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Training Log Archive: Anna

In the 7 days ending Apr 15, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+m
  orienteering3 3:37:29 13.71(15:52) 22.06(9:52)93 /107c86%
  Running (mostly hard surfaces)3 2:31:39 16.09(9:26) 25.89(5:51)
  Running (mostly trails/soft surfaces)2 1:21:07 7.24(11:12) 11.65(6:58)
  Running (terrain)1 30:29 2.9(10:30) 4.67(6:32) 75
  core/legs1 13:14
  running drills1 7:04 0.32(22:05) 0.51(13:43)
  Armchair: simplification2 59
  Total6 8:22:01 40.26 64.79 7593 /107c86%
  [1-5]6 8:21:02

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Monday Apr 15, 2013 #


Next week is a down week, so it doesn't matter too-too much that I went over my mileage a bit last week. Still, it's an exciting time of season, and I don't want to get carried away. Aiming for 35-36 miles this week and 29 next week.

Mon: get to bed early.
Tues: Option A: easy run. Option B: Do a short hill workout if I feel up to it.
Wed: Option A: wake up early for a workout. Option B: long-ish easy run
Thurs: Park-O at Danehy. Don't know what the map's like, but I want to practice staying in better contact as I push the pace.
Fri: easy run with map. Don't just read map on the uphills!
Sat: Speedy Goat (secondary workout)
Sun: Woohoo, my first Billygoat!!! (long run/workout)

Sunday Apr 14, 2013 #

orienteering warm up/down (setting tapes) 25:00 [1] *** 2.0 km (12:30 / km)
ahr:125 spiked:5/7c

Setting tapes. Think I got them all in the right place!

orienteering (Line-O) 44:43 [3] *** 4.6 km (9:43 / km)

Got a tiny bit turned around some places. Wish I could find my map, but I lost track of it!

orienteering (O-tervals!) 45:43 [4] *** 4.92 km (9:18 / km)

Distance is Garmin distance. Straight line was 4.2k.

With Anne and Lori and Presto! Also ran into Giacomo, Ian, and Dan. Giacomo distracted me by racing us, and I overran my attack point for the steep cliff-y portion :( Need to get better at not racing people by running fast.

orienteering (Relay 2) 24:46 [4] *** 3.31 km (7:29 / km)

Giacomo passed me and I tried to keep up, but then we got to a hill and I hit a wall. But it was ok because there wasn't much navigating left.

orienteering (Relay #1) 26:02 [3] *** 3.5 km (7:26 / km)
ahr:160 spiked:8/10c

10ish controls, but can't find my map:( So there also may be some warmup mixed in with my orienteering.
I do know that I made a huge mistake on 1 because I changed my plan on the first control (direct result of trying to chase Brendan). And there was a confusing trail. But I definitely should've spiked it even without the confusing trail.

orienteering warm up/down (collecting tapes) 20:29 [1] *** 1.0 km (20:29 / km)

Not sure exactly how much of this was orienteering and how much was running, but I'm too lazy to figure it out right now.

Saturday Apr 13, 2013 #

Running (mostly trails/soft surfaces) 49:06 [3] 4.03 mi (12:11 / mi)

Slowwww. I'd planned on doing a contour-only course at Hammond Pond, but last night to this morning wasn't enough time to recover:( Probably better to do an easy run than overdo it!

Armchair: simplification 7 [0]

Friday Apr 12, 2013 #

Running (mostly hard surfaces) 20:42 [4] 3.0 mi (6:54 / mi)

Mile at tempo-ish pace to loosen up
Running drills
3 x mile at hard-ish pace, 90ish seconds rest
2 strides

I let my Garmin record my miles, although I didn't always hear the beep and accidentally ran extra on the last 2. Not recording the extra running.

Mile/hr (rest/hr)
7:03/177 (1:49/163)
6:51/183 (1:39/165)

My legs felt tired when I was going into the wind but not when it was at my back, so it was a little bit hard to pace. I tried to keep a relaxed stride and increase my turnover when I wanted to go faster, and I wouldn't say I was ever really pushing. I was breathing pretty hard on the last one, though.

Running (mostly hard surfaces) warm up/down 37:32 [3] 3.6 mi (10:26 / mi)

Running (mostly hard surfaces) warm up/down 7:19 [4] 1.0 mi (7:19 / mi)

After jog, before drills

running drills 7:04 [3] 0.32 mi (22:05 / mi)

Thursday Apr 11, 2013 #

Running (mostly trails/soft surfaces) 32:01 [3] 3.21 mi (9:58 / mi)

easy run today. Ran in woods around Hammond Pond. It was light after work!

orienteering 23:22 [2] *** 2.1 km (11:08 / km)

Finished the compass-less control pick I started with Alex. Hammond Pond is getting pretty boring:(

Wednesday Apr 10, 2013 #

Running (terrain) (Progressive tempo) 30:29 [4] 4.67 km (6:32 / km) +75m 6:03 / km

Workout with Alex!!! I forgot a map, but she had an extra, somewhere in Finland. I was only reading the map on the uphills, but Alex says she reads it whenever she can to get more practice. I'll try that next time. I did manage to finish 10 controls, though.



I wore my heart rate monitor strap, but it gave me:
It felt harder than that, so I'm pretty sure it didn't work. I'll see what Alex posts, because I think we're pretty similar.

orienteering warm up/down 7:24 [3] *** 0.39 mi (18:58 / mi)


Running (mostly hard surfaces) warm up/down 39:55 [3] 3.63 mi (11:00 / mi)

waking up. I also ran extra coolown.

core/legs 13:14 [2]

Finally, core! I avoided legs mostly, since my legs were noticeably sore. But then I did some legs at the end.

Armchair: simplification 52 [0]

Tuesday Apr 9, 2013 #

Running (mostly hard surfaces) 46:11 [2] 4.86 mi (9:30 / mi)

Easy run:) Brought a map Alexei gave me and did 24 controls of route choice and visualization. Lots of legs with negative terrain, marshes, trails, and vegetation changes. Challenging, but in a different way than New England maps.

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