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L Torso, Other

2009-11-22 – 2009-12-06

Grade: 1

rib or left pectoral muscle. hurts with certain movement of deep breathing.

day 2 - morning after.
- still sore, but not as bad as i thought i would be. x-ray this morning.

x-ray negative. just a strain. doctor gave me ETODOLAC (NSAID) and said to just take it easy and keep icing... and maybe try heat.

iced after riding and during the night.

day3 - feels a bit better out of bed.

Felt better on ride. not as sore as yesterday when out of saddle but still not good. kept it mellow.

day 4 - same getting out of bed but noticeably better on ride and after. hoping it feels even better tomorrow. keeping up with NSAIDs, hammer tissue rejuvenator, and traumeel (topical and oral).

day 5 - feeling much better. able to climb out of the saddle a bit. stoked. on the mend!

day 7 - rib feels about the same as it has. can tells its getting better but it's at a point where i can ride no problems and only causes issue in gym.

day 9 - rib is still getting better by the day but just creeping now. stoked it got to this point so fast and i can ride ALL my bikes with no pain. the only thing i can't do is upperbody strength stuff and some core stuff (planks, pikes, etc.). hopefully i can get to the RU class next week and start at if full force. until then i will just be killing my lowerbody!

day 12 - not feeling much of anything today. it comes and goes. it will be interesting to see how it feels in sundays race.

day 15 - can still feel if i press on area but no pain doing anything else going to try and do some upperbody in the gym this week.

full functional. can still feel a bit in the chest but keeping from doing anything.