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Training Log Archive: Blainey

In the 12 days ending Aug 24, 2015:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering8 8:17:40
  Trail Running1 37:00 2.92(12:40) 4.7(7:52)
  Hiking1 30:00 1.86(16:06) 3.0(10:00)
  Running2 25:00
  Total10 9:49:40 4.78 7.7

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Saturday Aug 22, 2015 #

Orienteering (COC -Long) 1:55:00 [3]

Was not sure how today would go, woke up with an infected in grown toe nail - decided to start and take it easy. Was encouraged that once I started to run I would not feel it - was true for the lost except when I kicked something accidentally or ran down hill. Took it slow and was pretty clean after the 4th CP. Had to relocated for 1, 2, and 4 - was close by but just could not seem to see it. Toe killed on the downhill, finished under 2 hours which was my goal. Soaked foot in salts after to take down swelling and inflammation - will see if I so last fishbones.

Friday Aug 21, 2015 #

Orienteering 25:00 [3]

Fishbones - went into this race thinking I would just take the loops one at a time and see how I felt. Had troubles with all the trails from the get go but felt I was finally getting into things when I stepped on a wasps nest and got stung 5 times, had to pull them off me and run away as I continued to be stung. Seeing how I did not think I was doing the whole race and Ben who was near me was stung a lot on one ankle I headed in with him. :(

Thursday Aug 20, 2015 #

Running 10:00 [3]

Warm up on the indoor track out of the heat! :)

Orienteering 18:36 [3]

COC Sprint - FUN course on the UPEI campus, started off feeling good and took the first control a bit slow just to get the feel of the map. I he's rotated slightly leaving 7 just to make sure I was heading in the right direction, and over ran a turn by about 15m heading to 12. At this point I was really starting to fade, was not sure if I had enough in the tank to finish the race.... Which for some reason I had it in mind that there was 24 controls (thought I had folded over the control descriptions but that was the previous race). When I was on my way to 14 I realized the race was nearly over and did not have to reserve my energy for an extra 6 controls so pushed to the finish! Ended in 3rd for W35 which I am happy with.

Wednesday Aug 19, 2015 #

Orienteering 1:00:00 [3]

Went out with Stefan and Pia to pick up controls from the Hillsborough map. So nice to run it without the pressure of the race, made it to one or two that I bobbled which was nice.

Tuesday Aug 18, 2015 #

Trail Running 37:00 [3] 4.7 km (7:52 / km)

Went for a run in Fundy National Park, picked Mathew's Head trail for distance and that it went along the Fundy Costal Trail. Beautiful forest and rugged trail with lots of rocks and ankle twisting roots, first km was all downhill and then along the costal trail, views weren't the best as the fog decided to roll in. Only met up with a few other hikers and needless to say the last km was all up hill!

Hiking 30:00 [3] 3.0 km (10:00 / km)

Hiked 2 other trails while in Fundy, had lunch on the ocean's floor surrounded by rugged rock as the water slowly crept up on me, actually had to move twice. *** logged hikes since both consisted almost entirely of stairs straight up and down.

Monday Aug 17, 2015 #

8 AM

Orienteering 21:44 [3]

Ocean floor sprint - did this race 2 years ago and could not wait to do it again! Took it easy from the start, had a good wipe out last time that I did not want to repeat. Had not trouble on the first 2 controls but over ran #3, back tracked and when I got there I found Meghan struggling to get her shoe back on and it was not cooperating! :( clean race from there but only really ran on my way to the second last control when the sand was really packed! Fun morning race followed by exploring the rocks with the DGL gang!
1 PM

Orienteering 1:58:00 [3]

Was looking forward to going back on the Hillsborough map but worried about the distance and heat right from the start. Took my time going to the first control in hope to avoid yesterday's frustration and it went well - we started in the area with the ponds which made me quite happy! That was short lived, had to relocate twice on my way to #2. Had some good and not so good route choices for the rest of it. Was really happy to see water at #8, ate a bar on the way to #10 but could really feel myself crashing. Pushed trough to #17 but knew I would not make the time cut off so headed for the finish. I don't think I have ever finished a race feeling so depleted - got in to find everyone waiting and leaving for camp so no time to recharge. Changed mg shoes and had a juice, water, and orange as I trudged the 1.5 km to the car. By the time I got there I was feeling a bit human again. Treated myself to a nice fish dinner in Alma. #nokids #greatsleep

Sunday Aug 16, 2015 #

Orienteering (Warm-up) 10:00 [3]

Orienteering 1:29:20 [3]

Middle - felt good going into race but started with trouble already at 1, had trouble shaking it and did not do very well until I got into the area with the ponds - very technical but a change of scenery! I loved it! Tried to finish strong but had trouble with 16, came out of the forest at the wrong spot. Very challenging terrain - despite the problems I really enjoyed it!

Saturday Aug 15, 2015 #

Orienteering 40:00 [3]

Jogged/walked the model map with Meghan.

Thursday Aug 13, 2015 #

Running 15:00 [3]

Easy jog along the St. Lawrence to shake out legs after long day of driving.

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