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Training Log Archive: blairtrewin

In the 7 days ending Dec 18, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Run5 5:18:59 33.37(9:34) 53.7(5:56) 19512 /14c85%
  Pool running1 45:00 0.43(1:43:27) 0.7(1:04:17)
  Swimming1 36:00 0.62(57:56) 1.0(36:00)
  Total7 6:39:59 34.42(11:37) 55.4(7:13) 19512 /14c85%

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Sunday Dec 18, 2016 #

9 AM

Run 1:30:00 [3] 16.0 km (5:38 / km)

Another step up in the distance, which gets me back out to some of my semi-regular haunts for the first time in a few months, including the small track above the river east of the Gipps Street bridge, and coming back down through Kew past Warren and Tash's to join the bike path on the other side of the freeway (where work is starting on the long-promised Darebin Bridge).

Felt like a bit of a battle throughout, more so on the climbs - not a lot of spring in the step climbing the stairs onto the Chandler Bridge. Held up OK in an injury sense, though - have some random soreness in my right buttock after sitting for extended periods at the moment, but it doesn't seem to bother me running. The thought did occur to me that I've got a lot of fitness to regain to successfully run nearly double this on a tougher course in (probably) tougher conditions in four weeks' time.

Saturday Dec 17, 2016 #

10 AM

Run 46:00 [3] 8.2 km (5:37 / km)

Felt a bit flat this morning (possibly watching Norwich lose again before I went out had something to do with this), although managed to grind OK up the one hill of consequence. Lots of action around the farmers' market at Fairfield Primary (an opportunity later for ticking off a couple of remaining items of Christmas shopping, not quite completed but close to it).

Friday Dec 16, 2016 #

7 AM

Pool running 45:00 [3] 0.7 km (1:04:17 / km)

Back at Fitzroy, in a reasonably standard sort of way. Seemed pretty quiet in the pool this morning - more so than in other places I went to (although it doesn't seem to have achieved full pre-Christmas frenzy mode yet).

It was reported on the news on my way there that police were looking for someone over a sexual assault on a bus. Presumably they meant they were looking for someone over a sexual assault on someone who was on a bus. It would be fairly difficult to engage a bus itself in such an act, although I do recall someone once appearing before an Edinburgh court for committing a lewd act against a traffic cone.

And my favourite site name of the day is Rabbit Kettle, in the Northwest Territories of Canada. It looks, from the pictures I saw, to be a worthwhile place to go, but perhaps not at this time of year - the reason I became aware of its existence is that it was, at the time, the coldest place in Canada. (-43.7, in case you're wondering).

Thursday Dec 15, 2016 #

7 AM

Run 1:15:00 [3] 13.1 km (5:44 / km)

Another small step forward in terms of distance, on a route round the back of Hawker past the Pinnacle. Felt more comfortable running than I did at times in the last week (and no issue with the back or associated body parts), but no faster - have certainly lost a bit of my pace (such as it was) during the layoff, as evidenced also by last night's performance. (Saw the results today - my scalp was claimed by a couple of people I haven't heard of, and Ella Cuthbert got close).

Today's news of the well-deserved fate of Eddie Obeid brought to mind a story I heard at a Labor function a few months back, dating back to the early 1990s when Daryl Melham (who went on to be a long-serving federal backbencher, and like Obeid of Lebanese background) was first running for Parliament. The story goes that Obeid, at the time a publisher of a Lebanese community newspaper, tried to call Daryl Melham but got his mother, who shortly afterwards pronounced to her son "don't you ever speak to that man again - he's a bad man". I think we can now say that Daryl Melham's mum was a much better judge of character than plenty of other people in NSW politics.

Wednesday Dec 14, 2016 #

6 PM

Run ((orienteering)) 43:59 [3] *** 5.2 km (8:28 / km) +195m 7:07 / km

Summer twilight at Mount Ainslie North. Not as full-on as last week but still a few hills around, and some nice contouring through the casuarina bits of the forest (I really enjoy being in those even though it's not always the fastest option). Still feeling my way in the terrain, but stronger than last week - running up hills that I wouldn't have last week. Somewhat wide on the vague #1 (ended up using the last control as an attack point) but not sure how much time I lost, probably not all that much. Also a bit wobbly from the last control to the finish. Quite damp and humid, a marked contrast to conditions earlier in the day.

I expected plenty of seeds and came prepared, with a pair of socks which I didn't particularly care about hanging onto. I was not disappointed.

Tuesday Dec 13, 2016 #

7 AM

Run 1:04:00 [3] 11.2 km (5:43 / km)

A fairly similar run to the two over the weekend - felt like it was a struggle most of the way, just picking up a bit at the end. Slight calf twinge on the climb out of the river into Kew but no further problems. Had a few unsettling thoughts (of the hopefully-implausible-outside-an-airport-thriller variety) of possible fates of people in possession of information that the incoming US government would rather people didn't know. First warm morning run of the year (26 at 7.30), although outside of Sydney and surrounds, this is a not-particularly-significant heatwave, notwithstanding what you may have seen in the media. (Special brickbats to the Daily Fail Mail for claiming that it was going to be Australia's hottest December day in 44 years when it won't even be Australia's hottest December day in the last week).

Compliance rate in the dog-on-leash area at the back of Willsmere: 0 out of 6.

The Australian Sports Commission released a set of survey results from a survey on national sports participation. This had some interesting results at the national level, but once you drill down to individual sports (except for the largest) the sample size was clearly too small to give reliable results, because if you believe the raw numbers, Australia has 3,700 female rogainers and no male ones. (I couldn't find the actual sample size, but 3,700 would equate to about 4 people out of a sample of 20,000). The same survey found that 19,000 people had participated in orienteering (which sounds plausible, if perhaps a little on the high side), but nearly 90% of them were men (which definitely isn't plausible). Hopefully no-one gives us a hard time about gender balance on the basis of these figures.

My nomadic existence continues - back up to Canberra tonight for a couple of days (mostly for a talk on Thursday, although I'm also doing a briefing to DFAT on drought in Africa).

Monday Dec 12, 2016 #

7 AM

Swimming 36:00 [2] 1.0 km (36:00 / km)

A fairly standard session in the Fitzroy pool, on one of those mornings that's made for swimming - bright sunshine on an outdoor pool (the only thing which could make the scene purer was if the pool was the War Memorial Pool of a small country town). My swimming ego is long past being bruised so I wasn't too concerned by the news that a friend's seven-year-old son can swim 100 metres in much the same time as it takes me to do 50.

Feeling rather tight and sore in randomly varying spots at the moment, but at least the calf isn't one of them. Suspect the amount of time I'm spending at my desk at the moment isn't doing me too many favours.

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