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L Foot, Impact wound / trauma

2009-08-03 – 2009-09-03

Grade: 3

Stepped on a log branch that punctured my shoe sole and lodged in the arch of my left foot. Ouch. Double ouch!

Cleaned up the wound myself, and threated it with antibiotic cream and new band aids 3-4 times a day for the first several days.

Was able to race (sprints easy, clean footing ) next day with a lots of painkillers, caution where I step, and a bit of engineering (since the wound was pretty deep and painful at touch and pressure, and was in the highest part of my arch, I put almost an inch of heel support insole, lifting my heel and almost releasing all pressure on my mid arch)

Was really not able to run in the forest/uneven terrain for 3+ weeks

But time heals everything.