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Training Log Archive: DonP

In the 7 days ending Feb 18, 2018:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running8 5:43:17 42.1(8:09) 67.75(5:04)
  Orienteering2 2:01:45 11.1(10:58) 17.86(6:49)
  Strength and Conditioning1 15:00
  Total9 8:00:02 53.2 85.62

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Sunday Feb 18, 2018 #

12 PM

Running warm up/down 10:00 [3] 1.0 mi (10:00 / mi)
shoes: VJ Supra

Warm up before MAROC event at Shooting Greens.

Orienteering race 1:19:19 [5] 6.1 mi (13:00 / mi)
shoes: VJ Supra

MAROC event at the Shooting Greens. I think the result of this was MAROC / the Shooting Greens 1 - Donald 0!

I was incredibly tired and my asthma was giving me grief so decided to run nice and steady and not make mistakes. This all went to pot at No 1 when I went right to the dark green and headed from there in to the crag. There was a reassuring, faint but obvious elephant trail on this line which went to where I thought the control should be. No flag! There were a couple of other crags on the hillside so I headed off to where they were and no sign of the flag. Back to the distinct vegetation change before the control, a careful bearing and came back to where I'd been before. Headless chicken for a few minutes then decided to head to the top of the hill and navigate back down to the crag. Again no sign of the control.
Was on my way back up the hill for another attempt when I looked behind me and saw the flag. It seemed to be a long way up the hill. Anyway, it took me nearly 16 minutes to get from the start to No 1. Game well and truly over! Also tore a huge gash along the outside of my right o shoe on a brashing.

Apart from being painfully slow, especially through the terrain, it generally went okay from there.

A small hesitation at No 3, maybe 15 seconds lost.

Too far left at No 8, 1 minute lost.

Went up the wrong re-entrant at No 10, 1 minute lost.

Couldn't persuade myself that No 12 was that far up the hill, so started searching before the boulder too far down the hill. Maybe 30 seconds lost.

Too high at No 15. 1 minute lost.

The forest was great in spite of all the rocks and the course was very well planned with a good selection of long and short legs with good route choice.

I haven't run in terrain like this for many months, so it was a good wake-up call for what I need to do if I want to do well at the British and Scottish Champs this year.

I'm dreading seeing the results from this one!

Saturday Feb 17, 2018 #

9 AM

Running warm up/down 10:00 [3] 1.2 mi (8:20 / mi)
shoes: ASICS Gel Hyper Speed 6

Warm up before Elgin Parkrun.

Running race 19:17 [5] 3.1 mi (6:13 / mi)
shoes: ASICS Gel Hyper Speed 6

Elgin Parkrun. Legs and breathing not co-operating today so a slow time. Have been doing a lot of running recently I guess.

Running warm up/down 5:00 [3] 0.5 mi (10:00 / mi)
shoes: ASICS Gel Hyper Speed 6

Inadequate cool down.
1 PM

Running warm up/down 10:00 [3] 1.0 mi (10:00 / mi)
shoes: VJ Supra

Warm up before MOR Middle Distance Race. Ouch!

Orienteering race 42:26 [5] 5.0 mi (8:29 / mi)
shoes: VJ Supra

MOR Middle Distance Race in Darnaway. Darnaway's an area I really enjoy orienteering in but never seem to do very well. Okay I was tired after a lot of running during the week and the Parkrun earlier in the morning, but again I made a few mistakes which made my slow plod even worse. Found the hills tough! However must keep looking at the bigger picture.

Drifted too far south between 3 and 4. 30 secs lost.

Made a complete mess of 7 to 8 when I left 7 about 45 degrees off line, crossed the wrong path and ended up near No4. 2mins lost?

Too low on No 14. 45secs lost?

Too tired for a cool down.

No results up yet, but some BO Junior Squad running so will be well humiliated when they do appear.

Friday Feb 16, 2018 #

11 AM

Strength and Conditioning 15:00 [3]

Off work today so mid-morning agony inflicted. Still can't believe how weak my right quad is!
1 PM

Running 43:00 [3] 5.0 mi (8:36 / mi)
shoes: Kalenji Kiprun Trail XT6

Run over to Houston House Woods. Thought I was running well but time slow - hopefully the muddy paths and sodden fields were to blame?
Met the new estate manager in the middle of the run and had a good chat with him. Very helpful and is going to try and open up a path which I used to run along which is now impassable due to the re-growing rhododendrons.

Thursday Feb 15, 2018 #

6 PM

Running 1:05:00 [3] 7.8 mi (8:20 / mi)
shoes: Salamon Shigarri

Run after work before evening meeting. Was supposed to go out at lunchtime but work got in the way. Various loops, laps and (30) hill reps of varying length and gradient on the grass on Levengrove and Posties Parks in Dumbarton. Good fun.

Wednesday Feb 14, 2018 #

6 PM

Running 1:11:00 [3] 8.5 mi (8:21 / mi)
shoes: Kalenji Kiprun Trail XT6

Two laps of the circuit round The Oilfields and Craigends. Felt tired and washed out after a difficult and stressful day at work. Very, very wet and muddy underfoot, but good training for the National XC Champs. I've discovered to my horror that only 6 of us from Kilbarchan have entered and I'm the slowest in the team. Argh!

Tuesday Feb 13, 2018 #

5 PM

Running 42:00 [3] 5.0 mi (8:24 / mi)
shoes: Kalenji Kiprun Trail XT6

Post work run over to Houston House Woods.

Monday Feb 12, 2018 #

7 PM

Running warm up/down 12:00 [3] 1.5 mi (8:00 / mi)
shoes: Mizuno Wave Connect 3

Warm up before intervals.

Running intervals 44:00 [5] 6.0 mi (7:20 / mi)
shoes: Mizuno Wave Connect 3

Intervals with the athletic club on the trails on Linwood Moss. Session was 1min (30secs) + 2mins (1min) + 3mins (90secs) + 4mins (2mins) + 5mins (2mins) + 5mins (2mins) + 4mins (2mins) + 3mins (90secs) + 2mins (1min) + 1min
Running okay on the longer reps but left behind by the youngsters on the shorter reps. A sign of old age (or possibly sensible pacing?).

Running warm up/down 12:00 [3] 1.5 mi (8:00 / mi)
shoes: Mizuno Wave Connect 3

Cool down run.

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