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Training Log Archive: R Anderson

In the 30 days ending Sep 30, 2008:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running16 18:57:25
  Orienteering8 9:25:19 22.31 35.9 390
  Roller skiing3 5:20:00
  Total23 33:42:44 22.31 35.9 390

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Tuesday Sep 30, 2008 #

Running 2:30:00 [3]
shoes: Asics GT 2120 (apr08)

my arms are dead. Pushed really hard in the intervals and was focusing on using my arms a lot. Then strength finished them off.

Sunday Sep 28, 2008 #

Orienteering race 1:57:00 [5] 12.7 km (9:13 / km) +230m 8:27 / km
shoes: NB MT 840 (sep 08)

my worst race of the weekend, 10min lost to 6, really stupid... then like 3min to 11, 5min to 13 etc. etc. With the 8 road runs, the race went by really slowly, and at points i was discouraged / my ankle was sore from caving over on my left leg (from all the sidehill running probably), and i wanted to just jog back to the finish. Was suprised to be under 2hrs in the end.

Saturday Sep 27, 2008 #

Orienteering race 52:10 [5] 6.2 km (8:25 / km) +160m 7:27 / km
shoes: NB MT 840 (sep 08)

an ok race but definetly should have been faster. 1min miss to 6/13, and apparently slow on the long leg to 5. A funny/scary story to 10, which i will tell later, where i lost another min.

******STORY TIME ********
ya, so on the way to 9 i looked at control 10 and my first thought was to take the route through the woods to the trail and then cut into the ctrl.

However after spiking 9 and starting in the direction of 10 i started to think that my plan wasn't a very safe one, and after hitting the small trail west of the ctrl that i hadnt noticed before i changed my route decision. I decided that i would take the small trail out to the road and take the long safe route around but run it really fast. As i started running down the trail i noticed that i would have to cross what looked like someones property(not hatched out or marked as out of bounds) on the edge of the road. At first i contemplated going back to my original route, but I had already started down the trail, and seeing as the property or whatever was not marked as out of bounds i started to think that maybe it wasnt a house but something else, or that there was simply no problem running there.

So i get to the end of the trail/edge of property and now im a bit worried, cause it turns out its a sketchy trailer home with an old barn and as i sprinted across it to get to the road as quick as possible, i could picture some crazed dog running around the corner of the house barking and trying to maul me or whatever...

Well that didnt happen, i managed to safely get to the road, sweet... So i run down the road a few paces and then all i hear behind me is:

@#$^%@#$ you little @!#$%@#$% get back here @#$%@#$%@#$% let me talk to you!!!!, you little !#$%!@#$!@#$....!!!!

So i look back and its some crazy guy screaming his head off at me, the following things go through my head:

1. Im in some sketchy part of upstate New York, He probably has a shot gun on him, I'm going to get shot!!!!

2. He wants me to stop, can i out run this crazy man (potentially with a gun) for a few hundred meters ??(im halfway through a race, tired), will he get in his truck and hunt me down??

Anyways, i decided to stop, i turned around, put my arms up, hehe.( I dont think he had a gun but im really not sure), in a panicked voice i yelled that i was in a race, and that my map said i could go on the property.

At this point he sort of calmed down (maybe the organizers had spoken to him?), and explained back to me that his house had just been broken into. (...?what...!!???)

Anyways, i turned and kept running down the road to control, full of adrenaline.

I guess it is somewhat my fault. In retrospect the route i took was probably ~30s slower to begin with and i should have assumed it was someones property. But still i wonder why it wasnt marked as being out of bounds??


ill try to post a picture of my map later so you can see the leg

Running warm up/down 20:00 [1]
shoes: NB MT 840 (sep 08)

Friday Sep 26, 2008 #

Orienteering race 11:53 [5] 2.1 km (5:40 / km)
shoes: NB MT 840 (sep 08)

good race, bad route/slight miss to 4 (-30s) and also a bad route to 10 i think.

Running warm up/down 30:00 [1]
shoes: NB MT 840 (sep 08)

at least 30min jogginf before/after sprints

Orienteering race 20:16 [5] 3.5 km (5:47 / km)
shoes: NB MT 840 (sep 08)

another solid race, havent really examined splits though to see if i lost any significant time. This one was probably easier but a lot more dead running.

Tuesday Sep 23, 2008 #

Running 2:20:00 [3]
shoes: Asics GT 2120 (apr08)

intervals were really good today even if im not feeling all that great. It was fun running in a pack with like 4other guys and trading the lead and all that.
Also it was a shhort session.

Got a free massage today as well. The massouse(sp?) found tons of knots in my back and couldnt get them all out :S So i think i'll go back some other time.

Sunday Sep 21, 2008 #

Orienteering race 35:00 [4] 4.9 km (7:09 / km)
shoes: NB MT 840 (sep 08)

feeling run down again today, and since the long looked tough i decided on the short. It turns out the woods were really nice (havent run at stony swamp in a while) and it was really fast. So i probably could have run the long, but i think my body will thank me for this later. So ya a nice course and a lot of fun, made less than 3min mistakes.

