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Training Log Archive: BigWillyStyle

In the 7 days ending Sep 27, 2015:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering6 1:25:03 9.07(9:22) 14.6(5:50) 345120c
  Running1 36:40 3.73(9:49) 6.01(6:06) 50
  Total7 2:01:43 12.81(9:30) 20.61(5:54) 395120c

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Sunday Sep 27, 2015 #

10 AM

Orienteering race 16:29 [4] ** 2.4 km (6:52 / km) +105m 5:38 / km

Round 4 - Shoreview Park

The overall goal was to make the championship heat (i.e. top five), which meant this was the decisive one. Heat included Adam, Graeme, Ian C, and Eric so it was always going to be a battle. Right off the start, someone (Graeme I think) went straight up the hill and of course everyone followed. There is an calculus that occurs in situations like this which works inexorably against the individualist. First, by the mere act of stopping to look for other routes before you commit, you've already lost X seconds on everyone, and without any guarantee that you'll find a superior route. If you do find a viable alternate route, it already must be faster than the group's to make up for the seconds you've already lost, and for the seconds you'll lose doing all your own navigating without benefit of the strength of the pack. Finally, even in the rare case that you immediately find a better route, spike it, and do it faster than the group, chances are low that you've found the miracle route that puts you more than ten or twenty seconds ahead, which then more than likely means the posse will have you in sight, smooth out your micro-inefficiencies and slowly reel you back in, and now you've exerted more physical and/or mental energy than they have for no gain. This phenomenon is most prevalent in cycling, obviously. All of this is to say that, yes, in a vacuum the long around trail route may have been best, but the risk/reward analysis advises against breaking away - especially on the very first control, when you can't win the race but can definitely lose it.

Anyway, at the top of the hill I went right around the track and dog park; the group went left which turned out to be ~20s faster. Briefly saw the other guys ahead once or twice but was basically on my own. I was lucky to glimpse Graeme just as he ducked into an unmapped trail that led almost directly to 5, then he popped into sight again a few seconds ahead just before the steep climb to 8. I went right to 9, he went left; hard to say which was better but I gained 11s on the leg and punched 9 half a step behind him. We passed Adam and Ian coming down on the way up to 10, but their 20-25s lead was clearly too much to hope to make up with so little course left. I took a poor microroute to 11 and had to duck under a railing, which in retrospect cost me my last reasonable chance to pass, because once in the forest the trails were too narrow and uneven. Graeme punched the go control first, then a balls-out redline sprint to the finish. I could see myself slowly gaining, and maybe if the chute was 75 or 100m longer, could have made the pass. As it happened I pulled nearly even at the end and we punched in a dead heat according to the computer, but he seemed to be a fraction of a second ahead in real time. In any case, the SART tiebreaker was total time at the go control, so I knew I had already lost that and needed to win outright.

So, really fun and crazy intense race. I ended up tied for 4th in the Round by time, but also fell to 4th in my own heat based on the tiebreaker. Couldn't help but feel wronged/unlucky based on the fact that only three were faster but five advanced ahead of me - especially when second place in the other heat was more than a minute slower - but such are the caprices of the bracket. Sometimes fortuitous, sometimes cruel. Sucks to be on the down side of it though and I felt I deserved to be competing for the championship.
12 PM

Orienteering race 18:14 [4] ** 2.6 km (7:01 / km) +40m 6:31 / km

Round 5 - Shoreline CC

Final round! Heat consisted of Eric B, Erin, Simon and myself, with Nathan a DNS. This race was a lot like I imagine playing in the third place game of the World Cup is. I ran one butterfly loop with the Ians, another just in front of Jourdan. I had 15 of 24 top splits in my heat and should have won it going away if not for a comically dumb mistake on 9. I was pretty much mentally/physically/ emotionally spent, so I more or less ran at a controlled pace and enjoyed myself rather than really racing. This was my favorite course and venue of SART.

Saturday Sep 26, 2015 #


SART semifinal heats:

Erin S
Ian S
Jourdan H
Nate B
Simon F

Adam W
Eric B
Graeme R
Ian C
Will E
9 AM

Orienteering race 5:27 [4] ** 1.4 km (3:54 / km) +15m 3:42 / km

Time Trial - Green Lake Park

Per my SART game plan, I ran hard in this one to get as high a seed as possible and was pleasantly surprised to end up third behind Simon the Swede and Adam. New milestone: first orienteering by me of any kind at sub-4:00/km.
11 AM

Orienteering race 15:17 [2] ** 2.7 km (5:40 / km) +75m 4:58 / km

Round 1 - Woodland Park

Basically jogged/walked this, which is a bit of a shame because Woodland Park is really a very good forest sprint venue.
2 PM

Orienteering race 14:32 [3] ** 2.6 km (5:35 / km) +60m 5:01 / km

Round 2 - North Seattle College

In a heat with Alex and Ali; basically ran the whole race with Ali at a semi-relaxed pace. Turned out we expended too much effort, as we had the top two times of the Round.
4 PM

Orienteering race 15:04 [4] ** 2.9 km (5:12 / km) +50m 4:47 / km

Round 3 - North Seattle College

First race-pace Round - my heat included Ali, Eric Jones, Ian C and Nikolay. I got ahead at 5 and was in the lead for the majority, but I had the full navigational burden and could hear/sense Ali and Ian slowly gaining seconds back, especially in the more tricky campus section. Got passed by Ian and finished 4s behind, but held off Ali by 9s. Was content to let Ian take it but ready to fight for second if the need arose. 7th place in the Round by time.

