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L Upper Leg, Hamstring Pain

2010-07-20 – 2010-08-20

Grade: 2

Not sure exactly when this developed; whether it was a particular instance or developed over time. Pain deep in the hamstring. Hurts a lot when stretching, and dull ache when running. Also a dull ache all the time when sitting at work.

Went to physio (Chris Reynolds in Henleaze) 30/7/10. Told me it is a tear in the biceps femoris and he massaged it along with the calf. Said no need to stop training, just maybe ease off if it gets painful or worse.

It's hard to tell if this is truly recovered, but it's certanly not giving me any trouble now.

Saw Chris Reynolds twice for a 30 minute massage. He recommended I go back before the marathon for another session to loosen the legs up again.