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Training Log Archive: philm64

In the 7 days ending Jan 14:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 1:55:39 9.07(12:45) 14.6(7:55) 626
  Running3 1:05:30 8.82(7:25) 14.2(4:37) 151
  Cycling1 30:00 4.97(6:02) 8.0(3:45) 60
  Total5 3:31:09 22.87(9:14) 36.8(5:44) 837

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Sunday Jan 14 #


Helen update - stuck at home, going to hospital tomorrow, for US scan, can't walk, has to CRAWL around her flat as she can't put any weight on foot, boot on foot, but no swelling or discoloration.

Thinks she may not have torn the Achilles too badly, but may have torn the very bottom / side of calf.

Off work & all activities completely cancelled. I may fly out to help her with life. As she can't shop etc.
10 AM

Orienteering 1:17:00 [5] 8.9 km (8:39 / km) +437m 6:57 / km
shoes: Inov-8 Mudclaw 265 Blue

BOK Headless Hill, brown, (yes, silly me) 7.3km / 405m / 21 controls

Early start (helping)
Bought a Thumb compass - 1st one ever, Gulp.

just could not get going , at all - joke to no 1 - 7 mins vs 4 mins for others.
Terrified of downhills, pulling a tendon/muscle (re. sister's serious injury yesterday), spraining an ankle, faceplanting, bashing my knee etc etc....

Caught the even more ailing Adam Hampshire (my lift share) at no 3 & we both messed up no 4. 2.5 mins?

Once he was dropped I got to no 8 , but 8-9 was one of the shittiest legs in the history of shitty legs - diagonally uphill, in mud, across vile felled FoD shite. the "forest road" just would NOT appear!!! (Adam P had same complaint).

From 9, things picked up, and I started hitting some sort of "stride", even enjoying & spiking controls - wondering if thumb compass is a good move?

Obviously benmitchell was miles ahead but to be soooo far behind Clive, Owain, Pete W, Michael H, etc, is very depressing.

Miles worse now than was at CSC final 3 months ago (for all those people that say I'm still on the way back from the operation 6 months ago)

Discouraged. But super keen for more. Which is good.
Innovates nearly died - they're shit - too frail (even a lace snapped today!) - dobs next. I'm abandoning Innovate. After 7 years.


Saturday Jan 13 #

(rest day)

BOK OCAD day at Chris Johnson's house. OCAD is not easy......!

Tired / sore from run & bouldering.

Even worse , sister tells me she's just "ripped" her achilles: "Game over".

9 PM

Cycling 30:00 [3] 8.0 km (3:45 / km) +60m 3:37 / km

Cycling to pub on gloucester road & back & 2½ pints of Bob.

Friday Jan 12 #

11 AM


Indoor bouldering at TCA. With Liz & Nellie. Bloody knackering. I've lost a lot of climbing fitness; shoulder still not right; core very weak (from operation etc). Nellie reckoned an "alien" / "Thing"-like mutoid was about to burst out of my swollen scarred stomach at one point. Thankfully , my innards stayed inside me.

Also tired from tempo 10km yesterday.

No sign of the stomach after effects like last Friday or the Friday before that (yet), thankfully.

Thursday Jan 11 #

2 PM

Running 48:45 [4] 10.5 km (4:39 / km) +88m 4:27 / km
shoes: Brookes Ravenna 8

Headed out for a good trot, inspired by Mark3's run along new road - I tried to do the same (new M32 junction) but came across "no access to pedestrians" signs, so binned it off & ran along new paths (new to me, that is) along W side of M32 - quite fast & pleasant! Then into Frenchay & Potter-land (should have brought Urban map with me), where i put in an Adam-inspired burst to get onto the greens/White Lion (4:12 km); started tiring, reached 8km in 36:43 and stopped for a breather & stretch.

Puntered in from here, but still sub-5min kms. This is fine - til you realise that sub-4 minute kms were what I was doing 2 years ago!

Pleasing tho. Will this be the 3rd thursday run in a row that inflames my stomach condition? We shall see.

LH pelvis less troublesome than before, & calf reasonable, hamstrings only slightly tight/sore.

No more running til I am brutalised by Headless Hill Brown on Sunday (and Ben will beat me by 20 minutes or more)

Wednesday Jan 10 #

(rest day)

A bit of cycling - which showed me my legs had forgotten how to cycle!

Tuesday Jan 9 #

11 AM

Orienteering (Oriento) 38:39 [4] 5.7 km (6:47 / km) +189m 5:49 / km
(injured) shoes: Mizuno Wave Harrier 3

Blaise - Blue permanent "Oriento" course.
You've got to laugh.
I assumed the controls would register due to GPS, but in any case i was NOT going to unlock my sodding iPhone at each control to enter a code! "Ran" clutching iPhone in one hand, map & compass in other. This made the vile muddy descents really stupid.

I can safely say this is not as good a time as Matt P's, as he did enter codes, or Owain Jones', as he did it at night & ran 800m further with a big error.

Felt unfit, and cold, and LH side bad again - calf "snitching" (threatening to knot/tear), hamstring LH unhappy. ParkRun last w/e was not a good move.

Need to see osteo .... bring on Monday........

Oriento - how did people get negative results? I'm proud of my "nul points".

Running 7 [1] 1.0 km (7 / km) +10m 7 / km
shoes: Mizuno Wave Harrier 3

12 PM

Running 16:38 [2] 2.7 km (6:10 / km) +53m 5:37 / km
shoes: Mizuno Wave Harrier 3

Down - not a bad trot in its own right, up to the Folly on top of Blaise.

Monday Jan 8 #

(rest day)

Beaten up!

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