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Training Log Archive: Ari-o

In the 7 days ending Feb 9:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Ski3 3:59:15 32.3(7:24) 51.98(4:36) 1148
  Run4 3:12:01 21.6(8:53) 34.76(5:31) 709
  Ski (AT)1 2:09:55 5.5(23:37) 8.85(14:41) 597
  Total7 9:21:11 59.4(9:27) 95.59(5:52) 2454

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Sunday Feb 9 #

10 AM

Ski (AT) 2:09:55 [1] 5.5 mi (23:37 / mi) +597m 17:40 / mi

Lazy morning and then we went up to backcountry ski in Stowe. It was perfection. Very few people out there, mellow glades, a foot of cold powder. Trees just covered in snow. Kind of felt like skiing out west after a dump. A couple of nice runs and just perfect views. Can winter always be like this pls?

Ski 1:06:48 [1] 10.2 mi (6:33 / mi) +394m 5:51 / mi

Headed home, via Oak Hill! Great skiing, a few flakes falling, but fast underneath. Skied the 10k in the light, and the 5k in the dark. The 10k is so much fun. I could ski it 1000 times. Pushed the hills on top to at least feel like I did something hard. Kind of hungry by the end, but going to my friend's Oscar party which is basically just a huge amount of food. Earned.

Could have skied more this weekend, I guess.

Saturday Feb 8 #

8 AM

Run 1:00:09 [1] 7.8 mi (7:43 / mi)

Out for a run, since it seemed windy and cold up north (apparently it wasn't that windy even earlier in the day). River was fun with the wind, though, and not too cold. I was running 7:15ishes, and there was a guy who I passed, who then passed me, then slowed down right in front of me, then just seemed to be annoying; I got fed up and dropped a 6:30 and bye bye.

Saw a couple of construction workers getting out of a car with NH plates and a HP placard and walking to a construction site. Reported to Mass authorities, not that it will do much, and tweeted. Amazing how many people accuse me of discriminating against people with disabilities by suggesting that maybe perhaps this is abuse of the system, when abuse runs rampant. Sure, it's possible that a construction worker has relapsing MS and needs the HP placard despite parking in a space 500 feet from the job site, but Occam's Razor would suggest otherwise.

Anyway, a good day on Twitter was had by all.
4 PM

Ski 2:03:49 [1] 12.5 mi (9:54 / mi) +611m 8:36 / mi

Ran late, roads mostly clear (although one trailer in Vermont being winched out of the median). Then Google Maps took me on a very closed road so that added more time.

But Sleepy Hollow is super chill about after-hours skiing, and they had their lights on anyway. Sunset was amazing and then I found John and Jenny. They were getting cold but I wanted to ski more and skied the Hinsdale loop by headlamp and full moon and it was pretty great, although the sensation of seeing someone behind me was odd until I got used to the rising moon.

Thursday Feb 6 #

8 PM

Run 44:55 [1] 5.8 mi (7:45 / mi)

I have the most interesting runs.

I turned onto Pearl Street and heard honk honk honk honk honk.

Then I saw a bicyclist go by, with a car right behind—maybe five feet behind.

I've had this happen before. Threatening, honking, because a cyclist had the nerve to be in the street ahead. There's no room to pass. Doesn't matter. People turn into sociopaths when they drive.

I ran after the car. The car turned left and parked. I caught up. I tried to be nice. "Please, please don't do that. It's not safe. Just slow down and wait."

The woman wanted none of it. "Don't tell me what to do. You use your white privilege. You white bikers and white runners" and other assorted nonsense. Loud enough a bicyclist (not the one honked at) stopped and started taking a video.

She wasn't done. She came up to me and started shoving me. She wanted a response. It wasn't hard enough to do any damage, but, wow, if there's someone taking a video maybe committing battery isn't a great idea? Then she said I should call the police. I said I would, but didn't have a phone. So she gave me hers.

