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Training Log Archive: blairtrewin

In the 7 days ending Jan 25, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Run6 8:05:07 59.4(8:10) 95.6(5:04) 84037 /37c100%
  Swimming2 1:03:00 1.24(50:42) 2.0(31:30)
  Total7 9:08:07 60.65(9:02) 97.6(5:37) 84037 /37c100%

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Sunday Jan 25, 2009 #

Run 1:00:00 [3] 11.0 km (5:27 / km)

I was the token bloke in a group run from Kathryn and Robbie's place, which is next to the forest plantation in the country about 20km south of Moe. (The other males present at the gathering, most of whom had had a somewhat later and more indulgent night than I had, saved themselves for a mountain bike ride later in the morning).

This was planned to be a reasonably easy run. It turned out to be one of two halves, the first half a slow plod at a very-gentle-even-by-Monday-night standards pace, the second half, once we were down to Kathryn, Jas and myself, much more solid. The last 20 minutes were mostly uphill and went very well with plenty of strength, reminding me of other excellent runs I've had in this type of country in west Gippsland (albeit on the north side of the valley rather than the south). The country is as dry as I can remember seeing this part of the world (although I'm more normally around here in late March or early April).

It was an enjoyable weekend, a bit easier than a normal weekend at this time of year, but with a tough week ahead - it was going to be a tough week anyway and the prospect of one of the hottest weeks in Melbourne's recorded history isn't going to make it any easier - that's not such a bad thing.

Saturday Jan 24, 2009 #

Run 2:07:00 [3] 21.0 km (6:03 / km) +700m 5:11 / km

A very enjoyable run at Mount Baw Baw with the group destined for Rob's party; started with 10 of us although only four went the full distance. Ran from the Baw Baw car park across to Mount St. Gwinear car park and back, coming back over the Baw Baw summit - mostly walking track, although with some marshy or semi-overgrown stuff. Both Baw Baw and St. Gwinear are on a plateau so it wasn't super-hilly for an alpine run, with the biggest climb about 160m in 1.5km coming back out of the St. Gwinear car park.

For the most part the run went pretty well, and for parts of it I (and Hanny while she was with us) were wanting to go faster than the rest of the group wanted to, but the sharper hills still weren't great - handled the biggest climb OK though. Good news on the injury front, with the quad fine and the hip feeling the best it has since it started giving trouble last week. Running conditions were excellent with temperatures between 5 and 8, which feels a lot warmer than that in the summer sun (as long as you're out of the wind) - not exactly good acclimatisation for next week though.

I thought Baw Baw would be dead in summer but there was a bit of action in the form of a multicultural music festival. Australian multiculturalism in its full glory was on display in the form of two black Africans working hard leaning over the BBQ.

There was a little bit of reinforcement of local stereotypes on venturing into Moe (to buy supplies for dinner). It has the reputation as being the sort of place where someone of my age with a young child would be more likely to be the grandfather than the father, so I was less surprised than I would have been in some other places to see the looked-about-16 girl ahead of me in the supermarket queue buying nappies and baby food.

Friday Jan 23, 2009 #

Swimming 32:00 [2] 1.0 km (32:00 / km)

The usual Friday swim session. Took time to get into a rhythm but on the whole a reasonable recovery session. Quad feels better today and should, I think, be OK for tomorrow but time will tell on that one.

Today's forecast model run for next week looks even worse than yesterday's.

Thursday Jan 22, 2009 #

Run 1:38:00 [3] 20.0 km (4:54 / km)

I thought this would be a tough day and it was, but not really for the reason that I expected. I knew when I woke up (even earlier than usual because of a big day ahead at work - this time the alarm had a 4 in front of it) and the strong northerly was in that it was going to be warm. (What I didn't realise until I'd been moving for a while was that, unusually for Melbourne, the strong northerly was also quite humid).

It wasn't the heat that pulled me up short, though. I tweaked a quad in the closing stages last night; didn't think anything of it at the time, and even this morning expected that it would warm up, but it didn't. It was sort of OK on the flat but no good on any sort of hill. As the first 50 minutes of the run were along the Yarra this wasn't initially a problem, but at the Eltham bridge I decided I wasn't prepared to commit myself to my planned return route and its two significant climbs, and turned around, with the thoughts of doing an extra loop at the end if it improved. It didn't.

It feels like a similar level of injury to the hamstring strain at last year's World Cup in Norway. I hope this is the case, as that one was OK within 2-3 days; I'm looking forward to Baw Baw on Saturday and don't want to have to miss it.

