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Training Log Archive: BigWillyStyle

In the 7 days ending Oct 5, 2014:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cycling4 2:41:18 36.57(13.6/h) 58.85(21.9/h) 372
  Running4 2:39:07 22.23(7:10) 35.77(4:27) 140
  Total8 5:20:25 58.8(5:27) 94.63(3:23) 512

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Sunday Oct 5, 2014 #

2 PM

Cycling 40:32 [3] 8.27 mi (12.2 mph) +200m

Wanted to go get a haircut, but they closed early. Looks like I'll have to show up in Canada all curly-headed and disheveled.

Saturday Oct 4, 2014 #

12 PM

Running warm up/down 18:59 [2] 2.45 mi (7:45 / mi) +20m 7:33 / mi

Lake Washington Kangaroos 3-0 Mountlake Terrace Hawks, FT*
LW: 22', 36' (OG), 53'

LW - 57%
MT - 43%

Shots (On Goal):
LW - 9 (5)
MT - 4 (2)

LW - 12
MT - 5

Tactical formation:
LW - 4-4-2
MT - 4-5-1

As evidenced by the scoreline, the Kangs were quite clearly the better side, which was most apparent in the midfield. LW deployed several quality holding and attacking players to great effect, leading to a significant possession advantage and far more offensive potency, and displayed the lion's share of individual class and playmaking dynamism.

Yet although they dominated the run of play, consistently asked questions of Mountlake Terrace's defence, and tallied twice in the opening half, the Kangs would have gone to the break scoreless if not for the howling misadventures of the Hawks' goalkeeper in attempting to defend corner kicks. She badly misjudged one, leading to a point-blank header for the opener, then later saw another glance off her hands directly into her net for an own goal and an 0-2 byline at the halftime whistle.

Lake Washington netted a decisive third soon after the restart on a briskly struck effort from the top of the box, which effectively determined the outcome, and the bulk of the second half passed without great excitement, each side producing just a handful of half-chances. The Kangs' keeper was challenged on one occasion by a close-in attempt after a goalfront scrum, but acquitted herself nicely with a quality save and in the end the clean score sheet was well-deserved.

For their part, Mountlake Terrace struggled mightily throughout to see possession within the attacking third. The Hawks' lone striker proved to be their most effective individual player, but suffered from a lack of quality service and saw little of the ball for much of the match, often drawing two and three defenders and only manufacturing her clearest chance off a stoppage of play within the last five minutes. She was also put clean through to goal on one occasion, but saw that attempt snuffed out by a Neueresque clearance from the LW keeper before finding a touch.

*All statistics approximate (except final score, which is exact)
1 PM

Running 17:19 [4] 5.0 km (3:28 / km)



I bummed up to the track, only to find that high school soccer teams play on Saturdays too. In lieu of going back home, I decided to wait until the match ended to run. In other words, I watched the entire thing - see match report above.

I felt very poor during this workout, but at least managed to salvage a final 3:20 through sheer displeasure with how things were going. Still eight seconds off my 1k interval PR.

Running warm up/down 13:58 [2] 1.52 mi (9:11 / mi) +10m 9:00 / mi

Slog home.
6 PM

Cycling 30:50 [3] 6.94 mi (13.5 mph) +100m

Quick quick to bank/library and back.

Thursday Oct 2, 2014 #

7 AM

Cycling 43:10 [3] 10.69 mi (14.9 mph) +20m

I love the smell of truck exhaust in the morning.
5 PM

Cycling 46:46 [3] 10.67 mi (13.7 mph) +52m

Sometimes it seems illogical to spend X hours a week/month/year training, to little or no apparent result beyond potentially improving the comparison to your former self and/or your peers. What if I spent my X hours doing something else, like learning French? Would I be fluent in French? Perhaps, perhaps no, but I would know plus de Fran├žais than I do now. Or I could spend my X hours helping other people, instead of helping myself in very small increments, if at all.

Is training the objectively "best" use of those hours? Certainly there are many worse uses of time - but it seems likely there are better ones, which also may provide a better return on time invested.

The competitive desire is not a logical thing.

Wednesday Oct 1, 2014 #

7 PM

Running 42:29 [3] 5.14 mi (8:16 / mi) +100m 7:48 / mi

Bridle Trails loop. Darkness seeped quickly into the forest around 7:15, which triggered my deathly fear of Berbalangs, Ceguas, Tailypos, and Loup-Garous which are known to prowl the woods at night and prey on unsuspecting U.S. Senior Orienteering Team members.

On the bright side, my new size-11 Orocs worked quite well and felt good on my feet.

Monday Sep 29, 2014 #

6 PM

Running tempo 1:06:22 [4] 10.01 mi (6:38 / mi) +10m 6:37 / mi


Sweet baby Jesus, check that NAOC start list. This gonna be bananas.

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