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L Upper Leg, Other

2018-04-03 – 2018-04-21

Grade: 2

Pain in my upper left leg when walking. It doesn't feel specific to any muscle, but possibly nerve related. The pain feels like it is near the center of my leg.
It is fine when cycling, not too bad when running, but painful when walking.
Pain is worse over rough terrain or when changing direction, or climbing fences.

Alphington Sports Medicine Clinic Physio - Kerryn
Nothing immediately obvious to explain the pain.
Glutes and hip flexors are tight, but strong and same on both sides.
Massage helped to release tension and free up movement a little.
Ok to continue to run.
Return early next week to see how it is going.
Kerryn would consult senior physios for other ideas.

Tennis ball massage in sore spots in glutes, groin and hip areas.