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L Knee, Other

2008-11-02 – 2009-05-03

Grade: 2

Pain started developing on the inside part of the knee (around the bursa joint) during the 2nd half of the NYC marathon. There was noticeable pain and discomfort on the next day during a recovering run attempt. On all subsequent running attempts in Nov (about 1-2 times/wk), pain set in part way through the run and worsens, but it's not noticeable after rest. Everyday activity wasn't affected.

Had x-rays and MRI taken. Original fear was stress fracture. The findings were negative. MRI also showed that all ligaments and menisci are intact. Diagnosis is a generic "overuse injury." PT Kristin, after initial evaluation, believes the knee cap is sitting slightly skewed, possibly causing more pressure on the medial side. Her colleague commented that since pain is originating from the bursa joint, it could be a kind of bursitis.

Jan. 21 doctor's appointment received the blessing to continue with running program. However, I will have to keep working on strengthening of my quads, as knee cap still shows some lateral movements (creating that clicking noise).

A mixture of rest, physical therapy, and non-running exercises to let the knee heal and build up muscle strength around the joint. Lots of spinning/biking, some aqua jogging. Then a gradual build up of running activities.