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Training Log Archive: Ari-o

In the 7 days ending May 26, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Run8 4:49:41 33.7(8:36) 54.24(5:20) 548
  Orienteering3 2:52:26 12.4(13:54) 19.96(8:38) 340
  Core1 15:00
  Total8 7:57:07 46.1 74.19 888

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Sunday May 26, 2013 #

Run 44:43 [2] 5.4 mi (8:17 / mi) +132m 7:42 / mi

Went for a run towards Winthrop. Emily got "lost" but that means I got to run more. OH and they repaved North Wayne Road thus closing the gap of bad pavement on the 15k around-the-lake rollerski route. I should have brought my skis up this weekend. Oh, well. Maybe next weekend!

Saturday May 25, 2013 #

11 AM

Run warm up/down 5:00 [1] 0.5 mi (10:00 / mi)

Warm-up? We don't need no stinkin' warm-up! We ran 15 miles yesterday!

Orienteering race 1:02:52 [3] 5.0 mi (12:34 / mi) +230m 11:00 / mi

What's the best thing to do the day after you go orienteering in the rain? Orienteering in the rain!

Actually, less rain. More trails on the map. And much less greenbrier. I ran (for me) pretty cleanly, only one big mistake and one smaller mistake and then the general mistakes everywhere else.

Controls …
1) took the trail right to the big-ass rock (terminology from yesterday) and up the reentrant.
2) Trail with stone wall, then rock on a very minor spur.
3) Followed the stone wall. Misread the cue sheet a little bit, but found the control (was looking for a hill, found a clearing).
4) Trail on a stone wall, then down around a shallow reentrant to a spur with a rock.
5) Ran up the trail up the hill, then contoured from where it turned. Extra climb, but better attacking. Found the other trail, then up the hill from the stream, but not up far enough.
6) This was the first big mistake. I should have found the wall and then the trail. Instead I found the corner, but stayed too far above, and lost contact. I followed a shallow trail up the reentrant southwest of the control, then had to backtrack to find the real trails, and the control in a fireplace. AP says I lost 1:23 but Strava says it was 2:06 from when I went down the wrong contour to when I found my way back to the trail.
7) Spur, rock, control.
8) Trail, boulder field, reentrant, control.
9) Did this pretty well. Found the stone wall and marshy trail, then got a little mixed up around the marsh, up across the hill to the control
10) Down the trail, over the little hill and across the stream. Up the rocky reentrant trail, and hey look Brendan probably knows where he's going. Went a little right; should have used the rock wall to the left.
11) Second big mistake. Found the trail up the reentrant, and then ran the trail … right past the control to the stream. Wound up well below the control, had to go up the reentrant. AP says 1:53, Strava 2:30.
12) Trail, reentrant, spur, stream
13) Should have been an easy trail run, but my brain started to turn off. Which was an issue. So I stopped at a minor trail junction and just stood there for what felt like 10 minutes (looks like about 0:30), then went off running to the control (just past the cliff)
14) Attacked well to the trail, but overran the control to the clearing (the rocks are … well, they're mapped). Lost about 0:50 looking around here.
15) Trail run to the right of the open rock, right to the control. And apparently I won this control. I'm not sure why. Most every other control I ran cleanly I was in 5th-9th position; this one I won by 5 seconds (in 1:43). Some theories: a) I ran this very cleanly. Hit the trail, and ran right to the control where I expected it to be without looking at my map. b) I left the control having wandered so I'd internalized where to go next. c) I cut to the trail pretty quickly and may have had a bit more trail running. d) I killed the trail run. In any case, this is impetus to go faster next time on all the controls—if I'd won every control by 5% I would have won the race going away!
16) Right little trail, then a little to the right, but found the rock (open?) and control
17) Just ran over the hill looking for where there might be a 4m cliff, and there it was!
18) Played stupidly with my compass trying to make things line up (-15). Really on brain fumes here. Then just ran down the hill a little right of where I should have been, but then, trail run!
19) Good attack over the hill
20) Ran to the big building
21) Right down a reentrant
Finish was a trail run!

So, I didn't go that fast, which was partly navigation, and partly my legs being wicked tired from yesterday (every time I hit a hill it was sluggish). But I felt pretty good about the navigation, although I need to work on doing it faster and cleaner. Park-o and stupid rain training with Alex certainly help. But if I took off the 6:00 minutes of stupid navigation errors, I would have been in 5th place, and had my legs been a little less fried, well, who knows …

Friday May 24, 2013 #

6 AM

Run hills (NP) 51:10 [2] 5.9 mi (8:40 / mi) +383m 7:13 / mi

Interesting NP today. No bike space at Cleveland Circle so I had to go to Washington Square and take the stairs. And having run a Park-O 11 hours before and then run home, my legs were saying no. But I made them say yes. Super muggy but not too hot. I drank a lot of water and struggled through the four full up-and-over hills.

