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Training Log Archive: Duncan

In the 7 days ending Jul 29, 2012:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Mountain Biking2 5:15:00 34.18(9:13) 55.0(5:44) 600
  Cycle2 2:35:00 44.18(3:31) 71.1(2:11) 300
  Fell Race2 1:00:25 9.01(6:42) 14.5(4:10) 704
  Orienteering1 33:54 3.54(9:34) 5.7(5:57) 200
  Total7 9:24:19 90.91(6:12) 146.3(3:51) 1804

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Sunday Jul 29, 2012 #

3 PM

Mountain Biking (Nidderdale moors ride) 3:30:00 [3] 37.0 km (5:41 / km) +400m 5:23 / km

Ride out with Sam. Good weather, slow on the roads, rode down the reservoir overspill, dead at the end.

Dallowgill, Stope Bridge, Fountains Earth Moor, 309, Triangle East, Arnagill, 323, Ilton, Druid's Plantation, Leighton, Leighton Reservoir, Pot Moor High Road, Agill Bridge, Cattle Grid, MS, Triangle West, 309 and back to Dallowgill.

Friday Jul 27, 2012 #

2 PM

Mountain Biking (Gisburn Red Loop) 1:45:00 [3] 18.0 km (5:50 / km) +200m 5:32 / km

Stayed over at Rob's and drove over to Gisburn forest via JDs to do the red loop. Found it a bit disappointing really - the downs are full of annoying rocks which aren't really that technical but slow you down while the ups are mainly dull fire-road climbs. Also the rear brake on the bike completely stopped working which didn't help. Won't be rushing back there again.

Thursday Jul 26, 2012 #

4 PM

Fell Race (Ambleside Guides Race) 15:55 [4] 3.2 km (4:58 / km) +244m 3:36 / km

Drove over to Rydal got parked and entered the show for free which was a nice bonus. Met up with Lewis and we went for a short jog up & run down the lowest part of the course to check things out and practised the little downhill fence jump, it was pretty wet underfoot and quite slippy but there weren't many rocks around so it was fairly safe most of the way down. Had a quick chat with Lewis' boss (Chris Edis) beforehand so we knew roughly what to be expecting. Saw a few big names around though so was waiting for a bit of a battering.

We set off out the field at a fast but not too fast pace with Rob Jebb at the front. Despite yesterday I felt good early on on the climb and was surpised that it took so long (not that long) for Nixon to overtake me. Stayed behind him, Alistair Dunn and Ted Mason until a short steeper section just as we left the lowest field.

Todd Oates came past before the next bit of climbing on a narrow path though the bracken and paced me up the next bit (a bit like Wednesday night). Chris then came bashing though the bracken on my right trying to overtake both of us and as I was feeling good I hopped on to that train instead and got some distance on Todd as we came onto the flatter bit.

Stayed behind Chris pretty much all the way to the top while the guys in front who had already turned came towards us. He seemed to slow down as it steepened up to the scrambly summit crag so I turned ahead of him and started the descent.

Got down the rocks okay while dodging people still coming up and passed a Halifax guy into 6th. As we crossed the flatter bit I could see Ian and Alastair infront but could hear Halifax coming up behind so I tried to keep the pace up until it steepened again where I could relax about being caught.

Don't think I gained that much time on Ian/Alastair on the descent but did trip on a root as we neared the bottom (& cut my right knee over the tendon :) losing a good few seconds so could maybe have got closer to Ian if he wasn't expecting me. Got over the fence fine and finished across the show field with a comfortable gap behind. Lewis came down a little while after for a good result off no running. 6th +1m24.

I think this is my best senior BOFRA result against a strong field so was happy with my position (no prize money though!). It was also the closest I've been to the big guns on the ascent which is promising for the rest of the season and is what has always held me back in the shorter races. Should have probably pushed harder though on the less steep bit after we passed Todd and maybe been closer to the two in front for the descent. It's def the very steepest parts where I lose most time which maybe isn't so promising for races like Burnsall and Grasmere but it's something to work on over the next few weeks.
7 PM

Orienteering race (Threlkeld Knotts) 33:54 [3] 5.7 km (5:57 / km) +200m 5:04 / km

Nice little WCOC evening event. Had checked the area out on routegadget and assumed it was all thick heather so thought it was going to be a bit of a trial. Walked/jogged up the hill to the start together and set of a min in front of of Lewis. The mist was down so it was actually quite tricky and it turned out to be nice and grassy - a good little area.

The first leg was a long one diagonally up and round the hill at the same time, I was high on a band above the knoll I was aiming for as an attackpoint so had to drop down and was about 45s behind Lewis on a 5min leg - should have been more focused on exactly where (and how high) I was all the way in the mist. The next few looped round the small hills at the 'peak' of the area and across some flat bits where you had to trust your compass as visibility was really bad. From #5 we started dropping and zig-zagging down the area to the finish which was really good fun. Number 10 was arguably on the wrong boulder, I went to what I though was the right one (via 2 others) and then looked round a few more after and didn't see it so went on to 11. Some others found it (including Lewis) but there was a bit of chat at the finish about the dodgy map and at least one other guy didn't punch it.

