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Training Log Archive: TomN

In the 31 days ending May 31, 2018:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Road running13 10:58:04 63.03(10:26) 101.43(6:29) 310
  Orienteering5 5:57:04 17.58(20:18) 28.3(12:37) 820
  Rock Climbing1 2:00:00
  Trail Running2 1:21:18 8.5(9:34) 13.68(5:57)
  Total20 20:16:26 89.11 143.41 1130

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Thursday May 31, 2018 #

Road running 45:00 [3] 4.2 mi (10:43 / mi) +150m 9:39 / mi
shoes: Adrenaline 17 2nd

Mid-morning around Howard Pond with Addie. And on the way, a power-hike up Woodsman's Peak, about 0.6mi round-trip with 120m elevation gain. From the overlook on top there's a view of Mt. Washington to the southwest, with a lot of snow.


Dominion Cup Standings (after 5 games): Addie=8, Tom=5, Florence=4.

Monday May 28, 2018 #

Orienteering 1:12:38 [3] 4.1 km (17:43 / km) +120m 15:27 / km
shoes: Adrenaline 17 2nd

Westchester Long, Brown. Ugh, this was an awful performance. I started out overrunning the first two controls (I knew it was 1:7500, but evidently couldn't internalize it). Then a pretty good sequence on the next few controls, but a total disaster on #9. I still can't understand what happened, but when I finally relocated I found myself at #6, so far off that it was beyond my event horizon. Pretty frustrating.

EDIT: Now I remember something odd. When I was in the place where I thought #9 was, I looked up a likely reentrant, and saw a flash of orange. I moved a little to the right and got a clear view of a control flag, hanging in low in the middle of the reentrant. I ran up to it, losing sight of it as I got closer to the slope, and when I got to the flat part above there was nothing there. I couldn't believe it. I went all around looking for it, but I finally realized that I had just hallucinated it.

Sunday May 27, 2018 #

Orienteering race 51:00 [5] 4.6 km (11:05 / km)
shoes: Spirit OLX (last)

Relay 1st leg. I knew it was forked but I still let others pull me off course. Then I started navigating on my own and things started to go better. I was probably last after 2 controls, bit I caught a couple of stragglers, ran through the arena with Mitch then joined Ernst on the way around the lake. I had some trouble with visibility in the vegetation, and with fine map detail. Maybe it will be better at 1:7500 tomorrow.

Addie was having a great run on 2nd leg but reinjured her ankle entering the arena and then turned it again entering the woods on the other side. She could barely walk back to dnf. That was it for our team.

During my run, I performed an emergency reduction of Allison's dislocated finger near the first control. It was a procedure my dad (an actual physician) had taught me years ago as a useful thing to know when you're out in the wild. I hadn't ever done it myself, but I knew it was a lot better to do it right then than to wait until she could get to a hospital. Fortunately, it worked.

Saturday May 26, 2018 #

Orienteering race 38:25 [5] 2.9 km (13:15 / km) +160m 10:23 / km
shoes: Spirit OLX (last)

Westchester Middle Brown. I had a terrific run, no real errors, good speed, feeling strong and in control. Coming down the hill from 5 I was farther right than I thought, so things weren't looking right. I slowed down and hit the trail, and the big boulder was clearly visible. On the long led to 14 I went straight over the hill, but the trail was clearly better.

Wednesday May 23, 2018 #

Road running (Hill repeats) 49:41 [3] 5.1 mi (9:44 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 17 2nd

1.5 mile warmup, then 6 x hills @30-35s, 1 min jog back down. Then another 3 miles on the road. That part is hard, even keeping an easy pace after the hills.

Monday May 21, 2018 #

Road running 40:32 [3] 4.4 mi (9:13 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 17 2nd

New shoes today! My old pair just crossed 400 miles. I looked online for another pair but Adrenaline 17s are almost gone. But it turns out my local RnJ Sports had my size at the online price (about 40% off). The Adrenaline 18s are in stores, but it seems like they've gone back to the stiffer soles and weaker uppers like the 16s, which didn't work for me. Glad to get the last pair.

Butterflies this run: red-spotted purple (2). First of these I've seen this year.

Sunday May 20, 2018 #

Orienteering race 1:47:02 [4] 8.3 km (12:54 / km) +255m 11:11 / km
shoes: IceBug Olx 4

Fountainhead West Red. Long, hot, hilly course in my favorite local terrain. My navigation was great and speed was good, up until the leg 10-11, which seemed to go through the twilight zone. I never saw the main NE-SW trail, but I crossed it somewhere, saw a control and surmised that I was in the little reentrant SW of the control, and I was. Then, a little spooked, I decided to take the trail around from 11 to 12, but something went wrong just after curving around the last big reentrant. Not sure of where I was any more, I headed towards the rounded spur leading to the control but found myself on the next spur to the north. Straightforward from there. But I lost time on both of those legs. Pretty tired on the long run in up the skinny part of the map that connects to the Bull Run parking lot. I stuck mostly to the trail in that section but took a shortcut to the finish.

Saturday May 19, 2018 #

Road running 37:00 [3] 4.0 mi (9:15 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 17 Gray

In the rain again. But only about 55 degrees this morning.

