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Training Log Archive: Run_Bosco

In the 7 days ending Feb 20, 2016:

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Saturday Feb 20, 2016 #

Orienteering race (Green River College) 51:33 [4]
shoes: Inov8 X-Talon 212 - BLUE

There's my high gear! I started the race at Sprint Camp pace, which put me in 2nd or 3rd behind Marissa and Celia early on, then when Celia made a mistake, I pulled into the lead which I kept until control 11.

Then there were long legs, unexpected elevation gain (partially due to a bad route choice), and I was only halfway through the race (so much for the 2-mile pace). My legs also felt strange... tight, as if wrapped in syran wrap. Or as if I had done Sprint Camp a week ago, then sat at a computer for a week afterwards. ;)

So I pooped out. Unfortunately, I pooped out not only physically, but a bit motivationally and mentally too. Realizing that I couldn't keep going fast, I lost some of my grit to keep pushing, and I lost my laser focus which resulted in a lot of stopping and stuttering over route decisions.

And even after successfully shooting bearing after bearing at Fire Mountain, I was still super cautious about shooting a bearing to 16. Although to be fair, the knolls and rootstock all turned out to be huge and very helpful, which I didn't know would be the case.

So, it was interesting the finish the race and feel like, "man, I know the 'runners' beat me on this one," then to see that they did, THEN to see the results and go, "WHAT?! I was winning at one point?! There's HOPE!!"

So now I just need to train my body to go that fast... for longer. ;)


Also, I made a video!

Fer_Fun'k_Sake! was a beast and ran her race then ran mine to film me. I am so thankful that she did, since I am a huge fan of what I call the "third person" footage, which I used for most of the video. It provides a much wider view of the landscape, plus you can see my body language and facial expressions. In combination with the camera I wore, which captured my map handling, it gives me a lot to work with.

Sunday Feb 14, 2016 #

Orienteering (2-Person Relay) 21:00 [4]

I love how a lot of people go into this thinking, "oh, I'll take this race easy because it doesn't count..." but then you get swept up in the excitement and totally end up running harder. At least that's what happened to me!

Plus, my Expert partner gave me a great lead so I got to run in front of a lot of Elites for awhile.

Fun race!

Orienteering (UBC Setup) 19:35 [4]

Finally running like I mean it!

Unfortunately 1 big mistake, that was a result of over-running.

Got to chase Emily around towards the end, which was fun.

Orienteering (UBC Butterflies (Chase)) 19:54 [4]

A weird and wonky race for me. Ended up in a heat with Carol, Sue, and Marie-Josee. When we started, no one was running aggressively and we sort of trailed Carol around for a bit. Reminds me of bike racing! ha.

Then at the fork, Marie-Josee and I were stumped by the control that was up a level. Shoot!

Overlapped Sue for a bit, which helped my speed a little.

But overall, I felt like I was shuffling slowly around. I'm not sure why I couldn't get myself to GO. I guess I was anticipating getting some energy off of others in head-to-head racing, but the small heat and tons of forking didn't result in that. I felt similarly about the final forked race in SART too. I really prefer the regular Chase format, where everyone is definitely going the same route, and you can spot people and work hard to reel them in.

To me, forking doesn't have the benefit of following much, and doesn't have the benefit of being in your own race much, and so I don't get why it's popular.

So I shuffled around like Eeyore, and that was enough to let Sue pass me in overall rankings! Oops!

Lesson learned: I need to practice pacing and pushing myself when I'm all alone (which is most of the time in orienteering). It doesn't matter if I improve my top speed if I don't know how to use it!

Ah, well.

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