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Training Log Archive: Billenicus

In the 7 days ending Apr 29, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering6 3:42:18 21.16(10:30) 34.06(6:32)
  Total6 3:42:18 21.16(10:30) 34.06(6:32)

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Saturday Apr 29, 2017 #

Orienteering race 1:00:30 [4] 9.5 km (6:22 / km)
shoes: VJ Falcon

WMOC Final - Hedley Dunes - 8.4Km

Not quite sure what to make of that. Felt like the race fell apart badly towards the end and was really disappointed when I finished, particularly as I was down to second almost immediately with lots of runners still to finish. Went for a long sulky warm down where I couldn't hear the commentary, got back, looked at the results and got quite a surprise.

Physically the whole thing felt like a struggle. Was very tired towards the end and never felt fast, but think other people were finding it tough as well. SI and hamstring were sore while running and very sore afterwards but managed to run through the pain.

Technically not bad until a slight miss at 16 led to my glasses steaming up. From then on, a real struggle as I couldn't read the map or see the ground properly. Lost about 40s on the way to 2 missing a path junction and having to literally crawl through cutty grass. Then lost 30s to 12 when I was on target, but saw another control and went to it. Then 1 min on 16. Missed it slightly, and then couldn't recover when the glasses steamed up. Couldn't read the map at all to 17 so just tried to go on the compass and didn't get anywhere near, losing about 40s. Then lost about 20s on 19 and 30s on 22 through not having a clear picture.

Caught JonX 4 mins at 2, and saw him quite a bit, but without any real assistance. He finally got ahead 16-17 and finished about a minute before me.

Could easily have won, but in retrospect very happy just to have got through the week given where I was a few days ago.

Friday Apr 28, 2017 #


SI fairly sore today, and thigh also still quite sore from yesterday's overstrapping. Would have been a struggle to run, but hopefully another night's rest will improve the situation.

Thursday Apr 27, 2017 #

Orienteering race 54:57 [3] 7.31 km (7:31 / km)
ahr:149 max:169 shoes: VJ Falcon

WMOC Qualifier 2 - Temu Road - 6.0Km 180m

Atypical Woodhill - steep and complicated but a lot of fun.

Leg strapped too tightly before starting, and was in quite a lot of pain at the top of my left thigh. Really struggled to concentrate for the first few controls as a result, but felt a lot better after stopping and redoing the strapping. For the remainder of the course, probably as comfortable as I've been for a while although SI started hurting a bit towards the end.

Technically very poor at the start. Minor misses on 1, 2 and 6. Bigger mistakes at 3 (45s, just not concentrating on navigation) and 5 (2 mins, missed it very slightly and assumed I would have seen it so wandered off). Then got into the groove and only lost a few seconds at 18. Tried not to put effort in and didn't feel tired at the end.

Wednesday Apr 26, 2017 #

Orienteering race 50:19 [3] 8.05 km (6:15 / km)
ahr:154 max:163 shoes: VJ Falcon

WMOC Long Qualifier 1 - Temu Rd - 6.7Km 170m

Bit of a struggle. Leg strapped fairly comprehensively which seemed to protect the hamstring, but groin really quite sore. Running OK on the nice bits, but a lot of pain over rough stuff. Didn't put any effort in but would probably have struggled if I had.

Technically fairly poor - the usual problem of struggling to concentrate in a qualifier. Lost 45s 2-3 when I got turned 90 degrees and ended up spending extra time in the open dunes. Lost about 30 sec approaching 6. Then about 2 mins at 9 when I failed to trust my compass. Other small misses at 7, 12.

Tuesday Apr 25, 2017 #

Orienteering 25:20 [2] 3.0 km (8:27 / km)
shoes: VJ Falcon

Gentle jog round model event (Puketapu Rd, Woodhill). Very easy at that speed with such good visibility.

Hamstring not strapped, but OK. Unfortunately groin quite sore (which was what was stopping me getting to maximum speed yesterday). Couldn't run fluently.

Monday Apr 24, 2017 #

Orienteering race 15:33 [4] 3.2 km (4:52 / km)
shoes: Nike Air Pegasus 30 Blue

WMOC Sprint Final - Auckland Uni

Running with thigh heavily taped for the first time ever following advice from the physio yesterday, which felt awkward beforehand, but was mostly OK while running. However, leg still fairly sore and was stopping me concentrating 100%. Only really worrying pain towards the end when I wanted to try to speed up - too much pain to really get into top gear. Was also slow early on in the easy bit at the start.

Technically very average. Silly mistake on 2, running to the wrong tree (15s). Then nearly 30s 10-11 where I ran into an underground area that should have been taped off (going back there later, the tape was there but had been moved out of the way). Also, the map was wrong at exactly that point, which didn't help. Wrong route 12-13 (5 sec), still not recovered from then mistake. Didn't spot the better route 20-21 which may have cost 15s. Other small issues at 8, 16, 20. Caught Dirk Goosens somewhere around 17, which both helped and hindered.

Not too disappointed as couldn't have won on the day (would have been about 10 to 15 seconds down with a perfect run). But without the injury, would have been able to. A bit annoying that my main time loss was not really my fault, though not sure whether that cost me a place or not.

Sunday Apr 23, 2017 #

Orienteering race 15:39 [3] 3.0 km (5:13 / km)
ahr:150 max:163 shoes: Nike Air Pegasus 30 Blue

WMOC Sprint Qualifier - Epsom Campus - 3.0Km

Went to the start not knowing if I was going to be able to run. Long warm up, lots of stretching and then some jogging and it seemed like it might hold together so feeling very relieved when I started. Still took it very gently at the start. Sped up a bit but never got to racing speed. Hamstring got quite sore, particularly on the inside, but was able to cope with it. One sharp burst of pain when I had to react quickly to avoid someone.

As a result of the lack of speed, held it together pretty well technically. Only real mistake was about 10 seconds at 6 where I ran past the tree and looked at some others. Picked the right routes as well. Still very surprised by the result.

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