Rock Climbing (Rockville Gym) 2:00:00 [3]

With Rob and Addie. A couple of 9s, a 5.10a, b and c, and an almost-complete 5.11a.

Thursday May 17, 2018 #

Road running 42:56 [3] 4.5 mi (9:32 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 17 Gray

In the rain. As with most adverse conditions, the hardest part is going out the door. About halfway through I realized I felt pretty good, and extended the run another half mile.

Wednesday May 16, 2018 #

Road running 36:47 [3] 4.0 mi (9:12 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 17 Gray

Morning run, during a break in the rain.

Tuesday May 15, 2018 #

Trail Running 50:18 [3] 5.2 mi (9:40 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 17 Gray

Greenbelt Park Perimeter Trail at about 11 a.m. Before the heat wave and thunderstorms this afternoon.

Sunday May 13, 2018 #

Orienteering race 1:27:59 [4] 8.4 km (10:28 / km) +285m 8:57 / km
shoes: IceBug Olx 4

QOC Lake Needwood Blue. It rained off and on, and I had to take my glasses off after about 8 controls. But the trails were dry and the woods were pretty nice. Peggy set a good course, with 3 butterfly loops in some of the best areas. I lost a couple of minutes on the first 2 controls, overrunning things, then settled down and ran well. Good flow and good navigation. Really happy about that, even if the technical difficulty was low.

Saturday May 12, 2018 #

Road running 36:14 [3] 3.9 mi (9:17 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 17 Gray

Neighborhood run around 11.

Friday May 11, 2018 #

Road running 52:00 [3] 5.5 mi (9:27 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 17 Gray

Loop around GSFC perimeter and antenna range. Watch was dead battery, and time is a guess.

Wednesday May 9, 2018 #

Road running race 48:08 [5] 10.0 km (4:49 / km)
shoes: Adrenaline 17 Gray

The Goddard Space Flight Center Spring 10k. It's 4-3/4 laps around Greenbelt Lake. I was thinking I'd run 8 min plus 4 10s, and it was pretty darn close to that. Actual splits were 8:04, 9:55, 9:59, 10:11, 9:59. I kind of struggled in that 4th lap, dropping back to 2-2 breathing occasionally. That's mostly mental, I think. It takes a lot of effort to keep the speed up. Plus I think the first lap was a little too fast. The temperature was in the mid-70s.

Last fall I ran this race in 48:37. So that's good. And hey, my VDOT is back up above 40! Which goes to show I'm no good at 2 mile distance, but I knew that already.

It's also interesting that this time has an age-graded score of 71%, equivalent to an age-graded time of 37:24, which seems about right, given that I ran a lot of 10ks in the 36-38 minute range back in the day.

Road running 25:02 [3] 2.3 mi (10:53 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 17 Gray

Warm-ups before 10k. Just a slow jog, no strides.

Road running 9:41 [3] 0.6 mi (16:08 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 17 Gray

A pathetic post-run cool-down. I had to stop and stretch out my left calf, which was twinging and getting ready to cramp. No further problems with it after that.

Monday May 7, 2018 #

Trail Running 31:00 [3] 3.3 mi (9:24 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 17 Gray

Trail run at Greenbelt Park.

Sunday May 6, 2018 #

Road running 1:34:00 [3] 6.3 km (14:55 / km) +160m 13:14 / km
shoes: IceBug Olx 4

QOC Pohick Bay Red. Start to 1 I went off course, don't know why, relocated from the building in the out-of-bounds area. Good orienteering until #9, again got way off, relocated from the fork in the creek (hard to believe I got there). Not too crisp on the remaining few controls. Sure wish I could maintain the same level of concentration I had from 1 though 8.

It was a good course. From what I could see of the courses, Red hit the sweet spot. The two long legs were a good change of pace, the area along the bay in the northwest was technical without requiring too much climb.

The rain held off, not too hot, it was a fun day.

Friday May 4, 2018 #

Road running 36:37 [3] 3.8 mi (9:38 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 17 Gray

Neighborhood run at around 11. 80 degrees and noticeably more humid than the last 2 days.

Thursday May 3, 2018 #

Road running 41:33 [3] 4.3 mi (9:40 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 17 Gray

GSFC perimeter road at noon.

Wednesday May 2, 2018 #

Road running race 15:10 [5] 2.0 mi (7:35 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 17 Gray

The 85th NASA Goddard 2-mile "fun" run. Or not-so-fun. It was over 80 degrees at noon, full sun. That's my excuse for finally breaking the 15-min barrier. . . in the wrong direction. My run was good for the conditions, 7:35 - 7:35 on the mile splits. 2-1 breathing as I passed the 1-mile point, 1-1 up the hill and in the last quarter-mile (with a bit of a breather in the downhill between them).

I pre-soaked my hat and shirt just before starting, and they were dry by the end. Not a whole lot of sweat, on what was only the second warm day of the year.

I see my VDOT dropped below 40, a new low. Just the way it's going to be, I guess.

Road running 35:43 [3] 3.1 mi (11:31 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 17 Gray

Warm-ups. Jog to the start area, put on my bib and tag, then a few laps and 6 strides.

Road running 12:00 [3] 1.2 mi (10:00 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 17 Gray

Cool-down run, back to my office. A shower and then a 1:15 meeting.

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