Wasn't trying mega-hard just wanted to keep it enjoyable which it was :)

Wednesday Jul 25, 2012 #

5 PM

Cycle (Bishop Monkton to NYM) 2:15:00 [3] 61.1 km (2:13 / km) +300m 2:09 / km

Long ride out the fell race from Chop Gate over from Clay Bank. Have been averaging about 30kph on short road rides recently so was pretty pleased to do 60k in 2.15 with a steep climb at the end. Thought the dual carriageway was going to be hell but once I got going it was alright.
7 PM

Fell Race race (Cock Howe and Beyond) 44:30 [4] 11.3 km (3:56 / km) +460m 3:16 / km

Set off to ride there a bit later than I would have liked but had 25mins once I got there which I thought would be okay but had to faff around a bit entering and getting changed so only had time for a very short and uncomfortable post-cycling jog round the car-park.

Set off with a lap of the car park to spread people out then started to climb the hill. The route was steep then gradual up to Cock Howe then a gradual down, gradual up and flat-ish loop round the fell top before dropping off the way we came up.

Was near the front from the start but didn't want to rush off seeing as I didn't know the course but got a bit tired of holding back so upped the pace and hoped some faster guys would follow. One guy did and we pulled out a gap on the rest of the field, he was in front, going a little faster than I wanted and at one point he got a way a little but I held the gap to the top. He didn't know the route either so maybe could have pushed on a bit more.

Got ahead on the next down but not by much and he passed me pretty soon after we crossed the stream from down to up and onto a hard north york moors track. Totally didn't feel I could run fast and he steamed ahead while I had a few lazy walks. Wanted to try and catch up on the flat part along ridge so I could be in-touch for the descent but he'd probably got a good 4-500m on me and all I could do was maintain the distance. Never saw him on the descent. 2nd +2.47.

Wasn't an amazing run but I was pleased how I'd follow him on the first climb at a faster pace than I'd have gone at on my own (good for Thursday). Definitely would have been faster with some strides/sprint in the warm-up and some intervals at the weekend but I did have a cold.

Monday Jul 23, 2012 #

7 PM

Cycle race (West Riding Track League) 20:00 [4] 10.0 km (2:00 / km)

Non-orienteering event of the summer No. 1 - track racing on a grass velodrome round the cricket pitch in Roundhay Park. Did one of these last year so I knew what to expect this time - hard/scary/fun racing against some fast juniors, fast seniors and slow old men.

Race 1: 6 lap Handicap - Given my handicap putting me in group 2 a quarter of a lap in front if the finish line with the fastest guys chasing us down. Was just aiming not to be last in the group. Set off and got clipped in alright but was a bit nervous and was riding outside the guy infront's wheel seeing as I never ride in a pack. Got shouted at for taking up too much room and had the fast guys passing on both sides which was a bit hairy. Eventually got settled after about three laps and started pushing it on the next two laps and overtook some people (probably in the worst handicap), died on the last lap but I don't think anyone took me back.
Race 2: A simple 1-lap scratch heat - Had someone to hold me up and give me a push off the start on the outside. Got away okay and just tucked in somewhere near the back of the 6 and finished probably 5th. I was borrowing a bike and never seemed able to put much extra pace on when I stood up so I think a larger chainring might have helped in the 'sprint' races.
Race 3: Mass start 'Devil' where the last two riders over the line each lap get eliminated - Got off okay in the rolling start and hung about on the outside so I didn't get too boxed in. Decided I had had enough off worrying about being near the back so I made an effort to get up to the front and snuck into third-wheel of the outside stream so in 5/6th effectively.

Was feeling good about the position, I could see the track ahead and had some room to maneuver out as we got towards the finish line if I needed to. Stayed there for 2-3 laps but then the pack got scarily small and I was looking over my shoulder a lot (and bumping into people) to check I wasn't last, except this time I'd dropped back a bit and mis-counted so was eliminated :( I felt like I had quite a bit left to give so was a bit annoyed that I hadn't defended my Line 2 Third Wheel position more aggressively.
Race 4: 500m handicap heat - My handicap was about 2/3rd back though the field and probably a bit stingy as I was last in the heat.
Race 5: Unknown Distance endurance race - I hadn't really been listening to the tannoy and saw the lap-board didn't have a 'laps-to-go' number so was expecting just one lap which did seem a bit weird. Naturally I went off quite fast, getting into second place, and was quite surprised that no-one was coming past. I thought maybe they were tired but after the first lap when the guy in front kept didn't slow down I knew something was up and remembered I'd read in the program earlier something about an endurance race - the opposite of what I'd thought it was! Luckily I think we had a bit of a gap so had a rest while I got caught by a little group going at a decent pace.

One of the youngsters who had been fast all evening decided to go off the front and seeing as it was the last race of the night I followed him just to see if I could. We passed the leader while I got a free tow. After a lap or so he pulled off so I could lead(!) for a bit and we kept swapping for a few laps. He then put on some pace and I thought I'd snapped but he hit the back of a group we were lapping and slowed down so I caught him back up - if he'd passed them quickly I'd have given up.

It felt like like it was getting towards the end when one of his mates came up to us who had maybe been taking it easy. Those two stood up and made a move which I couldn't respond to but then they appeared to back off and on the back straight of the last lap I passed his mate into second. There was no way I was ever going to get past him when he stood up again but I did hold on my 2nd place to the finish. I'm not sure the second guy really contested me for it so I think I was gifted it somewhat but it was a good way to end the night.

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