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R Lower Leg, Other

2017-11-08 – ?

Grade: 2

Tibialis posterior tenosynovitis
- cortisone injection March 13 2018.

April 16 - potential nerve damage from injection. No tendon compromization so able to train through. pain is uncomfortable but not unbearable. Dull ache most of the time with no relief from ice/heat.

May 29 - Small cyst formed between tendon and bone, right near nerve. Likely the cause of the pain. Could have had injection (minor steroid) that day, but opted to wait until after international races.

July 25 - tendonopathy getting better. No mention of cyst. Fluid buildup around tendon causing pressure near nerve. Cortisone injection. Sore for a few days to touch and hard to walk on first day but after a week mostly better just a little tender.

September 5th - saw chiropractor. His explanation was that the lateral compartment isn't weak and fatigues early. This makes the medial compartment (tib post tendon and FHL) have to do more work. Flexor Hallicus Longus can't support the arch so it puts a lot of strain on tib post all of the time. Acupuncture with Stimulation done on my calf to fatigue the gastrocs, and then on the deep muscles to wake them up and "clean the slate".

Sept 12- chiro again. Calf and foot much for relaxed. Treatment really going well.