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R Foot, Other

2015-10-15 – 2017-01-17

Grade: 3

Tweaked my right angle standing up and it's hurting a little bit. Not sure whether it's a slight ankle sprain, slight planter faciatis or something else. Not particularly bad, but just wanted a record of it. Grade 1.
2015-10-31 - On a long run it got significantly worse. Now grade 2.
2015-11-04 - Ran 2.5 miles before it started hurting a lot. Need to rest it for a bit. Grade 3?
2015-11-25 - Officially diagnosed as Posterior Tibial Tendonitis
2015-12-23 - Saw physical therapist - lots of work on foot / ankle, plus more aggressive taping than I've done in the past
2015-12-24 - First running - helped by snow surface (still uncomfortable on uneven rocks), and new taping. Not very fast or for very long, but it's a start!
2016-02-18 - Back to running fairly normally. New orthotics helping.
2016-09-10 - Been bothering me a bit again recently. Not enough to stop me running, but just enough to make me worry about it a bit. Usually happens when I put my foot down badly.

Still occasionally giving me problems (especially early in a run) but I'm fed up of seeing this there, so I'm removing it.