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L Lower Leg, Stress Fracture

2010-07-04 – 2010-12-31

Grade: 3

There is considerable discomfort when I put weight on my leg, but only at certain attitudes and positions. It is most pronounced when my knee is slightly bent, suggesting to me that this is yet another soleus injury. It may also be a problem with my achilles tendon, but I am unsure.

After my complete tibia fracture on 11 August, the x-rays revealed that my tibia was recovering from what looked like a stress fracture. The doctor noted that areas looked like they were healing, but were broken completely through the tibia when I fell rollerblading.

The only solution seemed to be to rest it. While it was incorrectly diagnosed, fracturing it further was (in hindsight) not a good idea.

Recovery time indicates a rough sense of when I was able to train again after the complete fracture of my tibia in August. I suspect the stress fracture would have essentially healed in two to three months.