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Training Log Archive: Ollie

In the 7 days ending Jul 22, 2006:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering5 4:49:34 16.28(17:47) 26.2(11:03) 129078c
  Cycling1 3:30:00 12.55(16:44) 20.2(10:24) 150
  Total6 8:19:34 28.83(17:20) 46.4(10:46) 144078c
averages - weight:68kg

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Saturday Jul 22, 2006 #

Orienteering race 1:01:45 [4] **** 5.0 km (12:21 / km) +220m 10:07 / km
15c weight:68kg (injured) (sick) shoes: Standard White O-Shoes

Swiss O Week Day 6. Like the first day, the start (at 2600m) was much higher than the finish (at 2200m), and involved a gondola ride.

The first two controls were in a dense, steep boulder-field. Unfortuantely I overshot the second control, wasting 6.5 minutes searching too low for it. This was one of my costliest mistakes of the week. The next, long leg, involved a descent of over 150m; and most of the rest of the course, now in steep coniferous woodland, was also downhill - until near the end when it climbed again to the finish at Leisee. My only over mistakes were that I tended to end up too low for some controls, necessitating a tough climb up for 25m or so. I couldn't motivate myself to run at any speed up the final hill, even though it was the last day.

Thanks largely to the huge mistake at No. 2, this was my second worst day in terms of points scoring, but I enjoyed the terrain the most today - pleasant woodland and a technical boulderfield, and a race with a definite downhill theme to it.

Result: 645 points. 75th out of 111 finishers. Best split: 36th to No. 1.

Friday Jul 21, 2006 #

(injured) (sick)

Didn't do the Swiss Orienteering Week Day 5 race in Zermatt (even though the start was just down the road) as I was very weak from having been ill the night before. Then, as I started to feel better and was going to do the race informally, my back went, so I could hardly move for the rest of the day. Bit of a bummer, really.

Thursday Jul 20, 2006 #

Orienteering race 1:00:31 [4] *** 6.4 km (9:27 / km) +340m 7:28 / km
16c (sick) shoes: Standard White O-Shoes

Swiss O Week Day 4. This race was below the day 3 area, and was largely on short, grassy Alpine meadow - which should have meant it was very fast. However, a section across steep hillside at the start, and a killer hill climb at the end (150m height gain) slowed most people down.

I had a technically good race, with no significant mistakes, but really slowed down too much for the big climb.

Result: 697 points. 71st out of 121 finishers. Best split: 34th on the run-in, and 37th on a short, flat technical section across pleasant Alpine meadow.

Wednesday Jul 19, 2006 #

Cycling 3:30:00 [1] * 20.2 km (10:24 / km) +150m 10:01 / km
shoes: Brown Leisure Shoes

Downhill bike ride from Gornergrat (3100m altitude) to Zermatt (1600m altitude.) Three sections. The first was extremely steep and rocky, so we went at a snail's pace (down to 2200m) Then a flat/gradual uphill section. Finally an exhilarating, fast drop from Sunegga (2200m) to Zermatt. The distance estimate is very rough - I'll measure it shortly.

Tuesday Jul 18, 2006 #

Orienteering race 1:10:52 [3] ***** 5.5 km (12:53 / km) +280m 10:16 / km
16c shoes: Standard White O-Shoes

Swiss O Week Day 3. N.B. Time includes 4m 20s penalty for being late to the start. Also almost forgot a control, and wasted another 4m 30s doubling back for it. No actual serious orienteering mistakes on this very technical course - so if I hadn't made the two stupid mistakes described above, this would have been a great race for me! Twisted ankle near the end though, more seriously than for the first two days. (i.e. pain didn't go away in a few minutes.)

After the first section across newly-revealed rock and sand just below a retreating glacier, the course went downhill across a scree area, and then into some of the most intensely technical terrain I have ever come across. Even at 1:7500 the map struggled to show all the many ledges, cliffs and pools. The terrain was smooth, bare rock, but it was difficult to run at any speed.

Result: 684 points. 78th out of 117 finishers. Best split: 10th on a short leg in the intensely technical area - ran fast along a ledge and spiked it.

Monday Jul 17, 2006 #

Orienteering race 45:45 [4] *** 4.0 km (11:26 / km) +280m 8:28 / km
16c shoes: Standard White O-Shoes

Swiss O Week Day 2. The shortest day (for me) and the steepest day. Most of the course was in pleasant, open alpine forest with little vegetation. One leg included a leg-busting 150m climb up a very steep bank, followed by a few legs in open alpine pasture. I really enjoyed this race though and made no significant mistakes apart from a silly one at the end where I overshot badly and wasted 2 minutes. My best result of the week.

Result: 738 points. 58th out of 125 finishers. Best split: 13th on a very short leg in a flat but technical area in the trees - ran hard.

Sunday Jul 16, 2006 #

Orienteering race 50:41 [3] **** 5.3 km (9:34 / km) +170m 8:14 / km
15c shoes: Standard White O-Shoes

Swiss O Week Day 1. The start was up at 2950m above sea-level, the end was at 2600m - quite a drop. Took it a bit too easy as I was concerned about the altitude and didn't realise this was going to be a fast area. The first section was very stony and tough, too, and I made a couple of poor route choices. The second half of the race was fast and downhill, on alpine pastures. Stunning views of the Matterhorn.

My worst day's result, as I ran too carefully and slowly. Won the intra-SLOW run-in split competition though! (So had to wear a polka-dot "king of the mountains" jersey for the following day's race.

Result: 608 points. 82nd out of 125 finishers. Best split: 17th on the run-in.

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