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Training Log Archive: TomN

In the 30 days ending Jun 30, 2014:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Field work1 5:00:00 2.49(2:00:42) 4.0(1:15:00)
  Road running6 3:58:00 25.7(9:16) 41.36(5:45)
  Orienteering4 3:10:40 12.05(15:49) 19.4(9:50) 17081c
  Speed work2 1:40:00 10.5(9:31) 16.9(5:55)
  Trail Running2 1:18:00 8.5(9:11) 13.68(5:42)
  Total15 15:06:40 59.24(15:18) 95.34(9:31) 17081c

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Sunday Jun 29, 2014 #

Field work 5:00:00 [1] 4.0 km (1:15:00 / km)
shoes: Inov8 Oroc 280

Vetting and streamering control locations at Hemlock. I invited Mei-An along, and, a little surprisingly, she agreed. We visited about 40 locations, and made minor adjustments to a couple of them. The forest is extraordinarily pleasant for the middle of summer.

Saturday Jun 28, 2014 #

Road running 30:00 [3] 3.2 mi (9:22 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 14

Mid-morning run around the neighborhood. Was going to go for more, but found I was rather low on available glycogen.

Friday Jun 27, 2014 #

Road running 34:00 [3] 3.7 mi (9:11 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 14

I spent the last week in Germany, working with the group that's building our laser controller. What's weird is I went from Turin (WMOC 2013) to Göttingen (WMOC 2012). Next stop should have been Hungary, to keep up the back-in-time WMOC pattern. But it was back home instead. I went for a run after getting in, because after 12 hours of sitting I just needed something to do.

Sunday Jun 22, 2014 #

Orienteering race 43:00 [5] *** 2.8 km (15:21 / km) +170m 11:47 / km
13c shoes: Icebug olx

Day 2 of Val Chisone 2-Day. This was a middle distance event at Pra Catinat, a high alpine forest between 1600-1700 meters elevation on the north side of Val Chisone, with a lot of open and semi-open land, good-looking woods with widely spaced trees, difficult footing, exceedingly steep hillsides, and cows. Spectacular weather for the day.

I think I handled the physical aspects of the terrain pretty well, but my technical orienteering left something to be desired. Not careful enough on the approaches, and a lot of time wasted looking for the controls as a result. The nature of the terrain made pace counting inaccurate. But somehow my combined time was good enough to come in first of 5 in M60. There was a nice award ceremony, and I got a bottle of wine, Dogliani, a regional specialty. Hope I can get it home intact.

The host club, Oricuneo, is small but earnest, fine folks, with a fair amount of English (I have zero Italian). They seemed delighted to have me there, lots of good-natured banter about international competition, urged me to come back in September for their next 2-cay competition, with one day in Italy and the other just across the border in France.

Pra Catinat Map

Saturday Jun 21, 2014 #

Orienteering race 23:34 [5] *** 2.8 km (8:25 / km)
16c shoes: Adrenaline 3

Pragelato, Italy. Day 1 of Val Chisone 2-Day. Well, this was tremendous fun. The map was from last year's WMOC sprint qualification, used here for only the second time. The course stayed to one side of the main road, but crossed the river (on bridges). No forest running, although the longer courses had a little bit. All in a little resort village of disorganized chalets and fenced-in yards, hemmed in on both sides by 3000-meter mountains, and, oh yeah, two gigantic ski jumps left over from the 2006 Olympics. Spectacular snow-covered peaks looming above.

I had been incredibly nervous about the whole situation -- last-minute car rental, driving out of the city, screwing up at the first toll booth (I couldn't figure out how to roll down the window!), wrestling with what to do with the car overnight, wondering if I could find the venue, what a mess. But as I drove into the village, there was a control hung from a post out in front of a big parking lot, and in no time I was punching the start and grabbing a map.

The run went pretty well. One bad mistake miscounting the little alleys and dead-ending in sight of the control. A few other bobbles but nothing else serious. Ended up 1st out of 5 in M60, ahead by 4 min. Definitely a little winded on account of the mile-high altitude. Tomorrow is a middle-distance at even higher elevation, with combined times determining the 2-day winner.

Tuesday Jun 17, 2014 #

Road running 50:00 [3] 5.5 mi (9:05 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 3

Arrived in Turin yesterday around noon and caught the bus from the airport to the train station, where my hotel is. Spent the afternoon wandering around the city, partly in an effort to stay awake, although that got easier as the afternoon wore on. First day of meetings today at Thales Alenia Space. Then a run: down to the river, around a park (so that's where all the runners are) and back.

Saturday Jun 14, 2014 #

Road running 30:00 [3] 3.2 mi (9:22 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 14

Easy jog around the neighborhood.

