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Training Log Archive: hkleaf

In the 7 days ending Feb 19, 2006:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 5:44:00 12.1(28:25) 19.48(17:40) 72025 /35c71%
  Volleyball1 1:40:00
  Basketball1 1:20:00
  Stretching5 1:20:00
  Running3 1:17:26 9.0(8:36) 14.48(5:21)
  Strength1 40:00
  Total6 12:01:26 21.1 33.97 72025 /35c71%

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Sunday Feb 19, 2006 #

Running warm up/down (Grass) 10:00 [1] 0.5 mi (20:00 / mi)
(injured) shoes: Silva O' Spikes (Rubber)

Left knee is painful when bent, even in the pre-race warm up run :(

Stretching warm up/down 20:00 [1]

Left knee felt better after warm up.
More ice and stretch after the race.

Orienteering race (A-Meet Blue) 2:37:00 [3] **** 9.88 km (15:53 / km) +365m 13:25 / km
spiked:15/19c (injured) shoes: Silva O' Spikes (Rubber)

GAOC Georgia Navigator Cup - FDR State Park, Pine Mountain, Georgia.
Cold (mid 30s), but dry. Grounds still damp from the rain yesterday.

Had sharp pain in left knee during the run, especially on the slopes. Pain is least sharp when bending of the knee is minimal. Couldn't push off much with the left leg. Had to stop and walk/slow jog most of the course.

1-Direct bearing.
2-Crossed the creek, up the slope, then followed trail to top of spur along red line to control.
3-Headed S and found reentrant up to control.
4-Ran W on road to trail. Then around spur and S to control.
5-Wanted a direct bearing but drifted N of line around swamp/lake to control.
6-Almost a direct bearing. Went a bit W around spur to control.
7-Direct bearing.
8-Direct bearing to trail. Then off trail, contoured and drifted a line below control.
9-Went just S along red line to trail. Over ran trail to top of spur, then contoured ENE. Miscounted reentrants and went in wrong one NE of control. Lost 3-5 minutes.
10-Went NE up spur to road, then down E side of spur on other side to control.
11-Contoured mostly around the big spurs to cut out excess climb.
12-Crossed road, then up the trail to bend. Stayed on trail too long (extra 250m), resulting in unnecessary climb up "Indian Mountain." Relocated and went straight to control.
13-Direct bearing.
14-Looked to run straight E, but misread landscape after crossing creek and ended up N of knolls NW of control. Lost 5:00.
15-Red line to trail up hill, then contoured to control.
16-Ran trail through saddle to control.
17-Contoured roughly along hill side to control.
18-Distracted by another runner in front, drifted W of red line along knoll top and visited 2 wrong controls before relocating.
19-Contoured NW to trail. Dropped clue sheet and punch card heading into control. Had to backtrack to retrieve them. Lost 5-10 minutes.

Overall a much cleaner run than yesterday, though at a much slower pace due to the injury. Just glad to finish within the time limit today.

Saturday Feb 18, 2006 #

Running warm up/down (Off trail/Road) 10:00 [2] 0.5 mi (20:00 / mi)
(injured) shoes: Silva O' Spikes (Rubber)

Warm up run with the group.

Stretching warm up/down 20:00 [1]

Orienteering race (A-Meet Blue) 3:07:00 [4] **** 9.6 km (19:29 / km) +355m 16:26 / km
spiked:10/16c (injured) shoes: Silva O' Spikes (Rubber)

GAOC Georgia Navigator Cup - FDR State Park, Pine Mountain, Georgia.
~40F, intermitten rain.

1-unusually long leg (from my previous experience). Took my time to get there, but hit it pretty clean.
2-stopped too soon before the control. Lost a couple minutes there.
3-went down wrong reentrant and adding 3 extra lines of climb.
4-tried to follow the red line but misread the reentrant and got disoriented. Probably took an extra 20-30 minutes to finally relocate and find the bag.
5-Ran up the spur, east on road, and north down the knoll.
6-Ran NE down slope to path till just past the steep part of reentrant, then bear N to control.
7-Took straight bearing.
8-Avoided the extra climb and ran around the spur to the big valley. Then bore S to control.
9-Followed the spur up to road but drifted too far W. Then proceeded to run down wrong spur looking for control. Tried relocating twice before figuring out what I did wrong. Probably lost 20-30 minutes there.
10-Followed trail to S of knoll.
11-Went E to creek junction, then N along creek to control.
12-Took straight bearing.
13-Tried to take a straight bearing, but drifted N of red line. Or was it S? Not really sure what happened there. Lost >30 minutes running in circles failing at relocatiing myself. Finally had Steve Barnhart run by to tell me where I was.
14-Again tried a straight bearing and miss. Probably drifted N of control, then went a line below and passed by it heading S.
15-Across the creek and onto the trail W, then took straight bearing from trail junction.

Very disappointing results. Even though it was unfamiliar terrain for me, I just lost my head out there and made a lot of dumb mistakes. Came in 7:00 overtime, so result wasn't even listed :(

Left knee is very sore. For the first time noticeable pain can be felt during the run. Ice and stretch back at the hotel.

Friday Feb 17, 2006 #

(rest day)

In-transit to the Georgia Navigator Cup.

Thursday Feb 16, 2006 #

Volleyball (Indoor pick up) 1:40:00 [3]

Played volleyball at the NKU Rec Center with Susan, Natalie, and Zach.
Knee felt good today, but overall my legs are tired from the weights workout yesterday.

Stretching warm up/down 20:00 [1]

Wednesday Feb 15, 2006 #

Strength (Weights) 40:00 [4]
(injured) shoes: Asics Gel Old

Legs and core.
Tried to ride the bike, but knee was too sore when bending.

Tuesday Feb 14, 2006 #

Running (Road) 57:26 [4] 8.0 mi (7:11 / mi)
(injured) shoes: Asics Gel Cumulus VII

Pig training group run - most people dressed up all red today in honor of Valentine's Day. Fun!
Mild (low 50s) condition.

Running Spot --> Grandin --> Edwards --> Erie (30:00 turnaround) --> Madison --> Spot

A semi hill run. Started low and eased into a faster pace after the turnaround. Ran with Joe B. and Lauren on the back route. He pushed us pretty hard on all the uphills.

Had a slight pain in the left knee (IT Band) post-run.

Missed Marianne Pusz's clothing clinic before the run.

Stretching warm up/down 10:00 [1]
shoes: Asics Gel Cumulus VII

Monday Feb 13, 2006 #

Basketball (Indoor pick up) 1:20:00 [4]

Stretching warm up/down 10:00 [1]

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