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Training Log Archive: BigWillyStyle

In the 7 days ending Mar 13, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running2 45:55 5.8(7:55) 9.33(4:55) 105
  Orienteering1 30:14 3.33(9:05) 5.36(5:38) 7514c
  Total2 1:16:09 9.13(8:21) 14.69(5:11) 18014c

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Saturday Mar 12, 2016 #

8 PM

Orienteering race 30:14 [4] ** 5.36 km (5:38 / km) +75m 5:16 / km


Night-O @ Lincoln Park.

As a rule I'm relatively awful at night orienteering, but this was one of my best efforts - main reason probably being that J fortuitously left his headlamp in my car last weekend, and his headlamp is way better than mine. Lost maybe 45s on 3 when I couldn't parse the small trails and had to bail out, and about a minute on 13 when I ran right by the feature without seeing the control (flag was somewhat hidden) - should have recognized where I was at. 7.5/15 top splits.

Running warm up/down 5:27 [2] 0.86 km (6:20 / km) +10m 5:59 / km

Friday Mar 11, 2016 #

5 PM

Running 40:28 [3] 8.47 km (4:47 / km) +95m 4:31 / km

Everyone look at me, I went running! Cool huh.

Ages/categories of Cascaders traveling to US Champs next weekend:

F/M14: ooo
F/M16: ooo
F/M20: oo
F/M21: oooooo
F/M40: oo
F/M50: oooooo
F/M60: ooooo
F/M70: o

Hooray for a somewhat even spread!

Wednesday Mar 9, 2016 #


Sunday was an important milestone - I raced without a knee brace for the first time, only wearing a patella strap, and didn't experience any setbacks. With US Champs in two weeks there isn't time to accomplish much of anything, so I will continue to play things conservatively until getting back from California, then if all goes according to plan, cautiously ease into training and hopefully have two-plus quality months before Team Trials in early June.

Also, go Zags!

Also, here is an intriguing theory on that whole "Why the Hell Has X% Percentage of America Suddenly Gone Bat-Shit Insane" question that just a few people are struggling with right now.

Tuesday Mar 8, 2016 #


Haha so not to be an ass but true confessions, I'm semi-wondering if this is actually me here. Reasons being:

1. Eric was wearing the no-sleeves sprint US top for this race, while I was wearing the short-sleeve top; it's a little hard to make out but I think this guy is wearing short sleeves - you can sort of tell at the end of the video.

2. I remember taking the over-the-top route into the control (17) at the beginning of the video which was actually a sub-optimal route that Eric probably was smart enough not to take.

3. I've had a lot of good views (mainly from behind or while being passed) of Eric's running style over the years; he is more of a long-striding loper than this guy seems to be.

4. The drone definitely followed me for this entire stretch, and I definitely took those exact routes to 18, 19, and on the way to 20.

The video also appears to be considerably sped up - Leg 18 takes Video Man 0:23, while the fastest real-time split was 0:37.

Regardless, this is way awesome stuff and it's super cool of Kelsey to take the effort to make it happen.

Monday Mar 7, 2016 #


I did a fun thing when I test-ran my LTF Long Advanced in God Mode, which was to take splits, so that now we can compare them to the mere mortals.

One caveat: In a number of these splits is reflected the fact that I set three- or four-inch pieces of duct tape at many (but not all) of my control locations, and didn't record or remember which ones I had or hadn't taped - which led to me sometimes either searching for tape that wasn't there, or, failing that, spending extra time poking around confirming that I was indeed at the right place. Naturally, it's also considerably harder to spot a small piece of duct tape than an orienteering flag. Taken together, these factors acted as something of a check on the Power of God, and allowed Superman a sporting chance at certain times.

1. God: 1:23
Bone/Jones: 1:36

Straight the only real option here.

2. G: 2:14
Bone: 2:45

Course Setter's Choice: Left (due north out to the trail along the powerlines, turn right up the hill).

3. G: 2:11
Bone: 2:09

Straight again the only viable option. If you read the contours right, this is actually a deceptively simple leg, as you merely have to aim off to the conspicuous spur left of the control, then angle into the crazy trench/saddle thing. Impressive split by Eric.