I called 349 3300. She said "call 911." I said it wasn't an emergency, so I wouldn't call 911. So she took her phone back and called 911. And yelled at me without talking to them. And then hung up.

If 911 hears what sounds like a domestic situation and a hang up, you're damn right they're calling back. And probably tracing the phone location. Her phone rang, I said "you should answer it, it's the police."

They were there in a couple of minutes. Two at first, then two more cruisers. A total of six officers. Me and the other witnesses (there was a small crowd by now) on one side, calmly telling our side of the story, and the woman on the other, telling the officers how, yes, she'd honked at the bicyclist who wouldn't get out of her way, and yes, she'd assaulted me.

Like, that's probably not a great idea. They explained that what she did was against the law. She didn't seem to care. She proceeded to yell at no fewer than half a dozen police officers about how she had every right to honk at a cyclist for going too slow. I had hoped that being explained this by the officers would make her realize she was in the wrong. But she was beyond reason.

At the time, I decided not to file an assault and battery complaint. Given the video, I certainly could. I would rather she learn about safe driving, and am asking contacts at CPD to give her a call when she has had a chance to settle down and talk to her about save vehicular operation. If I hear back that she gave them lip, maybe I will file a complaint.

Drivers are the worst.

The rest of the run was fine. Everyone yielded for me at crosswalks, and I felt good running along the river in the spitting rain.

Wednesday Feb 5 #

6 AM

Run 11:23 [1] 1.4 mi (8:08 / mi)

Run over to NP, very light rain let up during the run.

Yelled at the guy who parks in the crosswalk. Range Rover. He moved his car. I may have threatened him (well, the car, but when you drive a Range Rover to HBS, it is an appendage). He was blocking the curb cut that the people who park in the adjacent handicap space would use. Like, this guy is going directly to hell.


Run hills 42:08 [1] 2.5 mi (16:51 / mi) +709m 8:58 / mi

Today was the three periods hockey workout. I started late figuring my legs would be angry but they felt surprisingly good. Got to section 22 the first time out, and 21 the second, and then was bad at math and thought I needed to get to 18 for 50, but only needed to get to 21, so I did.

Run 11:46 [1] 1.3 mi (9:03 / mi)

Ran home and saw that the guy had moved his car from the crosswalk to … a handicap spot.

I have no words. None. Zero.

(No, he did not have a placard, of course.)

I've called BPD before about this, and they told me on the phone they would do nothing. Are there rules? Do these people deserve to live?

This guy should be fed to wolves.

Tuesday Feb 4 #

6 PM

Ski 32:12 [1] 5.7 mi (5:39 / mi) +84m 5:24 / mi

Out to Weston on the Green Line, way less stressful than driving. Walked from Riverside, then warmed up for about 20 minutes. Definitely feeling the weekend.

Ski 16:26 [4] 3.9 mi (4:13 / mi) +59m 4:01 / mi

Tightened the HRM and that didn't do anything. The average maybe is useful?

First lap was pretty subdued, John had as well. After the second lap there was some attacking, and I was with the front group, but barely, and got dropped off on the third lap, but at least there were some gaps. So I was in a group of three with Rob, who had decently fast skis because wax, and stayed with this group through the last lap, the other guy fell, but recovered quickly. I attacked on the last hill and so did he, put time on Rob, but he took me in the sprint.

Felt surprisingly not terrible given this weekend.

Then I found a ride to Alewife and was home in 40 minutes.

Monday Feb 3 #

3 PM

Run 21:40 [1] 2.8 mi (7:44 / mi)

Wanted to go to Russo's, didn't want to drive, wanted to run, but not 6 miles into the wind.

So I ran to the 57 bus, took it to the Rotary of Death, ran to Russo's, then walked up to the 70. One fare.
9 PM


I have what I can only describe as forearm DOMS.

R wrist/hand is still kind of janky but really no worse for wear after the weekend.

L wrist/hand/forearm now have DOMS-like pain, pretty mild, but still. I'll see if it goes away in the next couple of days of not skiing/racing 50k/day.

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