Tried out the new shoes, and i liked them, didnt get blisters or anything. I did almost roll my ankle though when i was doing my cooldown. I hope i'm not too used to my highcuts...:S

Free Image Hosting at


Running warm up/down 20:00 [1]
shoes: NB MT 840 (sep 08)

very short warm up and cool down collecting beginner controls.

Saturday Sep 20, 2008 #

Roller skiing 1:50:00 [1]

went real easy today


i got new shoes!! NB MT 804s i think thats what theyre called. Theyre a fell running shoe that i stumbled across at the running store. Hopefully they work for me.

Friday Sep 19, 2008 #

Orienteering 1:30:00 [4]

really nice running around pinhey forest with Eric. A few close calls with some dogs on the loose, including a german shepard :S

Wore my old trail runners which was a good choice.

Thursday Sep 18, 2008 #

Running 30:00 [1]
shoes: Asics GT 2120 (apr08)

i can't do the Thursday 730 am ski practices anymore cause i have class at 830. So it's going to be a tough semester being out the door for 630 to do part of the workout on my own.

Running 20:00 [4]
shoes: Asics GT 2120 (apr08)

sprints and plyometrics

Wednesday Sep 17, 2008 #

Running 40:00 [1]
shoes: Asics GT 2120 (apr08)

Tuesday Sep 16, 2008 #

Running 2:00:00 [3]
shoes: Asics GT 2120 (apr08)

Didn't have it for the intensity today.

Monday Sep 15, 2008 #

(rest day)


Sunday Sep 14, 2008 #

Orienteering race 1:20:00 [2]

walked back after 9...

i'm a dumbass

Saturday Sep 13, 2008 #

Roller skiing 1:45:00 [3]

Friday Sep 12, 2008 #

Orienteering 1:50:00 [3]

training with Eric at Constance bay

Thursday Sep 11, 2008 #

Running 2:00:00 [2]
shoes: Asics GT 2120 (apr08)

im always too lazy to input exactly what i do at these practices, but here's a summary:

-5min run/biketo Mooney's bay park
-15min warm up
-10 min of ski stride sprints
-10min more jogging( we basically never stop moving)
- ski striding intensity on the hills(10-20min)
-more jogging/warm down from intensity(10-15min)
-plyometrics on the hill(15min)
-jog/bike back to campus(20min)
-~30min of strength in the weight gym at school

then astretch and a bit of a cooldown

Wednesday Sep 10, 2008 #

Running 40:00 [2]
shoes: Asics GT 2120 (apr08)

felt awesome. Don't know why, as i had a hard training yesterday, but maybe it was the powerbar i had for breakfast :P

Tuesday Sep 9, 2008 #

Running 2:15:00 [2]
shoes: Asics GT 2120 (apr08)

Running intervals 16:25 [5]
shoes: Asics GT 2120 (apr08)

did a six lap hill circuit evaluation. New pb cause i've never timed myself on six laps before, however i also beat my last years 5 lap eval. pb(14:10) on my first 5 laps this time.


2006: 14:50 (5laps)
2007: 1410 (5 laps)
2008: 13:45 (first 5of 6)

will do 2 more of these this fall so i think i can improve a lot, sub 16 at least.

Monday Sep 8, 2008 #

Running 30:00 [2]
shoes: Asics GT 2120 (apr08)

My sister's crazy friend Pav dragged us out to this Hash run.

the actually run was cool, but the people were insane.

oh well it was fun/ny

Sunday Sep 7, 2008 #

Orienteering 49:00 [4] 6.5 km (7:32 / km)

ran hard, had a decent cramp though so i was hurting on the trail runs. got to the finish and realized i had mispunched. Going to 12 i saw a control on a hilltop in the distance and figured it was mine and went for it. Should have realized it wasnt right but i was running too fast and not reading my map. also didnt check the code cause up to that point it was fairly easy and i didnt bother.

First time ive ever mp'd!!!!! I ve learned my lesson, ill always read my codes form now on.

Running warm up/down 10:00 [1]

Saturday Sep 6, 2008 #

Roller skiing 1:45:00 [3]


just realised they sell the petzl ultra at MEC. Really tempting to just go out and buy one, but i don't know if i'd use it all that much. I guess I have more important things to buy this fall (new o-shoes,compass).

Thursday Sep 4, 2008 #

Running 2:00:00 [3]
shoes: Asics GT 2120 (apr08)

Wednesday Sep 3, 2008 #

Running 40:00 [2]
shoes: Asics GT 2120 (apr08)

Can heat increase your heart rate? Cause it seemed really high today...

Tuesday Sep 2, 2008 #

Running 46:00 [2]
shoes: Asics GT 2120 (apr08)

Running (sprints) 10:00 [5]
shoes: Asics GT 2120 (apr08)

Monday Sep 1, 2008 #

(rest day)

an un-needed rest day, but they will become regular with ski season starting...

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