Leaving for Torino tomorrow. With any luck I'll be running in Pragelato and Campionato Regionale Middle next weekend, but just submitting an entry has been an adventure in itself, and getting to the event will no doubt be another.

Friday Jun 13, 2014 #

Speed work 1:00:00 [3] 5.5 mi (10:55 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 14

Intervals at Einstein HS track. I took my own advice and went out early (7:30). It was in the 70s and very humid. Pretty clearly better for running than the 85 and full sun of the last two speed workouts. Jog to the track plus a few stride. Target was 4:16 for 3x1k. Times were 4:08, 4:18, 4:15. Then I threw in a bonus round at 4:24. Jog back.

Wednesday Jun 11, 2014 #

Trail Running 30:00 [3] 3.3 mi (9:05 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 14

Another appointment for Mei-An in Rockville, another run while waiting. This time I drove to Lake Needwood and took the trail around the lake, plus another 0.5 mi to and fro the parking lot. In all the orienteering I've done in that park, I haven't been on the lakeside trail except at the far north end where it joins the road for a short distance.

Tuesday Jun 10, 2014 #

Road running 34:00 [3] 3.7 mi (9:11 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 14

Torrential rain at noon when I was planning to run, but the sun came out and I ran in the afternoon instead.

Sunday Jun 8, 2014 #

Speed work 40:00 [3] 5.0 mi (8:00 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 14

Tempo run at threshold pace. 12 laps (4800m) with a target pace of 1:50 per lap. I was barely hanging on to the target for half the workout, and then it got hard. I had to talk myself into finishing the workout after the 10th. This is the second weekly track workout that was way off the expected pace. I blame the heat. We'll see if doing this earlier in the morning makes a difference. Splits: 1:51, 1:50, 1:51, 1:49, 1:51, 1:50, 1:51, 1:52, 1:50, 1:51, 1:57, 1:53.

Saturday Jun 7, 2014 #

Orienteering 1:00:00 [3] *** 5.8 km (10:21 / km)
23c shoes: Icebug olx

SSS event at Blockhouse Park. A nice course set up by peggyd. Focus was on taking accurate lines on hillsides and over ridges. I felt really good for most of this course. I was running fast, reading well on the fly, looking ahead, and trying to stick to the exercise. For the most part, it worked really well. Nadim, Dan Q. and I fell into a little group but we were all trying to work things out on our own. From 14 to 15 I got ahead of them, and then things fell apart pretty badly. I wasn't careful crossing the road, and couldn't find the right rootstock for #18. I wasn't paying attention to the bearing to 19. I couldn't find 20 at all, and had just decided to head back to the finish when I saw the mapped sewer cap and decided to give it one more try from there. It was up the hill farther than I had thought.

No splits or time because I forgot to start my watch.

Thursday Jun 5, 2014 #


Played frisbee after dinner with Addie. Pulled a muscle or something in my back. Low down, just to the right of the spine, and it's sending messages down the sciatic nerve on that side. Hope it gets better soon.

Wednesday Jun 4, 2014 #

Road running 1:00:00 [3] 6.4 mi (9:22 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 14

I had to take Mei-An to an appointment this afternoon, and since I was going to have to wait an hour for her no matter what, I decided to arrange a run. Turned out the Rockville Millennium Trail was right across the street, so there I went.

Rockville seems to be inordinately proud of this "trail," but at least on this part it's basically a sidewalk on a busy street (East Gude Drive). Lots of high-speed traffic right next to the sidewalk, many traffic lights. Over on West Gude Drive it was better (more separated from the street, less traffic, fewer crossings). There were distance markings every half mile painted on the sidewalk. When you see them they look obvious, but I didn't see them. I don't know, maybe I don't look down, maybe I run with my eyes closed, but for whatever reason I kept missing them, even when I knew they were there (like on the way back). And of course I had no watch. In any event I timed it pretty well, getting back just as she was getting out.

Tuesday Jun 3, 2014 #

Trail Running 48:00 [3] 5.2 mi (9:14 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 14

Greenbelt Park Perimeter Trail.

Sunday Jun 1, 2014 #

Orienteering 1:04:06 [3] *** 8.0 km (8:01 / km)
29c shoes: Inov8 Oroc 280

QOC Jug Bay Blue. An efficient course design by Nadim, making up all the color courses through various combinations of loops. An incredible day, blue sky, sun, and 70s. An enthusiastic bunch of participants and post-race speechifying. On the blue course I was with Vido and one other runner on the first loop, dropped them and caught Ted at #2 on the second loop and stuck with him, and ran the 3rd on my own when Ted opted for the penalty instead of the obstacle. Ended up 4th, it's all about speed since I was mostly following.

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