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L Knee, Other

2010-10-21 – 2011-03-26

Grade: 1

Ok, well my knee is worrying me enough I decided not to go play fun training today in the woods, and looks like I slept in late enough I might not get out at all, so I might as well document injury at least.

Something in how knee attaches to tibia hurts after I run. It seems like where Osgood-Schlatters disease hurts, from googling... Doesn't hurt at other times. Hurt worst after the Highlander, kind of understandably, but has hurt every time I run since then. Actually not that bad after Corn Maze, but not too much running.

My guesses are it's either from walk/running wierdly because of hamstring or from salsa dancing. Both of which are not happening anymore so hopefully it will be calm from here on out, I'm hoping a few days off running will let it heal up. Also icing, morning and eve, when I remember.