Friday Sep 25, 2015 #


25 Days of SARTember, Day 25

Location: Home

11 AM

Running 36:40 [2] 6.01 km (6:06 / km) +50m 5:51 / km

Easy Discovery Park yog with Erin and Kseniya. I did a bad job of leading and got us lost once or twice.

Thursday Sep 24, 2015 #


25 Days of SARTember, Day 24

Location: Seattle

Today, collected a KPop and did some impromptu tour-guiding. Tomorrow, we'll be joined by a schirminator, an edwarddes, and an acjospe. The stars are aligning.

Wednesday Sep 23, 2015 #


25 Days of SARTember, Day 23

Location: Home

It's the eve of the eve of the eve of SART, and Round 1 deets are now public:

Round 1 @ Woodland Park
19 controls, 2.7km, 75m climb
1:4000 map, 2.5m contour interval

The experts have no earth-shattering secrets to reveal here; this should be a fairly traditional east-coast-style forest sprint. There will be a lot of up/down/side-hill dirt and grass running. Straight or straight-ish should be the best option on most legs, but the gently rolling spur/reentrant network can at times be trickier than it seems. Estimated winning time: 13-14 minutes.

Though it's not strictly related to SART, tonight the farewell dinner was held for the former members of the now-defunct Sammamish OC.

Pictured L to R:

Jim Siscel
Dave Enger
Pat Reddick
Bob Reddick
Fred Veler
Ken Lew
Will Enger
John Sincock
Valerie Enger

SAMM's last moment of glory: NAOC 2014. Never fear - Sammamish will continue to live on via my A-meet registrations and results for as long as OUSA's bureaucratic lethargy overlooks the minor fact that the club doesn't actually exist anymore.

Tuesday Sep 22, 2015 #


25 Days of SARTember, Day 22

Location: Home

As luck would have it, I've been rehabilitated from the maw of the black abyss just as new information has been disseminated from official channels about the SART courses. Let's engage in more speculation that now at least rests on some degree of evidential basis.

Time Trial @ Green Lake Bathhouse
13 controls, 1.4 km, 15m climb
1:4000 map, 2.5m contour interval

As this is the preliminary seeding race, the experts we've spoken to foresee a fairly straightforward course, the results of which will primarily be dependent on speed. It's reasonable to expect that our benevolent SART overlords desire as "true" a seeding as possible, and therefore will deploy few tricks here. Expect mostly straight, flat grass running. Our estimated winning time: 6-7 minutes.

Round 1 @ Woodland Park
to be announced by Thursday morning
1:4000 map, 2.5m contour interval

We'll put this one on hold, pending further info. For now, our experts advise that the more tactically-inclined among the higher seeds will recognize that a top-two heat placing is readily attainable without full physical exertion. "Know thine heat-mates, survive and advance." Profound statement alert: The sprint tournament is not a sprint - it's a marathon.

Round 2 @ North Seattle College
25 controls, 2.6km, 60m climb
1:4000 map, 2.5m contour interval

Round 3 @ North Seattle College
27 controls, 2.9km, 50m climb
1:4000 map, 2.5m contour interval

First impression: 52 controls in 5.5 kilometers, on a small, complicated map. That's a whole lot of short legs and quick decisions at high speed and high pressure, with a lot of people running all over the place at the same time. Our experts foresee some unexpected outcomes resulting from these two races - we may see a few uncharacteristic blowups, perhaps even a mis-punch or two from a potential contender. Navigate carefully and beware of peer pressure, as the person next to you probably won't know what the hell is going on either. Estimated winning times for Rounds 2 and 3: 14-15 minutes and 16-17 minutes, respectively.

Round 4 @ Shoreview Park
13 controls, 2.4km, 105m climb
1:4000 map, 5.0m contour interval

Clearly, one of these sprints is not like the others. A couple things jump out immediately here: first, the low number of controls; second, the climb. This will presumably be the "forest" race - more route-choicey (average leg length up around 170m) and more physically demanding (less stable footing and nearly double the climb of any other race). The primary challenge will be accurately parsing the trail network, and when/whether to eschew the beaten path and sally forth into the unforgiving Seattle verdure. If you choose to bring spikes, wear them here. Our experts place the Round 4 winning time at 14-15 minutes.

Round 5 @ Shoreline Community College
23 controls, 2.6km, 40m climb
1:4000 map, 5.0m contour interval

The final race will in all likelihood be as tricky as the SCC campus allows, but it should be a bit more like a "normal" campus sprint than Rounds 2 and 3. And remember - the course will be forked. Estimated championship-winning time: 13-14 minutes.

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