Wednesday Jan 21, 2009 #

Run 1:16:00 [3] 16.0 km (4:45 / km)

Another reasonably solid effort, perhaps more than that at times in the second half. Hip sorer than it has been for a couple of days at the start but settled quickly again. I'd like to say that I was feeling inspired by the thought that George W. Bush will never be President again, but that's not quite how it worked out. (I decided getting up at 3.30 for the inauguration was taking things a bit too far).

Possible sign of the times: going past a crowd gathering outside the Richmond Centrelink office waiting for it to open.

I've been doing a bit of work with global daily temperature data sets in the last few days, and noticed that one of the locations I was using was Rimnicu Vilcea, Romania. Some readers may actually care that the maximum temperature there on 11 July 1996 was 22.0 degrees (the coolest day of the month - one wonders how much the long distance winning times would have blown out had it been a hot day, given only a handful of men broke 90 as it was?). While I've been to a few of the 215 locations on the list there is one which I have no desire to visit any time soon - Guantanamo Bay (at least it's tangible evidence that something that is a positive contribution to society is done at that location).

Run race 37:47 [4] * 8.9 km (4:15 / km) +140m 3:56 / km

Got the current half-season of Wednesday night street-O off to a good start with a win at Hawthorn East, although this was a result which owed more to the stumbles of others; both Bryan and Adam were near me and running faster than me at different stages, but both made mistakes, Bryan committing himself to get 13 which wasn't a good move. I didn't get the optimal route - it would have been best to get 10 at the start - but got closer than anyone else.

Running was a bit so-so through the middle, but found some good pace in the last 10 minutes, after seeing Bryan on the in/out at 10 and feeling that I probably had enough of a break unless he had a control in hand (which he didn't). Held on by 100 metres or so, with Adam just edging Bryan out. Took a few chances with the traffic, on an area which is really a bit too busy to support and evening event.

It was warm and a little humid, but the conditions tonight may seem tame by next week, which stands a good chance of being somewhere north of 40 (we should get there on at least one of Wednesday and Thursday, but it's unlear at present which).

Tuesday Jan 20, 2009 #

Run intervals 46:20 [4] * 10.6 km (4:22 / km)

Tuesday night street-O, run as usual as a fartlek session. This one was in Altona, a corner of Melbourne that I've never been into before. Not surprisingly it was dead flat, with a decent beach. On a warm night (albeit considerably cooler than the 41 it had been earlier in the day), a fair proportion of Altona's population was at (or near) the beach and on a couple of legs pedestrian density was almost high enough to require consideration in route choice decisions (although Venice it wasn't).

The run was reasonable without being brilliant. Started to tire a bit on the fast legs on what was quite a long course for a Western Series, but found something for the last one. Stayed vaguely in touch with the lead thanks to some occasionally erratic navigation in front of me but never really looked like winning. The course didn't really make use of the lake - it needed a second cotnrol on the far side to open that up as a possibility. (I'm not sure where the lake gets its water from, but given the amount of heavy industry upstream from it I don't think I'd want to venture in. Its name, Cherry Lake, reminds me of Cherry Lane, the well-known short-cut on our old school cross-country course).

Monday Jan 19, 2009 #

Swimming 31:00 [2] 1.0 km (31:00 / km)

Morning session at Fitzroy - one of those mornings where it's a delightful place to be, a clear morning in an outdoor pool at a pleasant temperature. A pretty reasonable session too - certainly an improvement on Friday. A little bit of soreness in my left arm (probably in protest at being asked to do some work).

Run 40:00 [3] 8.1 km (4:56 / km)

First MFR Monday night of the year, from my place. The degree of difficulty on this was higher than usual because (a) it was still 36 degrees at 7.30 p.m. after the anticipated sea-breeze got stuck somewhere between Avalon and Melbourne (it was probably waiting for a cancelled train like everyone else) and (b) it's a longer ride home to my place than it is to most other Monday night venues. Didn't expect a huge turnout, but got Bruce and two Allstons - Hanny's first appearance at this gathering.

I was really pleased with the way this went - normally this is too easy a session to read anything into but with this crowd it was a bit faster than usual (i.e. close to a normal training pace) and the conditions were far more comfortable than I expected. The single-digit humidity helped, as did making good use of my water bottle on the way home. (There seemed to be a lot of bikes on the road today; perhaps everyone else was anticipating what the trains were going to be like?). One of those days where it didn't really seem hot until we stopped running. Hip gradually improving with not even a twinge after the first few minutes.

I think these days heat in a race is more of a plus than a minus to me (in terms of placing at least), but that doesn't mean I'm hoping for a 40-degree day for the long race on the SA National League weekend.

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