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L Foot, Other

2007-08-24 – ?

Grade: 1

Long term left ankle trouble. Pain after a 10+ minutes running. Middle outside of left foot.

I have had this for heading for 2 years most of that time my general lack of running form ment that I just ignored it as I could not run fast anyway. Now my lethergy has eased up since the start of the year and I can run properly this makes the ankle trouble more significant becaue I can not train properly with it. An hour is about my limit in training and two days back to back are not good either.

I have had it xrayed nothing exceptional just the wear you would expect.

After going through various nhs people it was agreed that I am lacking a lot of mobility especialy on the outer of the two leg bones.

I went to see a running specific guy and he did give me some tips on improving my general posture which I have been doing and may be helping me train better. No atempt was to be made to change me from being a front striker. On the treadmill it can be seen that my left leg is crossing the center line but it's unclear whether this is cause or effect and the guy had no good advice. I did get some glute exercises to do but these do not seem to of made muchg differance. I spent £150 seeing the guy but have stoped as we were not realy making any more progress. I am keeping on with the exercices and will give it time.

For now I am just not agrivating it by doing to many days without a break and not going out for too long. I am taking ibuprofen when I race but not for training. Luckily the cyceling is not affected at all.