The Brookline Police decided to make a show of force and for the most part everyone stayed quiet and on the sidewalk. I had to tell one fellow to not run in the street; I neglected to mention that he probably shouldn't be listening to a phone sans headphones either. But that's okay. Said a lot of good mornings to the cops et al.

I run so much better when it's 20 and dry than 70 and muggy. But that's okay.
6 PM

Run 26:12 [1] 2.5 mi (10:29 / mi)

Ran with Alex for a to-be-logged-and-determined amount of time, getting lost in the Fells on our way from West Medford to the trails. Yay, orienteering! Finally took out my phone and we figured out where we were.

Run 8:30 [1] 1.0 mi (8:30 / mi)

Ran with Alex back to the bus. Well, a bus. We just wanted to be warm, dry, and moving in a conveyance other than our feet. We found a bus to Davis, which was great, since we then got Thai and took the Red Line downtown. Lots of time on the train, but dry, warm time.

Orienteering 1:33:56 [2] 5.1 mi (18:25 / mi) +110m 17:16 / mi

So Alex posted on the CSU post that her juniors practice was canceled due to weather and did anyone want to go run around the Fells? I was at work and had already done hills. A smart person would have said "no, that's kind of dumb—it's going to be rainy, and you don't have O equipment at work, and it's already tired out." But then I said SHUT UP BRAIN and emailed Alex and went home to get stuff (compass, pants) and then we met at North Station and took the train to West Medford and ran in to the woods and immediately got lost but then found our start.

So the course was hard. No trails. Start with a line-o. Then go to a corridor. Then to an inverse corridor. Alex led and narrated. I followed. It was hard, and I wasn't really looking at the trails that much. Jesus. Also greenbriar.

Oh, and then … it started raining buckets. I had a map in a plastic bag which was good, and put my phone in that bag, and we found our way through swamp and marsh and greenbriar patch and getting lost and, well, Alex's log probably would have more/better information. I sort of ran and sort of looked at the map.

It got cold, too. We ran in to the control pick and I led a couple of controls but it got really cold and Alex took the lead running and we were soaked and cold and then it got brain-turned-off and then we ran to get our stuff and just missed a bus and got a different bus and got Thai food.

And I'm running O in the morning. Hooray?

Thursday May 23, 2013 #

Run warm up/down 10:48 [1] 1.3 mi (8:18 / mi)

Warm up before O race

Orienteering race (ParkO) 15:38 [3] 2.3 mi (6:48 / mi)

Fun ParkO! I pretty much spiked every control, and accidentally made a good route choice to 2. I wasn't feeling super fast and didn't start pouring on the speed until the end, which shows in the results. Slowed down going to find 3 by a smidge, and then ran pretty well the rest of the way. Definitely a running course, and one where I could get a control ahead on the map most of the way. Nobscot in the rain should be, well, more interesting.

Run warm up/down 34:54 [2] 3.8 mi (9:11 / mi) +33m 8:57 / mi

Ran home from Park-o, only 4 miles! I took back roads and didn't lose contact with the map I had in my head. The slums have hills, which at the end of the day are hard. Also running with a bike helmet, but I didn't use my out and take Hubway (I'd only ridden it six or seven times today anyway).

Wednesday May 22, 2013 #


Thought I might be able to sneak some training in yesterday, but wound up running from one thing to the next all day. So it didn't happen.

Tuesday May 21, 2013 #

Run 52:24 [2] 6.4 mi (8:11 / mi)

Run for lunch. Wound up being late due to things at work, so I was pretty hungry. Great sea breeze kept temperatures in the 60s so it was very pleasant out, not hot!

Monday May 20, 2013 #

Run 28:00 [2] 3.5 mi (8:00 / mi)

Short run to the grocery. And it poured rain the whole time, which was pretty awesome.
6 AM

Run 23:00 [1] 2.7 mi (8:31 / mi)

Running to NP Monday with a pack. Makes it a little harder, but I didn't feel that bad about getting passed by people.

Core (NP) 15:00 [2]

100 leg throw downs, 100 push ups. Not too bad. Form went out on the push ups, though. But my back doesn't hurt (yet) so I need to get in to this more.

Run 5:00 [1] 0.7 mi (7:08 / mi)

And a run to the T to go to work. Hooray!

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