interesting, although it wasn't that awful walking in the rest of the day.

One of the things about having a reserved seat for the football season is that you're around the same people, which can be a plus or a minus. This year my neighbours are mostly older, and don't seem to enjoy the game very much (although Essendon's football for the first three quarters, and the umpiring for the first two, gave them plenty to be frustrated about).

Friday Jul 21, 2017 #

8 AM

Pool running 45:00 [3] 0.7 km (1:04:17 / km)

Arrived a little later than usual after watching a recording of the Tour finish. I'd thought that this might be a new PB for coldest outdoor pool session, but it wasn't quite as cold as forecast (3.2 in the city). Felt like I was pushing against the current for the first half, but in the end this did its job as a recovery session and I loosened up considerably by the end.

The South African Minister for Health has apparently pronounced that "most women get pregnant as a result of sexual intercourse". Glad that one's been cleared up. (Some older readers - or political history tragics - may recall 1970s Trade Minister Kep Enderby telling us that "most of Australia's imports come from overseas").

Thursday Jul 20, 2017 #

7 AM

Run 1:45:00 [3] 18.0 km (5:50 / km)

Didn't sleep that well coming off an OA Board meeting (not that it was a bad meeting, more that there were quite a few detailed discussions and it took a while for my mind to wind down). A bit of a half-before-dawn slog, although good in patches, especially coming down through the Rosanna Parklands (once the start of the last lap, now a revitalising influence at halfway). Quads suffered a bit crossing the Eaglemont Hills and so-so from there. Still good to get a solid midweek long(ish) run under my belt, even if it wasn't on the day I'd originally planned to do it, and another positive is that there was no sign of hip trouble on the steep Macleod downhill.

Going through the front in the first half, adding (mostly light) rain to the darkness, although the cold winds on winter's coldest day to date didn't really kick in until later.

And one of life's little mysteries solved: why I'd occasionally see, at 7-ish in the morning, a bus with destination sign 'Mansfield' heading towards the city. It turns out the company's depot is in Heidelberg Heights, from where I saw such a bus emerging this morning.

Wednesday Jul 19, 2017 #

7 AM

Run 1:00:00 [3] 10.2 km (5:53 / km)

My car was due for a service. A couple of weeks ago I booked it in for a Thursday (or so I thought), as I usually do on such occasions - the plan being to drive across to Fishermans Bend first thing and do a run from there, thereby killing two birds with one stone - missing the traffic and not having to start a long run quite as early.

Things didn't quite go as planned. I got a reminder message on Monday about the service and realised I'd stuffed up the date and booked it for Wednesday. No problem (in fact it suited me because a headlight globe had blown on the weekend) - shift the long run to Wednesday instead. That plan came unstuck too when I started the car up this morning and discovered the other headlight had blown too (not a massive surprise - from past experience, once one goes the other rarely lasts long), which meant I couldn't drive it until it got light, which wouldn't be for another hour.

The long run was therefore switched back to tomorrow and I did something shorter today. It was sooner after getting up than I'd normally run, and that showed for a lot of it (and most of it was in the dark), but I got going eventually, sort of. At least I missed all the serious showers (and they were reasonably serious, for the first time in a couple of months), which I wouldn't have done had I stuck to my original plans - it unloaded about two minutes after I finished and did so again a couple of times once in the car.

Tuesday Jul 18, 2017 #

7 AM

Run intervals 20:00 [4] 3.2 km (6:15 / km)

Quite often, I feel pretty lousy on the warm-up for an intervals session but then start feeling reasonable after knocking a bit of sense into myself with the first couple of reps.

Today was not one of those days. (At least I got to the finish, which I wasn't sure about after the first three or four).

Run warm up/down 24:00 [3] 4.0 km (6:00 / km)

On this occasion, an unpromising start was an indicator of an unpromising middle.

A poll came out today which, among other things, asked Australians whether they had a favourable/unfavourable view of various world leaders. It will come as no great surprise that Justin Trudeau came top and that Macron and Merkel also scored well, nor will it be a huge shock that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin dead-heated on a 16% approval rating. Rather more surprising was that Kim Jong-Un has a 6% approval rating in Australia; I'd be interested to know who these 6% are.

Monday Jul 17, 2017 #

8 AM

Swimming 36:00 [2] 1.0 km (36:00 / km)

News of the day is that the changeroom renovations at Fitzroy are finally completed (only three months late), so we're no longer operating out of tin sheds. (The tin sheds did have decent hot water, most of the time).

The water temperature was possibly the lowest on record in my experience here: 26.1 (nothing to worry me too much). Record low temperatures were somewhat on my mind this morning after the news from Argentina, where Bariloche got down to -25.4, the small matter of 4.3 degrees below its previous low (showing what can happen when everything comes together and you get clear skies and light winds over a fresh snow cover - a combination you don't see often in Patagonia, especially the light-winds bit). This gave me plenty of excuses for me to make my colleagues envious - except the one who's also been there - with tales of a place famed for its scenery, its chocolate and its ice cream.

The swim itself was a bit uneven, but came good in the end.
12 PM

Run 5:00 [3] 0.9 km (5:33 / km)

Not quite ready to go out for a lunchtime run if coming off a long one the previous day. Still, it was worth a try.

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