4. G: 1:55
Bone: 2:08

Course Setter's Choice: Straight (also an option: up the spur to the right and around on the trail).

5. G: 1:09
Jones: 1:12

Course Setter's Choice: Straight, attacking from the trail bend.

6. G: 1:20
Nachev: 1:13

Course Setter's Choice: Straight. In the rough open areas of LTF where visibility is excellent, you can often "cheat" by taking a general bearing, ignoring the piles, and going into scan mode, counting on the fact that the control will be visible from a good distance away regardless of whether you end up left, right, or dead on. I hadn't set any tape here and so had the hamstring of checking off each pile, but after a bit of loitering, confirmed I was at the correct place.

7. G: 1:38
Bone: 1:30

Course Setter's Choice: Unclear between three possible options. I took the trail route right; it appears that the left trail route was faster. Straight was also viable.

8. G: 1:54
Bone: 1:15

Course Setter's Choice: Straight. I apparently spent quite a while here looking for my tape, and eventually figured out that I hadn't put any at this location.

9/10. G: 4:46
Bone, Kolyvek/Roach: 4:51

Forgot to take a split at 9, so this one is combined. Course Setter's Choice for 9: Right out to the edge of the rough open, then up to the trail and in off the corner.

11. G: 1:21
Bone: 1:15

The confirmation factor again at work here.

12. G: 1:47
Bone: 1:42

Eric beats God on running speed alone. Go figure.

13. G: 2:10
Bone: 2:04

Course Setter's Choice: Unclear. I went left (south to the border trail). It's possible that right along the powerline is faster. 11-12-13 was not a good stretch for God!

14. G: 0:39
Bone: 0:50

15. G: 1:23
Bone: 1:39

Course Setter's Choice: Straight, slightly right around the green patch. Also viable options: Trail route right; straight but slightly left around the green patch.

16. G: 1:03
Bone: 1:21

Course Setter's Choice: Straight; the forest is actually quite runnable here.

17. G: 2:25
Bone: 1:54

Course Setter's Choice: Left out to the trail, direction less important than speed (straight along the S edge of the creek also an option). Ironically, I spent a while here trying to physically locate the actual boulder, as it is a very low, sneaky, moss-covered, stump-resembling boulder.

18. G: 2:23
Bone: 2:32

Straightforward trail leg. Uninteresting but unavoidable given the giant unmapped swamp in and around the OOB area.

19. G: 4:27
Bone: 4:57

Straightforward longish running leg, but with a tricky touch at the end. Course Setter's Choice: Jump off the main trail near the line and across the fairly runnable top of the hill, rather than continuing to the small trail, which leads to extra distance and unnecessary climb.

20. G: 2:46
Jones: 2:21

Another trail leg. I spent some time loitering here as well, as a backhoe had appeared near the control location and cleared out a bunch of juniper and created some new brush piles - all of which had happened after the map had been updated not a month prior.

21. G: 2:31
Jones: 2:42

Course Setter's Choice: Straight. The test I set up here was whether people would snap out of trail-running mode, look up, and take a beeline through the rough open for the plainly visible tree line, ignoring the irrelevant trails running to and fro.

22. G: 2:00
Bone: 2:00

Course Setter's Choice: Unclear. I went trail route right, but executed it suboptimally. Straight is likely a touch slower; trail route left may be best.

23. G: 2:38
Bone: 2:10

The Boulder. Eric apparently smashed me on this one; I was overly cautious and spent too much time overthinking/picking a jump-off point. Even when you know where The Boulder is, you know you really don't know, even when you're God.

24. G: 1:07
Bone: 1:10

Straight was the only real option here, unless you wanted to end up in the swamp.

25. G: 1:19
Bone: 1:14

26. G: 0:35
Jones: 0:29

God always mails in his finish splits.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

God's estimated time losses:

20s @ 7 (route choice)
50s @ 8 (confirmation factor)
20s @ 10 (confirmation)
40s @ 17 (confirmation)
30s @ 20 (confirmation)
30s @ 23 (route choice/hesitation)

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