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Sick, Other

2010-07-17 – 2010-07-07

Grade: 3

Felt a little off most of last week...generally fatigued. I had weird hot/cold sensation at the same time, with chills a couple times. Thought it was nothing, just a consequence perhaps of the weeks of rainy wx .

Tried to rest up with 9 hours of riding at Gooseberry (not to mention some hikes) last Sat-Tues. Digestion screwed up and tense from working a lot. Wound tight, bound up from everything (including lack of yoga).

Cough started after every LP stage. Felt really tired after I got home, rested for several hours with no cough at all, and then I started hacking up thick yellow/green phlegm. Went to bed at 11, woke up at 2 or so drenched in sweat, with the sheets soaked. Slept 13 hours, woke up feeling quite light headed. WTF. Would help explain why I struggled so hard and felt so worked during the LP.

FOLLOW UP added 7/3. Feeling better was short-lived. Fatigue, malaise and really poor appetite, pretty much since a few days prior to the LP. And two weeks ago, removal of a weird, fast-growing lump in my navel. Info is back from the lab, finally-- will see it on Tues. On cephalexen; Waj suspects a systemic infection. Strange days.

FOLLOW UP added 7/12.
Last Weds the dermatologist gave me the confirmation that nothing needs to be done about the navel lumps.

Not sure whether the fatigue and malaise, lack of appetite had to do with the pseudolymphoma nodules, but I surely felt much better than I had in a long time, after a few days of antibiotics. Feeling great for the past week and half.

This was really weird. Maybe two separate issues--1) pseydolymphoma nodules and 2) over a month of fatigue, malaise, poor sleep, lack of appetite. However, given how quickly I felt better after starting antibiotics, I think they're connected. Not sure what I learned from this, If anything