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L Foot, Plantar Fasciitis

2008-10-14 – 2008-12-02

Grade: 2

Came on while road running; pain gradually increased over the 45 minutes. Sharp pain in the soft bit on the outside edge below the ankle bone. Hurts to touch it. Particularly hurts when bending the big toe up and straighening the ankle - can feel it all the way under the foot between ball and heel. Hurts also when shifting my weight while standing on the one foot. Most of the time it's a dull ache, but gets worse after prolonged walking/running. Cant identify the injury on any websites.

Two issues; plantar fasciitis and at the same time a misaligned peroneus. Physio suggested that my bike fall in mid October caused swelling on the ankle which pushed the peroneus out of its normal alignment and it hadn't settled back properly. She manapilated it and it seemed to be fine, but to make sure she taped my ankle up to pull the peroneus in the right direction. Plantar fasciitis may have been caused by my running differently due to both the medial knee ligament damage and the peroneus. She ultrasounded and electocuted it and massaged . Every night for 1 month I massaged it hard by rolling it on a frozen water bottle, and stretched the big toe and calves well. I am undecided whether the PF was brought-on by the other two injuries or by the new Nike Zoom Vomeros I bought in early September for the Bristol Half.