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Training Log Archive: BigWillyStyle

In the 7 days ending Dec 27, 2015:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running2 1:25:05 11.28(7:33) 18.15(4:41) 145
  Orienteering1 1:09:13 5.7(12:09) 9.17(7:33) 45120c
  Total3 2:34:18 16.98(9:05) 27.32(5:39) 59620c

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Saturday Dec 26, 2015 #

10 AM

Orienteering race 1:09:13 [4] *** 9.17 km (7:33 / km) +451m 6:04 / km

Bog Slog 2015! A good back-and-forth battle with Eric; l made a late decisive error and in the end he got me by 45s.

Willvision (Ericvision?)

down goes Frasier

S-1: Ouch, straight up from the parking lot to the bowl. Settled in with Eric and Peteris. P jumped in a little early and lost a few seconds, so E and I punched first.

1-2 (4:30): An easy trail leg; content to sit on E's back. P back up with us as well.

2-3 (9:44): I elected to take the direct approach straight up the hill; E and P went off to the right, presumably using the small trail. E jumped back into view a little before I hit the main trail and led me into it.

3-4 (15:33): On the way out of 3 we passed P heading back into it from the pipeline trail, meaning he had lost ~30s. I was a little more decisive jumping into the woods, so reached 4 first.

4-5 (17:40): Fumbled around for a bit in the circle; the control was farther east than expected. E spotted it first.

5-6 (19:26): Short sidehill leg; spotted it from a good distance away.

6-7 (20:22): This one was almost certainly placed too far to the NW. Both E and I overran it, and it seemed to be in the saddle rather than on the hilltop.

7-8 (22:29): Relatively simple down-the-ridge leg; I chose a poor microroute through some thicker vegetation and lost a few seconds to E near the end of the leg.

8-9 (24:35): Trail back up to and across the pipeline and in. Still with E.

9-10 (28:34): Back out to the main trails, around and in.

10-11 (30:22): E took a direct route back out to main trail, while I slogged through a bunch of ferns (and took a fall), so he gained a 20-25s lead, but then lost it cutting the next corner and getting stuck in the green. Then we both screwed up 11, stopping too early in a place that seemed very like the place where the control should be. E's GPS track appears to show that the control was in fact in the right place and it's the trail that's very inaccurately mapped.

11-12 (37:57): We jumped back out and went right around the swamp; P went left (separately from us) and won the leg. Control was placed a bit too high on the hillside, closer to the fenced area than mapped.

12-13 (41:16): Down the reentrant, only the control wasn't really in the reentrant. I happened to see it off to our left as E continued down the hill. Tried to be sneaky but he saw me :)

13-14 (42:13): Is dis de lead? Around the swamp and up the steep hill, E not far behind.

14-15 (44:50): The decisive leg. First goal - get down the hillside without injuring myself. Then cut down to the other main trail. Wasn't sure where E had gone, then he popped out right in front of me as I was heading S - turned out he had cut down earlier than I did. We cut up the hill through the open area, then up to the next trail. I hit a bit of a wall going up this hill, which was lame since it was basically the last bit of climb on the whole course. Anyway, E was stronger up the hill and got ahead a bit, then I wasn't sure whether I had reached the trail N of the circle or the one E of the circle, so I went S (away from the control, as it turned out) and only figured it out when I hit the 180 deg trail bend SW of the control. 1:26 lost to E on the leg; maybe 45-50s due to error, the rest to indecisiveness/route choice earlier in the leg and speed up the hill.

15-16 (54:50): Alone now. Back out to the trail, cut to the other trail. Won this leg pretty handily; E and P went left so my route must have been best.

16-17 (56:30): Realizing that the rest of the course is downhill, that's nice! Took the trail SE to the big bend, then inefficiently cut E over to the pipeline. Should have cut S to the trail but didn't notice the easy route that others did. A little time lost there. Saw E ahead in the distance nearing 17, maybe 1:30 ahead.

17-18 (60:48): Simple trail leg.

18-19 (62:01): You want me to go down that thing?? Actually gained a third of my deficit back on this leg, as E cut through the woods then down into the bowl and up. Saw him heading for 20 as I rounded the bowl.

19-20 (64:02): Running hard in the unlikely event E bobbles it.

20-F (66:02): Extreme downhill finish. Probably a good thing we didn't have to sprint it out.

Friday Dec 25, 2015 #

12 PM

Running 34:34 [3] 4.27 mi (8:06 / mi) +55m 7:47 / mi

Easy Christmas yog. Mass start Bog Slog tomorrow :D :D :D I think I'll GoPro it.

Thursday Dec 24, 2015 #

1 PM

Running 50:31 [3] 7.01 mi (7:12 / mi) +90m 6:56 / mi

Left work at 1215, on the BT trails by 1300. Would that such could be the case every day. Merry Christmas y'all!

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